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  1. mjc570


    Whatever happened to "it's a product, not a company" which used to be heard so often on this show? Pooch selfie, anyone? I didn't mind the product (in fact, I could probably use it, I'm not really coordinated enough to wave a treat around while taking a picture of my favorite (fur)child), but I was completely turned off by that excessive emotionality. I guess that's why I'm not sitting there in a shark chair, but I'd rather invest in a company run by someone who can make the hard, rational decisions. And, I thought the name and packaging needed a complete do-over. I really wonder how Lori would have marketed it. I would totally buy the treats for my Molly and her friends at the dog park. They like protein, and plant-based with enough umami to make it taste good is probably sufficient for that. I recently switched to a pretty pricey food that has a better protein source, so I wasn't put off by the price. I'm still not convinced (after 5 minutes googling), if a diet based solely on plant protein really is good for dogs. I thought the guy was totally impressive though, he was pretty much the only person I would feel comfortable entrusting my investment with, Hated the family and their product, Those bracelets (excuse me, bandz) were hideous. Agree kids should never be part of the negotiation.
  2. mjc570


    Yawn. The only thing I liked was the kiddie 3-D printer, it's got all kinds of licensing possibilities. I'm glad the young couple got a fairly good deal. I know these people have a short amount of time to get the sharks' attention, but I thought the savings account woman was too intense. I do like the idea of anything that makes it easier for kids to save and become financially literate; it's not like they won't be getting actual presents. I bet there's a lot of grandparents that would like this, although the company Kevin mentioned seems better because the kids get actual (although fractional, of course) shares in recognizable companies. The farmer woman turned me off completely, although I would be in the market for ethically raised meat. I think she would be a nightmare to work with. I had to laugh when Lori passed because she wouldn't personally use the product - I can't imagine she uses Scrub Daddy to wash her own dishes.
  3. mjc570

    S06.E04: Robocalls

    I did love John giving the huge finger to the FCC. Thanks!
  4. mjc570

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    I just watched it on Demand, and quite liked it. It was pretty easy to follow, which I appreciate because I didn't read the book and am a pretty shallow watcher, so exposition is appreciated. Not as manic or weird (not the right word, I know) as the 1st season, but great acting. Actually, great casting across the board. My only quibble - I thought the flaming eyes were distracting, unnecessary and poorly done.
  5. I thought that was an interesting pairing of restaurants. The1st was upscale, not really dysfunctional or gross, once they got rid of one of the chefs. I liked the fake cooking contest, it was just a way to get rid of the one chef, the "winner" could have cooked oatmeal,. The second was almost beyond belief in every area (cleanliness, food, staff, family, decor etc). I absolutely loved the fake Gordon - he obviously studied, as shown by his pronunciation of "pasta." He was getting deluged with food, and doing a Ramsey (spitting into the napkin etc). He was great. I didn't really get the Social redo, though, with all those tiny tables. Don't more than 2 people ever go out together? It's not like you can really put those tables together. I liked Gordon referring to Miss California as "precious," though. They were all pretty good looking, so the staff pictures looked great. I wonder, though, why a whole new menu, couldn't they just rework the old one? Speaking of - way too much black truffle, although I guess that was to justify higher prices. The second one - I wonder if it actually lasted past the 3 months. I really didn't like Tiffany at first, but really came to sympathize with her. What a mother! I don't think I've ever seen a more negative person on tv - she so clearly needed a vacation, if a personality transplant wasn't available. Having them bake together, while superficial, was a very good start. I would have loved to see mom teach the daughters to bake.
  6. I don't know which made me laugh more, the country name bit or Jared as the Girl with the Pearl Earring. Sorry to sound cranky, but I thought the (adorable) kid bit went on too long. Except the mermaid doctor and the "task" girl.
  7. mjc570


    I guess I'm kind of an outlier here, because I really liked the baked dog treat product. I'd love to bake treats for my furbaby and her friends, but I am not a baker, and don't want to have to deal with obtaining and measuring ingredients. I use a lot of mixes when I'm forced to bake, so I can see using one for treats. In fact, I'm pretty sure King Arthur flour has a mix for treats. So what if it takes some time? You bake them and have them ready. It's not like any dog parent doesn't have a supply of treats at hand. I agree the packaging and marketing (should come with a dog biscuit cookie cutter?) needs to change. Loved the goat idea, especially their little shark costumes. I put it in the same category as the painting/drinking parties. As an (ahem) somewhat older woman, I know quite a number of people who really enjoy going to such places, as long as the wine is drinkable. The shower toga seems like a good idea, with lots of expansion potential. That woman was just way too intense, although the fact that she persuaded her husband to wear that ridiculous get-up, and her son and daughter to give up any semblance of a "normal" life to live excursively in the mud circuit shows her determination. Too many sob stories from her, though. I can't even remember if she got a deal (I think she turned it down?) and I just watched it a few minutes ago. Liked the hair product, pretty sure they just came on for the publicity, unless they were hoping that the hair shark (love it, Diana Berry) would come up with something. Speaking of her - I'm not in the least a fan of guest shark like her. She's not any kind of all around investor, just someone who developed a successful niche business for which she is receiving some advertising. No question Kevin as a partner is certainly worth a premium over her offer,
  8. I thought that was a good episode, it felt a lot more "authentic" so to speak than the last one. I liked the family, but thought they should have gotten a better upgrade. What they really needed was a crash course in Restaurant 101. I'm not as appalled by them using a cutter to chop onions - why not? It seems much more efficient, which I would think is a good thing in a restaurant. Of course, knowing how to use a knife seems pretty basic. Having Gordon's menu as monthly specials is a good idea - while his dishes look and probably taste great, I think a lot of people are looking for perhaps a little less quality and more quantity, There is a tavern near us with what I think of as Gordon Ramsey menu - very limited # of dishes, high quality local ingredients, beautifully prepared and served. But because the menu is so limited (and unchanged for years) we don't go very often. I think Gordon should make more of an effort to produce more realistic dishes for restaurants, such as this, with a more value-conscious clientele. I'm sure there probably are such shows already, but I'd like to see Gordon just pick one restaurant, and spent an entire season working on it, with episodes devoted to cooking, front of house, vendes POS etc.
  9. mjc570

