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  1. Shadowlass

    S06.E01: The Red Woman

    There is plenty of room on the Sansa/Podrick ship! Welcome aboard!
  2. Shadowlass

    S06.E01: The Red Woman

    Holy smokes, there are so few of us now! I was so relieved to see both Sansa and Theon survived their jump, and Alfie Allen is really doing a good job selling Theon's remorse. And seeing Brienne and Pod ride in to the rescue was such a satisfying moment for the characters; Brienne finally being able to keep her oath to Cat was so moving. All she's ever wanted was to be allowed to serve an honorable master. *whispers* And I might be starting to ship Sansa and Pod just a little...
  3. Shadowlass

    S12.E05: Vegas Callbacks #1

    That entire group all I thought was, Get out of the way and let me see Jaja! They didn't show any of her second-round dancing, did they?
  4. Shadowlass

    S02.E08: Memento Mori

    That was my take on it. It should bring his relationship to the other characters into focus if it is. I couldn't abide the actor who played Angelique, so I was delighted when she died. When Dorian handed her the drink I thought they were actually going to work through it, but when I saw it was champagne I knew she was a goner. Whiskey would have been to fortify them; champagne was way too momentous, almost elegiac: Well, I'm going to kill you, so you might as well have some champagne. 'Bye now. I look forward to seeing how Dorian's evil will affect the main characters.
  5. Shadowlass

    Completely Unspoiled Speculation Thread

    That was me! Aww, someone remembers something I wrote. I thought of that again after the last episode, hoping I was wrong so that nothing bad happens to Ghost. I've been curious about all the ways Jon Snow could still be around next season. So far I've got: Nursed back to health the old-fashioned way by actual people, maybe Wildlings or some Night's Watch men who are still loyal; supernatural resurrection via Melisandre (conveniently located!) or that guy from the Brotherhood Without Banners; resurrection by Qyburn; resurrection by White Walker. Resurrection by White Walker would be the most ironic and the most painful for the viewer (for me, at least), but since the wights just seem to be murder drones, I'm not sure that would be the most valuable way to use the character--unless the White Walker resurrects him as something more than a regular wight, like Locutus-of-White-Walkers. Dead and evil but walking and talking Jon Snow would be pretty awesome (and awful). To the list of possible rulers of Westeros I'd add Doran Martell, since there's a great chance Ellaria has just plunged the Martells into war against the Lannisters. I'd also add Varys (did he say he doesn't want to rule? He might change his mind when faced with crappy alternatives); Margaery (assuming she survives prison)--she could rule either as the power behind Tommen or as his widow; and Arya. it seems very different from the path she's on now, but she was fascinated by the story of the Targaryen sisters who assisted their brother in conquering Westeros. And actual heir-to-the-king Gendry was in love with her, last we heard. Assuming Sansa survives her fall, I could see Tyrion having her marriage to Crazypants declared null and void and using his position as husband to the heir to the King in the North to shore up his own position as king.
  6. Shadowlass

    Dreadful Media

    So relieved!
  7. Shadowlass

    S05.E10: Mother's Mercy

    They'd better not kill Ghost--Lady and Grey Wind's murders made me cry like a baby. I want Ghost and Nymeria to meet up and roam Westeros together until they meet up with Arya and form a lethal justice-dealing pack. Dany can have her dragons; Arya definitely needs a whole pack of direwolves.
  8. Shadowlass

    S05.E10: Mother's Mercy

    Is Puddles an Irish wolfhound? I adore Irish Wolfhounds, so sweet. It didn't read as suicide to me--just that they thought the risk of possibly killing themselves was worth it for a chance of escaping. I'm so dumb. I had some vague thought that some Wildlings might find and revive Jon Snow, but Melissandre makes much more sense. I think Ollie was just saying "For the Watch" to maintain form rather than admit it was personal. I completely believe he was doing it for his parents. And yeah, seriously. I'm sick of Mereen. Spring the other dragons and head out, Dany. Even if Melissandre's plan had worked, Shireen's death would have meant nothing. Poor kid. On this show we've seen dragons, a woman survive a funeral pyre, smoke babies, and the dead reanimated, but a couple of people surviving a fall is too fantastical? About 50 percent of people would survive a 48-foot fall, no snow. If Sansa survives and Theon's dead, I'm good with that. I have to believe that Sansa isn't going to remain Ramsay's abuse doll forever, because that's tedious, and Mereen already has us covered for tedium. It's so disrespectful to Oberyn, though. This was a man who took pride in the fact that his people didn't hurt little girls. It's like instead of avenging him, Ellaria spit on his grave.
  9. Shadowlass

    S05.E02: The House of Black and White

    Last season they established that the last name of bastards from Dorne is Sand. Yep. I find it really disturbing that Elia's main preference isn't to attack the Lannisters, but to torture their innocent child. Especially considering Oberyn was so grossed out by the very suggestion that anyone in Dorne would hurt a young girl.
  10. Shadowlass

    S01.E07: Possession

    He didn't actually say "Yes, I am Lucifer," but he did say he was cast out of heaven. Like Lucifer. Which could be from a non-Western heaven, but I wonder if the Penny Dreadful universe contains multiple sets of deities, like American Gods.
  11. Shadowlass

    S01.E06: What Death Can Join Together

    Since the "secret" of Dorian Gray's picture is so widely known, I'm increasingly drawn to ganesh's suggestion that it contains Vanessa as well, or at least some other unexpected element. Why else would they be delaying its reveal for so long? For some reason the way they've styled Dorian puts me in mind of Wilde himself.
  12. Shadowlass

    S01.E06: What Death Can Join Together

    Oooh, I never thought of that. That would also explain why he's so fascinated by her ... other than her being Eva Green and crazy hot, of course.
  13. Shadowlass

    S04.E10: The Children

    Heh. I wondered if I should include a disclaimer in my post, because I don't think that's the same thing at all. He was really messed up, but still in good enough condition to crush my boyfriend's head at the end of that episode, and this was the very next episode that took place in King's Landing (where he's had access to medical care). Posters speculated that he might have died, but it wasn't implied. There was at least a reasonable chance that he was still alive.
  14. Shadowlass

    S04.E10: The Children

    I was initially concerned about that, but has that ever happened on GoT? We sure haven't seen Syrio since Arya fled the castle, and he was still standing when she left. Very satisfying season finale. Very gritty fight between Brienne and the Hound, Arya making a conscious choice to step into independence, great moment of shock when the legions attacked the Wildlings (I kept studying the soldiers, thinking they were Whitewalkers but being puzzled by their discipline and also the lack of rotting flesh and visible bone), the heartbreak of Dany confining her puzzled, distressed dragons. I loved Meera shoving Jojen back rather than let him get near danger. Arya not assisting the Hound didn't bother me at all. He's always been on her list, and while he might have helped her as he dragged her around looking for a reward, he also demonstrated his own needless cruelty, as when he beat and robbed that farmer who took them in. He may have been better than his brother, but he was still a danger to any innocent he took notice of. I was actually just impressed she had enough presence of mind to take his money.
  15. Shadowlass

    S01.E06: What Death Can Join Together

    Heh. Her weakness is sex. His primary interest seems to be sex. Of course she's all over him.