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  1. Or an angry woman herself
  2. mjc570

    Deadly Class

    Sorry, maybe I just don't have the patience I used to have, but I had to fast forward through pretty much all of Marcus' tripping. I liked that Maria was the only one to actually take action. I'm sorry Chico's dead (I assume) because he was an interesting character (cliched, like the rest of them but still), not sorry the abusive dad is dead - but was there any consequence of that? Who was the disfigured character (Chester?). Can't remember who or what he is.
  3. I couldn't even watch this - what was the point? There was no drama, once past the required gross-out. They should have just given him a check. I felt sorry for both women, don't understand why they stay there (especially Kat the chef). That smirking owner was so obviously just having it on - were the various people "fired" rehired the minute Gordon left? There should be some kind of legal or other consequence for kitchens with that level of unsainitariness (sorry, not sure of the right word). That was actually a health hazard. I wish they had just spent the show showing the cooking lessons - I've actually learned a lot watching this. Added: I watched the end, no surprise the guys were rehired and the women demoted. I don't know how their contracts are written, but I would have liked to see Gordon say they are in breach (since didn't act in good faith) and instead of providing the new equipment etc., report them to the health dept. That's a show I would have enjoyed. It was pretty clear that since the owner was half-assing it, so did the show. That was a pretty minimal makeover.
  4. mjc570

    Murdoch Mysteries

    S12E9: Secrets and Lies Sorry, but I thought it was an awful disappointment. All the elements of the show I like (the humor, William, Julia, the inventions, the clever writing) were completely missing. Much as I like Brackenreid, the character and the actor, I found myself unable to get past how shabbily he was dressed. No wonder nobody would talk to him. He would have completely failed in his mission had John not come and provided the vital information about the writer of the letter. Sorry, I just don't care about his long ago affair. For such an enlightened man (who instantly accepted his illigetinmate, half black daughter), he treated his wife - and supposed helpmeet - very poorly. How about communicating with her? How about recognizing what a shock this whole second family must have been? I did like the raven in the bar.
  5. mjc570

    Berlin Station

    Mxc90, I agree with your whole post except for one thing: I love Michelle Forbes, and think she's doing a great job with her character. She's really conveying what a thankless and almost impossible job it is to represent US interests now. I'm glad there wasn't too much "Daniel is dead" drama. I know he's the main character and connected to everyone, but I like how everybody just went on with their jobs. Speaking of jobs - I hope BB is the main character replacement, not Rafa, that guy really is not a good actor at all. I can't remember what happened to Stephen - did he just leave after shooting Daniel? No one in these intelligence services seems to have a clue about him. I ssuem the point of the picture (which I thought was pretty hard to decipher) was to get Esther on the Diver quest. Liked Robert's verbalization of his thought processes, that ended up with Nina tied in a chair, but really he should be bringing in some colleagues who probably could easily get to the bottom of it, especially if she's the one who killed the African guy. I don't really see why any user of the weapon needs to have medical training, though, it seems all they need to be told is where to zap their victim.
  6. Probably my least favorite episode. I just don’t believe that happened in 24 hours, it takes longer than that to recover from personality transplants (daughters) or a spinal infusion dad). The name change was unrealistic, and apparently just for the show - really bayou on vine is more descriptive. Who cares about the wife’s family. Couldn’t they have sprung for a new wig for the uncle, the shows budget could have stretched to $5 For that matter, didn’t care about the dad or the mom, who created those appalling daughters that menu was totally unsuited to what they want. I think people who go there want basic Cajun;, with large portions. While the renovation cleaned up the place, it didn’t look very practical with those large chairs and stage. If I were the owner, I’d want to cram in as many people as possible. The only part of the show I liked was the complete disrespect shown to chef Ramsey, and his amazement that they called his palate and credentials into question I would have liked an hour of him and the daughters screaming at each other
  7. Not a bad episode - I did like all the family, although I don't understand why Gordon was so brutal with dad Peter - he's obviously a decent person, who I think just is the kind of person who doesn't show his feelings. That doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings, though. I wonder if there was a lot of editing. I would have liked to see more about the show people getting food poisoning - why didn't Gordon tell the health authorities, so that other people wouldn't be exposed. I did think Peter must have a really poor sense of smell, although not being able to smell rancid food does seem extreme. Again, why hadn't anyone mentioned that? The staff was given a chance to talk without the family, but not one of them said anything about that. That's an actual health hazard. Again, unless there was some heavy duty editing, I didn't get the feeling that they were too intimidated to speak up to the owners. Of course, I could have just missed that dynamic. The new menu items looked so delicious. The redecorating also was great, especially the wood chandeliers. I wonder how the restaurant is doing now.
  8. mjc570

