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  1. kittykat

    The Big Family Cooking Showdown

    One episode in and I definitely like the changes from season two and having four heats of four instead of eight head to heads. The 10 pound challenge has improved. Last season everyone just kind of cooked what they wanted and we kind of took their word that it was under 10 and they were able to practice the dishes. I liked the strategy of grabbing items and having to decide what to return if they went over. And it's a non practice round make the families think it through. The second challenge was pretty much the same as last season, taking a classic popular family style meal and add their own twist (they can practice this one ahead of time). I miss Nadiya and scrummy Giorgio but I am liking Tommy and Angellica. It makes sense to have them do double duty as host/judge. The White's Moroccan lamb lasagne sounded delicious as did the Ambibonin-Younges though it was a monumentally stupid move to put salads in bar glasses in the DOOR of the refrigerator. Glad they recovered though. The Penmans tagliatelle looked dreadfully overcooked, definitely took on too much with salads and bread, luckily their first challenge probably saved them. I'm with Angellica that the Stones shouldn't have plated their vegan lasagne it looked like a big glob but the flavors sounded good. Next ep looks like the challenges are different from this one. One member of a family Cooks in one challenge. Will watch tomorrow.
  2. kittykat

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    It's sad that Luke Perry passed but I'm probably the only 80s kid that didn't watch BH90210 so I'm not too fazed. He always seemed like a down to earth guy who probably could have been a bigger star but went his own way and still had a respectable career. Keith Flint on the other hand is hitting me hard, I loved the Prodigy, my gateway band into good electronic music.
  3. kittykat

    S08 All Stars

    Very true. This season did air fifteen years ago, if someone like this had happened last season I have no doubt the harasser would be immediately ejected. I know they tried to get Richard for HvV but I think he was still on probation so I wouldn't past Probst and the casting gurus to get him for an all winners, especially if they went really old school and filmed on Palau Tiga. And I'm not saying because of age but he likely wouldn't do well, he'd be cannon fodder so all the others would be like "woo woo we got Hatch out."
  4. kittykat

    S08 All Stars

    Good god after reading these comments I forgot much Kathy annoyed the bejezus out of me in both seasons. I sort of started to like her in Marquesas when the R4 royally overplayed their hand on the Coconut challenge but she is also damn lucky Rotu dominated early on and that she benefited from the tribe switch because Kathy could've easily been one of the first three out but I should probably take that to Marquesas thread. I seriously don't understand how Probst didn't catch more shit for the way the Sue incident was horribly handled. Richard shouldn't ever be allowed to come back although if an all winner season is on the works (season 40?) It will totally happen :-(.
  5. kittykat

    S07 Pearl Island

    Having rewatched this I still think this is probably still in the Top 10 seasons. Definitely one of the better casts, which definitely makes or breaks a season. Rupert, as I remembered, started off endearing and then got real annoying. Getting all high and mighty because he caught fish and did camp work. Has anyone since Season 3 three actually been voted off because they didn't do any work? Laziness kind of gets mentioned but as long as they're in the right alliance or do well in challenges they stay, it was only the really early seasons that work ethic became a reason to vote off someone. Jon I hated less maybe because I know he doesn't win or maybe because he comes off more buffoonish than I remember. Weirdly enough I had forgotten all about Grandmagate until the episode aired. Looking back on repeats and surprised that only four (Rupert, Sandra, Jon, Andrew) have returned to future seasons. Agree upthread about those who thought Ryan O highly underrated. He had the right strategy and the right social game, unfortunately no one went with him. It would be interesting to see how he would have fared in a later season. The Morgan fatal mistake was not accepting Lil back in the fold. If they had done that they could have easily gone the other way with welcoming Lil and getting her to flip Burton but Andrew gotta Andrew. Funny he pretty much finished in the same spot both times meaning: not far. I thought Darrah was highly underrated. The voice may have grated, but she basically, like Sandra, threw her vote to whichever side would have her as long as it wasn't her. I think the only thing that brought her to people's attention was her immunity run near the end but I found her a worthy F4 player.
  6. kittykat

    S09.E09: Semi-Final

    When I first saw the technical I thought it was an entremet but then I thought they wouldn't have done that again so soon and not enough mousse. That torta looked fabulous. It must be tough for everyone in the tent to fight the humidity when Rahul walks around all day with a stormy cloud over his head. I'm glad Ruby is peaking now, I know I said I didn't see her in the final a few eps ago but considered my words eaten. Pretty much knew Briony was toast after the salt snafu. Still she had an amazing run. I did like Kim-Joy's comment about being happy for Ruby because it meant everyone going in the final had two Star Baker wins. Even in the home stretch everyone is just lovely.
  7. kittykat

