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  1. Popples

    Favorite 1990s Songs

    This will now be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
  2. This news just reminds me of Walt Disney's verse in Epic Rap Battles of History.
  3. One of the Hallmark channels is airing one Christmas movie every Thursday night for the rest of the year. I saw them advertising for it during re-runs of Psych.
  4. Popples

    NFL Thread

    Haloti Ngata announces his retirement from Mt. Kilimanjaro. That's pretty damn cool.
  5. Popples

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    According to IMDb, it was a prestigious pre-school.
  6. Popples

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Most likely alumni donations. These kids may not add to the trophy case, but coming from successful, high-profile and richer than average families will benefit the school in the long run. Article: Alumni donations can improve college rankings — and their prestige
  7. Popples

    S06.E04: Robocalls

    Squirting Mustard was happy with the shout-out it received.
  8. I've always been grossed out by watching other people brush their teeth, so the new commercial for Clorox Ultra Clean Wipes that not only has three kids brushing but then them spitting in the sink while the camera's POV is from the sink makes me gag.
  9. Popples

    American Soul

    Cicely Tyson on the cover of Jet Magazine, March 15, 1973. It's from a couple of years after these episodes take place, but I think it's a possibility they had started to come back in fashion at this time.
  10. Popples


    I can't believe Della had to cut off her own leg. Sure, they didn't show the graphic nature of it, I just didn't think the show would go there. Dewey got so much of her personality. I was wondering if she knew if they were going to be boys before they hatched and am pleased to find out she did. Maybe they can do sonograms on eggs in (I'm thinking way too hard about this). When Scrooge finds out about the amount of gold on the moon, he might have a stroke.
  11. Popples

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    Since the Duke is a massive prick, he would absolutely punish their son, but if he were smarter he would realize that he wouldn't need to. All he would have to do is play up the "Mummy abandoned you for a servant" and the resentment would most likely build up on its own. The fact that Joseph didn't think that her son would begrudge her leaving was astonishingly moronic to me.
  12. Popples


    My emotions went through the wringer while watching this phenomenal episode. Up until now, Sway has always been my favorite episode because it was the first time I've seen Roger Allam get to be romantic, but this might take the gold. Win is probably sick of seeing letters left by that clock on the mantlepiece, fortunately, Fred came home. It's nice to see the fight back in him as well, he was going to let Win walk away. I have to show love to Anton Lesser; Bright's character has had such growth and turnaround from the first series. He went from being so beholden to a rotten system to absolutely endearing and doing what's right. It's such a shame his marriage came to a heart-rendering end. When they kidnapped Dr. Debryn, I was ready to fight. On this show, harming him is only behind children and the elderly. Ms. Paroo the librarian; I see you, Russell! I don't understand How does this show not get noticed by critics? It has to for this series. The writing was fantastic and the acting has always been top notch. It just flies under the radar. Maybe being a police drama hurts it since there are loads of them about. Thrilled about it getting a seventh series; I always need more of this show. There is speculation that there may be only 6 episodes left in the entire saga. Since the original show had 33 episodes, and Kevin Whately wanted Lewis to do the same out of respect, one can only wonder if it will be that way for this. I forgot to mention that I can't believe that being the "Pelican Man" saved Mr. Bright's life.
  13. Popples

    Favorite Commercials

    I remember being surprised when I heard that Kelsey Grammer was the original voice.
  14. Popples

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    It hasn't aired yet in the UK, and people were really pissed off that the States got it first. I believe they delayed it to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth.
  15. I was so disappointed by the lack of the Snow Stick! I totally wanted to be a mermaid when I was 5.