    Berlin Station

    mxc9,. I agree with your entire post. I especially liked the vampire comment. Agree about Paltov going so meekly with the cowboy guy, seems totally out of character for such a violent, irrational guy. What did seem in character (although I know nothing about "freeports" so don't know if was realistic) was Hector looting all the stuff, and driving off with wads of cash a bottle of champagne in the red sports car. Also in character: Paltov's puppets, ha ha. Generally, a good episode, except for the whole Torres fight, which went on far too long. Thank goodness it was pretty dark, I could barely see who was hitting whom until the convenient impalement. Sorry, still not AT ALL a fan of the actor, doubt I would watch if he is the Daniel replacement. Ha ha, just kidding, I 'll keep watching if the rest of the cast returns. I always like Valerie and BB working together, although it was pretty funny when it was so easy for the Russian guy - who wasn't even an analyst - to see through their drone play so easily. Quite a comment on current US effectiveness. Did Nina zap Robert with the device? If so, it hardly seems more lethal than a taser, and clearly can be used by anyone, no medical expertise required. I also thought Steven was poisoned at the lunch, I guess it was just guilt. I don't get why he didn't shoot James Cromwell, he had no problem killing Daniel. I don't understand why neither the American or German services didn't stake out Cromwell's house, to see who came to visit. I also call shenanigans on Esther recognizing Steven as Diver based on that photo. NO WAY. If there is another season, I hope it's Esther and Robert/Valerie going after Steven, with April and Rafa off somewhere out of sight.
  10. Or an angry woman herself
  11. mjc570

    Deadly Class

    Sorry, maybe I just don't have the patience I used to have, but I had to fast forward through pretty much all of Marcus' tripping. I liked that Maria was the only one to actually take action. I'm sorry Chico's dead (I assume) because he was an interesting character (cliched, like the rest of them but still), not sorry the abusive dad is dead - but was there any consequence of that? Who was the disfigured character (Chester?). Can't remember who or what he is.
  12. I couldn't even watch this - what was the point? There was no drama, once past the required gross-out. They should have just given him a check. I felt sorry for both women, don't understand why they stay there (especially Kat the chef). That smirking owner was so obviously just having it on - were the various people "fired" rehired the minute Gordon left? There should be some kind of legal or other consequence for kitchens with that level of unsainitariness (sorry, not sure of the right word). That was actually a health hazard. I wish they had just spent the show showing the cooking lessons - I've actually learned a lot watching this. Added: I watched the end, no surprise the guys were rehired and the women demoted. I don't know how their contracts are written, but I would have liked to see Gordon say they are in breach (since didn't act in good faith) and instead of providing the new equipment etc., report them to the health dept. That's a show I would have enjoyed. It was pretty clear that since the owner was half-assing it, so did the show. That was a pretty minimal makeover.
  13. mjc570

    Murdoch Mysteries

    S12E9: Secrets and Lies Sorry, but I thought it was an awful disappointment. All the elements of the show I like (the humor, William, Julia, the inventions, the clever writing) were completely missing. Much as I like Brackenreid, the character and the actor, I found myself unable to get past how shabbily he was dressed. No wonder nobody would talk to him. He would have completely failed in his mission had John not come and provided the vital information about the writer of the letter. Sorry, I just don't care about his long ago affair. For such an enlightened man (who instantly accepted his illigetinmate, half black daughter), he treated his wife - and supposed helpmeet - very poorly. How about communicating with her? How about recognizing what a shock this whole second family must have been? I did like the raven in the bar.
  14. mjc570

    Berlin Station

    Mxc90, I agree with your whole post except for one thing: I love Michelle Forbes, and think she's doing a great job with her character. She's really conveying what a thankless and almost impossible job it is to represent US interests now. I'm glad there wasn't too much "Daniel is dead" drama. I know he's the main character and connected to everyone, but I like how everybody just went on with their jobs. Speaking of jobs - I hope BB is the main character replacement, not Rafa, that guy really is not a good actor at all. I can't remember what happened to Stephen - did he just leave after shooting Daniel? No one in these intelligence services seems to have a clue about him. I ssuem the point of the picture (which I thought was pretty hard to decipher) was to get Esther on the Diver quest. Liked Robert's verbalization of his thought processes, that ended up with Nina tied in a chair, but really he should be bringing in some colleagues who probably could easily get to the bottom of it, especially if she's the one who killed the African guy. I don't really see why any user of the weapon needs to have medical training, though, it seems all they need to be told is where to zap their victim.
  15. Probably my least favorite episode. I just don’t believe that happened in 24 hours, it takes longer than that to recover from personality transplants (daughters) or a spinal infusion dad). The name change was unrealistic, and apparently just for the show - really bayou on vine is more descriptive. Who cares about the wife’s family. Couldn’t they have sprung for a new wig for the uncle, the shows budget could have stretched to $5 For that matter, didn’t care about the dad or the mom, who created those appalling daughters that menu was totally unsuited to what they want. I think people who go there want basic Cajun;, with large portions. While the renovation cleaned up the place, it didn’t look very practical with those large chairs and stage. If I were the owner, I’d want to cram in as many people as possible. The only part of the show I liked was the complete disrespect shown to chef Ramsey, and his amazement that they called his palate and credentials into question I would have liked an hour of him and the daughters screaming at each other