    S09.E08: Danish Week

    This is exactly why in the last third or even half of cooking competitions I prefer cumulative judging. First few weeks: fine eliminate the worst of the week. GBBO isn't too bad when it comes to this. Normally by final four everyone has been SB at least once. But other shows like Top Chef is notorious for eliminating someone who has consistently performed well only to be axed for one horrible week while the perpetual "second-to-lasters" skate by. I'm fine with keeping Rahul at this point over Manon. She's been more inconsistent in the last few weeks and it was the first truly bad week he had.
  8. kittykat

    S09.E07: Vegan Week

    I don't think thats true. If I recall (spoiler tagging just for those who haven't seen) I'm glad Ruby's flavors saved her. I've stayed unspoiled during my Netflix binge but I don't know if I see her making it to finals with her inconsistent results. She hasn't really had a bad week but she'll do ok in signature and technical then bomb showstopper or she'll save herself with a showstopper after bombing technical and being down to five we're at the point where consistency is a must and one bad challenge can be it. Then again I never expected Briony to last this long but she pulls it out when she needs to. This season really has been all over the place. Rahul might be the most consistent but no true front-runner has emerged.
  9. kittykat

    S02.10 The Growing Good of the World

    I only watch a few shows at a time but I don't think I have hated a character in a long time as much as I've hated Billy. I was seething with rage as he destroyed the clubhouse and Cole's art. He is just the epitome of white male privilege and a patriarchal mindset. He needlessly teases Anne, acts racist towards Bash, irreparably messes up Cole's hand, and then destroys their safe haven. He not only destroyed Cole's place but Diana, Ruby, even his own sister. He has no regard for their interests and worst of all he gets off with nary a slap on the wrist because patriarchy. Woooo he let the fox live, no dice, he's horrible. I did find I liked the season when I finally just treated the show as its own vessel without comparison to source material and the 1985 series. I like Diana still being a kid but also the voice that grounds Anne at times. I'm guessing S3 will probably be the final third of the book as Amybeth is sixteen and reaching the age of Anne at the end of the book.
  10. kittykat

    S02.E08: Women's Work

    You're not the only one. That whole situation reeked of Munchausen by proxy. Fred must die x 1000. I still don't carry any sympathy for Serena because the bad far outweighs the good bit she did NOT deserve that. It was just a horrible power play that Fred used to remind all that his word is law.
  11. kittykat

    S02.E07: Les Ecorches

    MIB is NOT in good shape but I reckon he'll ast long enough to face the Bernard/Ford hybrid. I'm glad Maeve sort of got her revenge. Agree that the hosts taking out the whole Delos team was far fetched, then again they now have the Teddynator. I did like Maeve and Delores' interaction and Maeve clearly knowing what she did. Jeffrey Wright better get an Emmy. That is all.
  12. kittykat

    Top Chef in the Media

    I remember Karen Akunowitz from the Boston season had been nominated while she was on the show but didn't win. Now she is a winner, good for her. She even beat out Tiffani Faison. And I'm super happy for Nina Compton as well, still bitter about season 11.
  13. kittykat

    S02.E03: Baggage

    From what I understand by Gileadean standards, the Eco families are nuclear, fruitful families. The men were Gilead loyalists (or pledged/pretended after takeover) and held regular jobs/are soldiers, basically your Gilead working class. Their marriages, even if the wife was child-bearing, were allowed to remain intact if they were compliant of Gilead laws (no prior divorces, man and woman). Women, widowed or unmarried, I believe qualify for handmaiden status. And as Umbelina said above there's no reason why Gilead wouldn't just change the laws. I wouldn't put it past them to grab Eco Wives if there was a sudden handmaiden shortage because Gilead logic! For example, why weren't June and Luke an eco family? Because Luke was married beforehand and since all divorces were nullified Luke is still married to his first wife by Gilead law. June in Gilead eyes was his adultering mistress and slut (THEIR WORDS NOT MINE), who sired a bastard.
  14. kittykat

    S02.E03: Baggage

    At this point she is on borrowed time. Sure she is protected during the pregnancy (but not comfortable) and until the baby is weaned so maybe another year and half at best. But then she will likely get sent to the colonies for "disobedience" or even executed since the dipshits will probably rationalize her running away as child endangerment so there will have to be another escape attempt at some point. So those were the Eco families. I was confused when I saw the wife with child in what I thought was Martha clothing. I'm assuming this class of women are those who are fertile but were also legally married to men who swore fealty to Gilead and therefore weren't torn apart. However the men aren't commanders or officers, basically a Gilead version of blue collar am I correct? Not much to smile about this episode. It was only 3/13 so the likelihood of June staying free was low. On the other hand I hope this means we're getting scenes with Cherry Jones and Alexis Bledel as badass colony buddies.
  15. kittykat

    S02.E02: Reunion

    I love that too. I'm also enjoying how MIB is half frustrated half intrigued at the new rules, it's liked he's unlocked the Master Quest. Fitting that Kanye song gets repurposed for piano the same week he goes full on bananas, tied in well with Logan's arc.