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  1. Has anything recently happened with Marty Rathburn? It just seems they are including him more often than in previous years. They always seemed very protective of him before. Maybe I'm just reading too much into the clips they have been showing.
  2. Even though she had some funny ideas, for some reason I liked the woman moving to Buenos Aires. I also thought the couple moving to Belgium was cute and they were teasing one another. I liked the woman saying her husband looked nervous every time she brought up children. And he got a few good lines in also. I just wouldn't want to take trips on the motorcycle unless I had my own motorcycle to drive.
  3. thosme

    The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell

    I will only watch long enough to determine if he is wearing more then one collared shirt.
  4. What in the second apartment made it look Asian? I thought the facade looked a little bit but they didn't have the whole house anyway. Because their budget was so high ( $4,200) the apartment they took at $4,300 was just 2% over their budget. You would think a banker could have figured that out.
  5. thosme

    Four Weddings

    I thought Tayia was particularly open about the manipulation. I come from Pennsylvania but have lived in the SW for over 40 years. At my husband's relative's funerals, several men showed up in bib overalls. I was pretty shocked the first time it happened but then sort of enjoyed in my own snobby way. I guess I have been so acclimated to it that I wore black denim to the last memorial in the family. The weddings I have gone to have been less formal than many of the East Coast weddings but none shocked me except when we had to clean and vacuum the church after a niece's wedding.
  6. I remember the couple in Australia drinking wine. I know Mormons who drank but they weren't on TV. Unless it was grape juice at a vineyard.
  7. thosme

    The Chew in the Media, and Ratings and Scheduling

    I have watched this week's programs. They do have new introductions and sometimes an ending. They have been wearing the same clothes for all the intros and made at least one joke about it. One day they tried cooking pasta in Rose wine but couldn't taste a difference.
  8. thosme

    The Chew

    I had just seen yesterday's episode on DVR and it really made me laugh. Then for some reason, I played your video and the anticipation plus your description made me laugh so hard I started having a slight bout of asthma which is always worth it for a goid laugh.
  9. thosme

    Paige Davis: The Perkiest Host on TV

    Watching the reunion, I hated all of Paige's plastic surgery until I realized I was watching the host.
  10. thosme

    Small Talk: This Just In

    Every time I see Scott Pruitt on TV, he reminds me of the security head in the movie "Catching Fire." I guess it's the hair.
  11. thosme

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    I have to say "Thank you "to this forum. I don't watch this program except for a few of the first episodes so I know who most of the people are. But I read this forum practically every day. I was watching a news program and the commentator said "dilling" a couple of times. I had to rewind because I didn't understand until I remembered the great commentary here. Thanks again.
  12. thosme


    I've asked my children not to get them until after I die. Hopefully, they'll at least cover them up until then.
  13. I was just watching Psych on Amazon Prime (thank you for writing that it was streaming.) I've been watching off and on since Christmas and just started Season 8. Carlton is reduced to a uniform and with his hair combed down, Timothy Osmonson looked very similar to General Flynn and with his hair dyed black could totally play him in a movie especially if Sam the Eagle is unavailable. I hope this isn't partisan.
  14. thosme

    S09.E01: Meri Moving?

    Are there enough bedrooms in the BandB for it to be a retirement home for the family?
  15. Clausens are my favorite too but only the dill pickles. For the last 15 years I have guzzled the brine for periodic calf muscle cramps. Fortunately the rest of my family likes the pickles too so there is usually extra brine.