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  1. Lady J


    Oh, that’s what been missing in my life ! 😂
  2. I would much rather watch Stacey.
  3. I honestly don’t care who presents food. As long as they don’t shovel input in with both hands, I’m good.
  4. I don’t want Carolyn to call me anything, I’m not in her tribe.
  5. I miss my parents every day, we had our problems, but they were always in my corner and I knew they loved me. So many times I wish I could call my mom, sigh.
  6. Curse you Blabby, I folded and ordered the Earth perforated sandals in yellow of all colors. I’m not usually a color person ( I stick to neutrals ) but dammit if I didn’t decide I needed yellow sandals . I hope they work out, because I really think they’re cute.
  7. Lady J


    I’m just laughing my ass off because I saw the prime time specials , and there is a pair of shoes from Logo that look like someone tacked a piece of carpet on top. I hope Carolyn dosen’t see them ! 🤣
  8. Love her hair and those shoes, ❤️
  9. I checked out the Thirdlove website and I took their test to determine which bra would suit me. The bra looked good, butI’m not prepared to spend 68.00 at this time. Maybe in the future.
  10. Tonight we may see that big head of his explode from frustration. LOL
  11. I agree, longer pants and jacket and a top that fits would be a better look.That hair is a whole other discussion.
  12. If I’m wearing glasses instead of contacts, I don’t put them on my head because then I couldn’t see. I just do it with sunglasses and it hasn’t been a problem.
  13. Thinking of trying out for the Giants??
  14. No, maybe because I don’t use product .
  15. I don’t watch a lot, but the voice that I can’t stand is the squeaky Kitchen Aus lady, and I felt the same way about her predecessor Laura.