    Memorable Products: As Seen on Shark Tank

    completely agree.
  9. mjc570

    S10.E12: Episode 12

    I figure the monti kids thing is more of an educational toy for parents.
  10. mjc570

    Berlin Station

    So is Daniel really dead? Hard to tell on this show. I have to admit that I thought he was raving and (literally) out of his mind when he started on Steven - I didn't see that at all, although looking back, it really didn't feel like James Cromwell could have been Diver. But I thought Daniel always knew his mother was a spy somehow (I assume for the US, not Russia). Maybe I missed it - but what happened to Rafa? Dead, I hope. He was just unbelievable as a character, and not that good an actor compared to the rest of the cast. Sick of April and that whole storyline. This really felt like a season finale - setting up the obvious storyline of Hector seeking revenge on Steven. And, I guess, the continuing problems in Estonia, as well as the further puzzle pieces referenced by BB.
  11. mjc570

    S10.E12: Episode 12

    The velco pet restraint in theory is a good idea, but is there really a large enough market of people with tiny dogs? We use a harness/seat belt tether that works just fine. I felt sorry for the test dog, it obviously was terrified, but that could have been just the situation. I think they would have done better to have used a stuffed dog for the actual demo. I liked the wine idea and the guy a lot (didn't mind the mime, I thought he was pretty good) That's exactly the way I would like to buy wine - as it is now, I usually just ask for red; if they want more, I just say "full-body" or something. I'm not the target market for the hair thing, but it really seemed like a good idea. reasonably priced and a very likeable guy. The Montessori-based toy - wow, that was expensive, but that is the Montessori market generally. I wonder if she has to pay any kind of royalty or there might be trademark issues. I like that Robert withdrew his offer, she was pretty undisciplined. But isn't that the benefit of having a shark come on board? Nice to see the dough bar update - they're one of my favorite things - well-made, well-packaged, reasonably priced. I guess that shows why.
  12. Catfish Cabin: Boy, did I feel sorry for Rachael. I thought Gordon was unnecessarily harsh with her - she was extremely competent, more than willing to do whatever it took, and was constantly undercut by both her father and Geraldine. I don't know which one I disliked more - the spineless father who says he loves his daughter but treated her horribly by refusing to take any responsibility, or Geraldine with her "cash withdrawals." Speaking of which - if she couldn't produce deposit slips, I hope she was prosecuted. Gordon gets all that wonderful kitchen equipment donated - but nobody can supply an instant read thermometer? It just takes a second and then you don't have to worry about repeatedly sending out raw chicken. I don't understand why I so rarely see anyone take temperatures of the food on the various shows I watch. I thought there was going to be a bit of a customer revolt when Gordon kicked them out - are these people warned ahead of time that they'll have to interrupt lunch, and then spend time watching the big screen? Isn't anyone on their lunch hour? I noticed that at the relaunch they couldn't come up with any notables (even a local one) or food blogger. That lady with the raw chicken really didn't want to give it up - I think she would have eaten it anyway. I liked Rachael, and how the staff all liked her, and hope she was able to make a success of the place. In the 3-month followup, she looked a million times more relaxed.
  13. mjc570

    Berlin Station

    I liked a lot about this episode, although I found it incredible that the Russian oligarch had such bad security that it could be defeated by the old fingerprint on the tape trick. I becoming less and less a fan of Rafa as the show goes on. I didn't understand about the watch/Nina signal, so thanks, mxc90. I thought it was a timing thing, that Baserov timed his suicide to the timing of the plan. I did find Nina's aggressive approach very suspicious, I mean, Robert's not bad looking, but come on, that (literally) running into each other was so cliche. Was that Checkhov's child? I assume she'll be joining the hunt and since she's so obnoxious. we won't care about her. So glad to see Daniel and Hector together again. I was actually saying, during the NATO intelligence meeting how wouldn't it be funny if it followed real life, and had the US betray both our allies and our own intelligence communities in favor of Russia - and then it happened! Thanks, writers.
  14. mjc570

    S10.E10: Episode 10

    I think it is you. :)
  15. Re: Vasi Yeah, the thing that struck me was how attractive - both in looks and personality - the owner's wife is. Why she married him - and stayed married - would have been more interesting than the restaurant makeover. I loved Val, especially her "Hell on Earth" remark. She was right, folks on the show have to swallow a huge amount of humiliation before emerging on the other side. This was one of the few times when I thought the restaurant makeover was really successful. It absolutely looked great once they were done with it.