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  1. Mothra

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    Yes, but if Aaron had shown signs of being other than "manly" I suspect his sister, following his father's lead, made fun of him mercilessly from early childhood on. And please understand, I'm not excusing Aaron's weight gain because he was a closeted gay man. I think the frustration, anger and hurt caused by his situation help explain why he turned to food. His relationship to food is like the relationship to food we see in all these guys. It's just that often--not always--there's a triggering factor (often sexual abuse) that tells us why food was a comfort, and I think being a frightened little boy who was aware of the unacceptability to his father (and hence to his family and others in his environment) of his feelings and his very essence probably had a triggering effect on Aaron. Not dissing his sister at all. As a child, she followed her father's lead, and by the time we saw her she was nothing but loving and supportive of her brother. I'm also recalling his father, during his "apology," saying "everyone is born to a different drummer." I agree. But boy that peanut butter and banana sandwich looked good.
  2. Mothra

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    On re-watching, I am more convinced than ever that Aaron's dad's problem with Aaron was that he was effeminate--in their talk, Aaron says he always thought his father "resented" (wrong word, I think; maybe "despised" was too harsh) him because he was not "manly"--as a child?! When he's talking to Lola, he says he can't understand why he worries about telling his father some secret when he's a grown man. Aaron refers several times to being afraid to tell his father something, although he's a grownup now. The fact that the father clearly does not want to discuss this in any detail indicates it's something the father is very uncomfortable with. I really do believe the root of Aaron's problems is that he is gay in an unaccepting family and world. It would explain why he was brutalized at school and why his sister told him he would never know what it's like to kiss a woman--which Aaron says hurt him most of all. I hope he gets slim--he's already handsome--and moves his hot boyfriend into that trailer with his dad. And I was inexplicably touched that when he served his niece and nephews their canned ravioli, he put the girl's serving in a pink bowl and the boys' in blue bowls. ETA: in the light of seeing Aaron as a closeted gay man, I think the fact that he is so vehement about not asking his father to help him in the bathroom takes on a whole other dimension.
  3. Mothra

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    My thought too. And I think being unable to "come out" earlier in his life might have contributed to his eating habit. Lots of ignorant parents, especially fathers, believe they can "beat the queer out" of their gay sons, and I suspect that's what Aaron was alluding to when he said his father punished him more severely than the other children. If this is the case (and I feel pretty sure it is), it's too bad that Aaron and his dad were not able to discuss Aaron's sexuality and try to come to an understanding. His father apologized, but he sure didn't want to go into specifics ("that's all in the past"), and poor Aaron was not brave or strong enough to insist on it.
  4. Babs and Glen are good-looking people. What happened to their progeny? Hunter is bizarre-looking anyway, and the haircut doesn't help. At least he managed to avoid the Bugs Bunny teeth. What makes Buddy think he could be a performer, much less a stand-up comedian? He isn't funny, and he isn't a show-off. Stand-up comedians are all on their own, in the dark, with a microphone and an often-hostile audience. Everything depends on your ability to engage, and we've seen no evidence Buddy can engage with anyone, even Whinny. I think it's insulting to people who have put in years of working at fairly menial jobs just so they can practice their craft, who have worked for years to develop a routine, who put in the time required to learn how to do this. Buddy seems to think that because his friends find him congenial strangers will, too, and will pay for the privilege of his company. He's as delusional as Whinny.
  5. Totally and enthusiastically agree with all you say. And I think she could even create a career for herself, giving seminars for therapists who work with people who have disabilities that they think make them unable to dance. It would be perfect for her in that the choreography could be limited to the upper body in many cases. I was genuinely touched by her behavior, especially in the third class, where she seemed to really get her bearings. Instead of plopping around saying untruths about her physical abilities to do anything anyone of normal weight can do ("I can walk way more than five miles"--I'd pay money to see that), use the limits her body imposes on her to develop movements/dance for people whose bodies may limit their ability to move. And finally we get to see what her "literal worst nightmare" consists of. I wonder if she'll ever forgive herself.
  6. Mothra

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Did anyone else notice the cast on Jenelle's left arm? It was shown fleetingly near the beginning of the show, and I watched for it thereafter, but her left arm was always below a table or something. Or am I hallucinating again?
  7. Mothra

