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  1. What pisses me off is the pulling out of the "Ageism" thing - we will all get old some day so making jokes about old people is like adults making fun of teens - ultimately you are taking the piss out of yourself. See also the denial that Diane Feinstein will be dead soon ("no, no, DiFi won't die!")
  2. Jacqs

    My Three Sons

    @SanDiegoInExile Yeah, I think they wanted a younger child, and judging by some of the lines, a child that was still wearing diapers at night...
  3. five year old Stephanie Tanner looks cute in that pink-white formal dress in the first day of school episode of Full House... but where did she get it from?
  4. Jacqs

    Little House On The Prairie

    @halfpint ingals Yeah that's probably why it was muted. I "fondly" remember many stations in the South and Lower Midwest muting the "Jesus" in Professor Farnsworth's "Sweet Zombie Jesus" in Futurama. Same sort of principle for these places as their "Nig Urh free" edits of television shows that featured blacks that weren't servants, criminals or fools in the 1950s and 60s.
  5. This kid is about ten. Can a man with emphysema really go from freshly spawning a kid to hospital bed in just ten years?
  6. Jacqs

    My Three Sons

    @SanDiegoInExile So it didn't matter to them that Erin Moran is almost three years older than Dawn Lyn?
  7. Jacqs

    My Three Sons

    @SanDiegoInExile At least a genuine 3 or 4 year old (which seemed to be what they were trying to force The Barbara Season Dawn to be) cast in 1969 wouldn't have been given the rude and insolent remarks of 1980s tv children. I hated 4 year old Raven on The Cosby Show for that reason.
  8. Jacqs

    TV Tropes You Hate

    and, of course, "doctor" has only recently, and informally, become a term for physician or healer. So all you anachronistic historical dramas...
  9. Jacqs

    My Three Sons

    @SanDiegoInExile I always thought Dodie could have been handled better. Not a child from a stage school as such, but someone better able to handle M3S's production environment. In Season 10 (the Barbara Season) - which is the only glimpse of Dodie that most viewers in US syndication ever see - Dodie might have also worked better as a blonde with longer hair. Yes, Buffy Davis of the sister show was also blonde, but i'm thinking that a blonde and blue eyed Dodie could have appealed better to the adult women in the audience, a crucial demographic if you want your family show to survive.
  10. Jacqs

    My Three Sons

    Anyone still here?
  11. And wearing trousers under a dress just looks mismatched and makes the dress look weird. (see also: child actress Cameron Seeley at The Grinch premiere)
  12. it feels like the anti-vaxx thing in a way - because modern hormone pills can reduce the severity of or eliminate periods, not many modern women have memories of what the Romanov grand duchesses called a Visit from Madame Becker.
  13. With Children and Ponds, aside from resenting having my heart strings pulled so blatantly by the young child with flowing blonde hair, the bit where they switch her out for a very unconvincing dummy ruins the impact. Children and Ponds was meant to elicit fear not laughter.
  14. As someone noted on The Straight Dope, "did they cut out the part where Frankenstein's Monster shows up?" (FM kills a little girl via a pond/lake). Remember when PIFs/PSAs were shown in prime time and were part of the culture? http://youtube.com/watch?v=5YSKmMkQ7d0
  15. This kid looks slightly mature to be falling into a backyard pond... and as for how they switch her out for a very unconvincing dummy...