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  1. Bobbin

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    So, the theme of every episode continues to be massive miscommunication and non-communication. Got it. That doesn't always translate into a comedy of errors, though, especially without the occasional sight gag (Mitch taking Lily to school and telling her to be careful, and as she turns around to ask "What?" she walks into a brick pillar). Dylan is becoming an accomplished and caring nurse. I liked his calmly dressing Claire's arm in the trailer after she fell through the skylight. A calming bedside manner is a valuable trait. And just what Haley and the baby need. I would have liked to have seen Gloria handle the Black Widow. The way she talks about her life in Colombia, it wouldn't be the first time she faced down a murderer. Again, short shrift for Luke. The writers haven't known what to do with him since he suddenly blossomed from a goofy little kid into an adult. What a waste. Phil has his magic, Luke has music (as does Nolan IRL). Surely there's a subplot in there for him. Maybe a riff with Cam on drums? There's no reason that Alex would know or care about Super Bowl Sunday. She doesn't follow sports or watch TV. Manny seems to be inspired beyond his abilities. It's funny that he never seems to attract a circle of kindred spirits who would appreciate his ambitions. Who would have thought that Jay and Cam would be BFFs? Jay does have a soft spot or two. Like the picture he keeps on the table of teenage Claire and Mitch in their red dance costumes.
  2. Bobbin

    S03. E15. Security Fraud

    They didn't present the balistics report to further tie the FBI agent to the shooting, just cell tower pings and conjecture. I wonder if the writers deliberately leave gaps and loose ends in the plot to give viewers something to talk about.
  3. Bobbin

    S03.E14: J-I-- JIMMY V-A-L-- VALENTINE

    An ode to semicolons. Romantic and educational. About one holiday a year, Jimmy's co-workers step in to show how much they love and appreciate him. Dylan continues to be Maya, Jr. -- c'mon, give JJ a break, and some space. LOL, JJ refused previously to tell Ray how much he loved and appreciated him when Ray was sober enough to remember it, and Dylan refuses to let Ray tell her he loves her.
  4. Bobbin

    S03.E11 The Things You Do

    Certainly not the voice or garbled lyrics she used in the tryout.
  5. Bobbin

    S03. E13. Prior Bad Acts

    Uh, nitro (which comes in tiny tablets, not pills) isn't swallowed, it's dissolved under the tongue and absorbed directly into the bloodstream, like the "ointment." Strike one, show.
  6. Bobbin

    S03.E13: F-A-- FASHION 4 A-- ALL

    It's hard and frustrating for JJ to assert himself as the protective big brother, but he always manages to come through. Carrying Ray and putting him to bed was a sweet role reversal. I laughed when drunk-drowsy Ray asked JJ to repeat that he loved Ray for trying to help after Ray was sober and could remember it, and JJ shook his head "No." Drunk Ray reminds me of the Halloween episode when a drunk JJ drove his "Delorean" into a tree!
  7. Bobbin

    S03.E12: O-- OUR M-A-G-- MAGEDDON

    Kenneth is with JJ during the day. JJ and Ray do obviously interact during the school day and during ECAs. But again, some matters are best not examined too closely. Like where the bathrooms are on the starship Enterprise.
  8. Bobbin

    S03.E12: O-- OUR M-A-G-- MAGEDDON

    Also, Ray is with him. Ray helps JJ with personal care, etc., at home and on their outings as shown in an earlier episode.
  9. Bobbin

    S03.E12: O-- OUR M-A-G-- MAGEDDON

    Where did Maya get the extra space in the kids' bedroom to put Dylan's bunk on the floor? Micah has the most expressive face. Now, that's acting. EDIT: Actually, it's Ray's bunk on the floor now - Dylan had the lower bunk.
  10. Bobbin

    S16. E12. The Last Link

    I thought at first that Dabney Coleman was Richard Farnsworth, but he died in 2000. The episode seemed boring maybe because there was no urgency, no ticking clock. It allowed my mind to wander to how to verify the food source for a protected witness: number one, DON'T use room service!! Bring your own, in sealed containers. Once again, TV and movies discourage anyone from agreeing to be a protected witness, since their location is always found out and they're most likely killed or barely escape. The vending machine was cool. Someone feeding it a dozen or more $20 bills would be suspicious, though, or getting $20 bills back in change. A unique franchise in that the "mother ship" has turned over its entire crew except for Gibbs, McGee and Vance, and keeps on chugging.
  11. Bobbin

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    LOL. I so agree. Deeks has gone from scruffy to seedy, IMO. Everyone has aged noticeably except Sam and Hetty.
  12. Bobbin

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    Some questions: Don't these agents ever bring any weapons to a showdown other than guns? No grenades, flashbangs, tear gas? Don't microwaves cook your brains, not just give you a headache? Wouldn't one bullet in the tires have kept the silver van from fleeing the scene? Otherwise, a lot of likeable, sympathetic, if trite, characters. But a show that's running out of plots.
  13. Bobbin

    S03.E07 The Code

    Everyone gets to be happy on this show but Katie and Oliver, it seems.
  14. Bobbin


    He certainly had a closed mind about Fletcher until the end. Whether it's nuclear secrets, the number of pencils purchased or evidence of potentially lethal negligence, if you leak it, you're a filthy rotten traitor and capable of who knows what other heinous crimes. All in all, substandard dialog and character ddevelopment. The words cardboard and one-dimensional come to mind. The melodramatic pauses didn't help. There is definitely room for improvement.
  15. Bobbin

    The Neighborhood

    They maybe need to dig deeper into the culture clash and take it more realistically. More depth, more backstory to the characters. Another show that doesn't know what to do with young children. If they can't write a decent scene for Grover, they need to recast the part with a child actor who has the chops or cuteness to hold the audience's attention on his own. Meanwhile, keep smiling, Dave . He reminds me of Phil on Modern Family and Adam on Rules of Engagement (both naive cheerleaders in school).