    S02.E08: Don't Go Breaking My Heart

    We were trying to find a friend who was very sick and had been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes for over a year. He called and asked that we come see him but didn't say where he was. We called every hospital/home he'd been in, and none of them would confirm or deny that he was there as soon as we admitted we were not related. He wasn't answering his phone (which was terrifying), and his family had disowned him. We finally found him by just asking to be connected to his room. Finally, we got through. I agree that this scene was staged.
  8. Mothra

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    And ice cream! He poured beer into the container of ice cream and started slurping it up. I am not convinced any of this was his idea, btw. I think he'd sit and drink beer after beer, but imo not many men go for the sweet stuff (in quantity) when they're upset. The one thing I liked about this episode was seeing Alana's awkwardness when she was introduced to Tristan. It was the first time I've seen her behave anything like a normal pre-teen/teen, and while it was cringey, it was at least something I could understand. All her life she's around these trashy adults with their crude humor and disgusting habits, and she plays into it with her toss-my-hair I'm such hot shit charade. Here we saw her for what she is: an overweight girl meeting a boy who is good-looking and polite, someone she is going to have a sort of relationship/partnership with, and she recognizes that her "they're going to call it Alanaworld" shit won't fly. She wants him to like her and recognizes that he's way above her pay grade. And I think she was a really good sport for trying so hard (although it looked like all her "dancing" was strutting and shaking, depending on her dress fringe to suggest movement. Whitney Thore ought to invest in some heavily fringed dance outfits).
  9. Mothra

    The Winders

    When Kermit and Sophie were talking to the potential wife, they asked her about being filmed and on TV, and she was not sure she was comfortable with that. I noticed that someone, I think Tami, referred to what they were doing as "making a documentary." I wonder if they know what a reality show is, and if they feel betrayed (well, of course they do---all the folks who appear on these shows feel betrayed).
  10. Mothra

    S02.E08: Don't Go Breaking My Heart

    Especially after the man's wife had a nervous breakdown when Brandi went out the front door with him. Just thinking about a sobbing wife at home--and how could you not--would surely kill any romantic feeling for Brandi (I think Bernie is so horny nothing would give him a soft-off). The irony, of course, is that this was Paige's idea in the first place. Bernie jumped on with both feet, but she is the one who felt called by god to be a sister-wife. I was touched that the older son said the best thing about having Brandi and Bree there was having someone else to talk to. I know those boys are home-schooled, but I thought home-schoolers went out of their way to socialize their kids--sports teams, art classes, etc.--and this is apparently not the McGee way. What a shame that is--the older boy, especially, has a lot to say and seems interested in a lot of things. He *needs* more people to talk to, including people his own age.
  11. Mothra

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I don't think that's mean. It looks like their house is fairly isolated; maybe she could put up clotheslines with sheets over them for privacy. And you're right--another fecal infection could be fatal, especially if she has dropped out of Dr. Now's program, because she was obviously not getting good medical care before she went to Texas.
  12. Mothra

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Yeah. How about that? Sitting there in the front row with his knees approximately in the middle of the seats on either side? God bless you, cameraman/woman. (somehow I think it might be a woman) Manspreading is so annoying and rude all by itself, but his wearing a kilt made you have to look. Cody Brown, the thirstiest man on tv.
  13. Mothra

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    And a friend of mine counted how many drops total she had to administer---something like 814. That may be good for two eps.
  14. Mothra

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    I think you mean "get someone else to help her out."
  15. Mothra

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I agree. Even if Jeanne (or her mother) still couldn't reach under all the folds and so forth to give her a good scrub, just having a rinse in hot water would have been more effective in getting feces off her backside. In fact, I'm wondering why she didn't step into the shower after every bowel movement? Surely cleaning fecal residue out of the shower bottom would have been better than having to wipe Jeanne on the bed. ETA: Never mind--read upthread that she had been stuck in shower and fallen, so that's a no-go. I was in awe of her ability to get around. It's a shame she couldn't work with that and try to get more physical movement into her life. I think she and her mom were/are severely depressed--and who wouldn't be?--which can make it hard to impossible to do the simplest tasks. She was in no way ready for Dr. Now's program. I think more than the usual psychotherapy to find out why the patient got fat was needed in Jeanne's case.