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  1. Evenshorter

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    I have never had a Juicy Lucy, but this description has me wanting one so badly......
  2. Evenshorter

    S02.E13: Finale

    She scared the crap out of Dina - she didn't know what to do. I just kept my eyes on her the whole time.
  3. That was a long 3 weeks when you don't have a horse in the race. I could not deal with Tamar's screeching ass any more. However, she looked liked she had thought about her answers - because they were the same questions everyone gets. So she is the first black winner and the first one to break the first one in the house never wins curse. I thought she would know better as a "superfan", but it worked out for her in the end.
  4. Tamar breaks the first in curse!!
  5. Reserve winner is 2nd place. Agree with you about the terrier. My least favourites were the boxer and terrier, so of course....
  6. Why is the judge quacking at the dogs??
  7. The crowd is much louder tonight. What happened with the Clumber - judge issues as well? Don't they have advance notice of the Best in class judges?
  8. Are the announcers different this year? I found it interesting that they were giving more info about the handlers, what the judges were looking for, and different aspects of different breeds that you don't usually hear. I actually thought it was better than usual. Agree with the camera work though, and thought the sound was wonky a couple of times. So far I'm enjoying the winners - not the same old, same old!
  9. Evenshorter

    The Masked Singer

    In our house we forget week to week what the previous clues were. This week we guessed Stephen "Twitch" Boss for the rabbit (last week we thought it was AJ from Backstreet Boys), LaToya Jackson for the alien (but wow, is she model skinny - you could see through her sideways), and Kesha for the Lion. We did guess Tori Spelling for the Unicorn. I wish there was a running rally of clues though, I think we need to write down each week who we think everyone is, because our collective memory fails.
  10. Evenshorter

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    The house may be lavish, but the winnings ....not so much- $100,000
  11. Evenshorter

    S23.E02: Week 2

    I want Demi to make it hometowns just to see if her mother makes it out of jail in time.
  12. Evenshorter

    S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Canada here as well. We got the whole sordid 3 hours PVR'ed, which took us about 45 minutes to actually the show. No issues with it cutting off at 10.
  13. Evenshorter

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Or Bernadette on Big Bang Theory
  14. Evenshorter

    S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    I think the doctor is Allison - she's kind of dark blonde. The wrestler is no where near Hulk Hogan level. I think he wrestles in Mexico quite a bit, and I'm enjoying him way more than I expected. edited to say Cujo has a much better handle on him.
  15. Evenshorter

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    No. She didn't have IVF as has been stated before. She took the same fertility drug as she did when she got pregnant with the twins. Nothing was fertilized "outside" and then re-introduced. There was no huge waiting part to see how many implanted. They were floored and very upset when they found out she was pregnant with six babies.