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  1. Jacqs

    The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    When it comes to both Missy and Thirteen, the show has been unwilling to address the problems of gender dysphoria. For example in the real world, If a girl-to-boy trans person DOESN'T have gender affirming reconstructive surgery, there is a high chance of happening to them what happened to Brandon Teena when some good ole' boy hicks found out Brandon still had v-ulva, v-agina etc - they raped and murdered him. If they DO have reconstructive surgery, they may still not being able to feel a "real" man and may even take their own life, as David Reimer did. (he was forcibly surgically re-assigned into "Brenda" as a baby in a monstrous "is it nature or is it nurture?" gender experiment).
  2. The world's better without Diana in many ways. I got really tired of her antics and attempts to emotionally manipulate people. As "Drop the Dead Donkey" said cuttingly "What's she going to do next., jump in front of a speeding Hoover?". Her bizarre attempts to raise William and Harry as ordinary kids - news flash, dim-bulb, they were not ordinary kids, and never would be.
  3. Nothing Mr Markle can do will ever top my mother's crassness at my sister-in law's marriage to my brother. My sister-in-law has what can be diplomatically described as ENORMOUS breasts and nipples... and she CHOSE to wear a wedding dress that got my mother to call her "salad bowl tits" at the Reception.
  4. it's a bit of a waste to be anti-dresses. Pants and shorts are shared with boys and men, so wearing pants isn't really much of a "just as feminine" statement even for non-tomboys.
  5. Jacqs

    Mr. Bean

    I bought The Curse of Mr. Bean off ITunes. I have to wonder what happened when that little girl's parents realise that she has Bean's swim trunks with her? That whole scene evokes the summer of 1990, when it was filmed. Both the mother and young daughter are in skimpy swimwear compared to even a few years later. Maybe because it was an indoor swimming centre, and not the beach, they didn't need to cover up, like swimmers do now?
  6. Of course the tabloids have a higher circulation than the more "intellectual" papers like The Times of London or The Guardian. There seems to be a big disconnection between what the intellectual elites wants the proles to be reading and believing, and what they actually do.
  7. The inevitable moment on TV where the heretofore tomboy femmes up for the dance. Isn't it possible to talk to their mom and say they’d rather not wear a dress but maybe something else formal? If they’re comfortable stretching or breaking the truth they could say they like the security of pants, no one could lift up their dress, they wouldn’t have to worry about things not laying back down after they go to the bathroom and it will be easier to dance in?
  8. Jacqs

    TV Tropes You Hate

    The Trapped in TV Land trope. They never go for drama and flesh out how bad it would be depending on the era the show is set in that the protagonist gets transported to. To me, If i were writing a Trapped in TV Land story, I'd do a period TV show where there was more restrictions on, say, women or young people. "Pleasantville" (the show within a movie) played it for laughs but boy would a modern little girl or adolescent female be pished off at not being able to wear trousers to school or church or a job if they arrived in a 1950s drama or sitcom.
  9. Has there ever been a transgender English/Scottish/British royal? Confirmed that is, not wishful thinking, given we cannot reliably know the preferences of long dead adult historical people and children under five cannot be claimed as trans.
  10. Jacqs

    Little House On The Prairie

    We are still a family even though we are now just a thread. Just imagine us as now being Pa's two room shanty which he never bothered expanding, despite Grace, Albert, James, Cassandra etc...
  11. William in private: "Fucking media! They fucking killed my Mum! If they fucking touch my kids, I'll fucking give them a Glasgow Kiss!"
  12. Unsolved Mysteries had a lot to answer for when it came to my nightmares. I wonder how they got away with (ha) tying toddler Rachael Runyan's murder to a Satanist "snuff" film. I really needed the parodies of UM like in BASEketball to really cope ("We still have no idea where the fuck this guy is!")
  13. Jacqs

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Any media tropes about Jack the Ripper that practically romanticize Jack and ignore the humanity of the women he killed.
  14. As someone who hated Shirley Temple in both her tap dancing Girly Girl and her Better Dead Than Red Republican Party politician roles, i was unsettled by those who took glee at her COPD.
  15. I just hate people who act as if their knowledge makes them better than the average working class or underclass person, who they insultingly call "bogan" or "chav". It's my problem, I can deal with it.