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  1. It is moving to me that Bethenny and Luann are supporting each other, that they are able to put differences behind them. I think the women on this show, for the most part, let shit go a lot more easily than on other franchises.
  2. ninjago

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    In this episode she reminded me SO MUCH of Nene in this past season's RHOA: Tired of it. Over it. "Do I really have to pretend like I care about this bullshit someone 20 years younger than me is trying to make into a big issue just so they can get camera time? Do I really have to be sixty years old and having another screaming match at another dinner with these people I don't fucking care about?" The truth is, as she said, the crown is heavy and it means you take a ton of heat and bullshit and you dish out a ton of heat and bullshit and I imagine it is exhausting after 10+ years, as you get older and your castmates get younger.
  3. ninjago

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    Also, the part that, starting to talk about it in 10 years means she will be trying to get pregnant at 44 or 45.
  4. ninjago

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    I feel like all of these people fell down a rabbit hole ten+ years ago and they are just now waking up to the fact that this is actually real life and, as mid-30s+ aged people, not early-20s aged people, they are at different stages of realizing liking to get drunk and baked is not enough for a lifetime friendship. I think this explains how mean they are to each other and how tolerant they are towards each others terrible behaviors.
  5. ninjago

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    Was Yvonna, Lavonna, Wakanda supposed to be a cast member? She really is aggro towards Eva!
  6. I would love a show featuring the pulled-together, understated fabulousness of a group of women like Camille and Denise. Super-wealthy, but more chill and less trashy than the RHOBH crew. Maybe RHOMalibu?
  7. None of the women on any of these franchises is irreplaceable-not Lisa, not Nene, not Bethenny, not Teresa Guidice, not Vicki. I get that LVP (and the other women listed) are the face of franchise and the star of the show, but that doesn't mean an equally as enjoyable show couldn't be made without them. I always thought LVP's canniest move was her ability to remain the center of the show while sharing very little of herself. Shame on the producers for letting one woman continuously dominate the show. It makes the whole thing out of whack, and we end up watching people try to wrangle for power without breaking the fourth wall. I also thinks it's interesting a lot of the franchises are going through issues with their "stars".
  8. Why do people like Dorit feel like they need to say things like, "You have to travel first-class and do it right!" We all know she is deeply in debt. And, beyond that, I doubt ANY of these women travel like this on a regular basis. Certainly Teddi and Rinna don't have anywhere near that kind of money. The rest of them have more money, but, like many wealthy people, they seem to be pretty smart and involved with their money. Of course only the poseur has to act like blowing your wad on a giant hotel room is necessary.
  9. ninjago

    S07.E12: PJs on the PJ

    Wasn't Lala and James's falling out because James made a joke to Randall like, "We all know each other in and out, if you know what I mean? (wink)"? So that joke, tame to the point of being groan-worthy, was enough to end their friendship, but all the talk of PJs and BJs and going down on Ariana and coming home to someone coked off his ass is just laffs and laffs?
  10. ninjago

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Why would anyone want to be around Jennifer? Not just on the show, but in life? She's a big, soggy wet blanket: not funny, not nice, not smart, not peppy, not spirited, not interesting, not stylish, not interested in anyone or anything else. She so negative and dull and small-minded and uncurious.
  11. ninjago

    S07.E11: Return of Crazy Kristen

    Uncool of Carter to text "James showed up". Sandoval called and invited James, at the behest of at least Jax and Schwartz, and I didn't hear Beau or Carter object. Regardless, why does Kristin care so much? Also, she's on WWHL talking about how the girls should have handled her with kid gloves on the trip!? I don't know why anyone puts up with this delusional nut job.
  12. ninjago

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    He acts like she is Gigi Hadid or something, "Obviously you're jealous because she's a world-class knock out..." No one would look at Margaret if they walked into a room together because everyone would be gaping at Danielle's bizarre face. She looks like Jafar. She has a terrifying face and, yes, a nose straight out of Whoville.
  13. I really hope this dog storyline isn't dragged out because EVERYONE knows PK and Dorit are poseurs but the show will never acknowledge it. So we have a phony argument about how or why they did what they did when everybody knows they got the dog to look good to Lisa and take Instagram pictures with their little dog like Kyle, but they don't have the money or discipline to have a dog so they stealthily unloaded it so Lisa wouldn't find out and they wouldn't have to pay a penalty. It's so disingenous.
  14. ninjago

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    Nene's self-absorption and lack of grace is what has made her a reality TV star, and it probably also means she is particularly poorly suited for being a caretaker. And Greg seems to be a worse than average patient/grump. But I think Nene seems like she is tired and old, beyond just this stress. Of all the grande dames on these shows-LVP, Ramona, Vicki-Nene has been on a hard hustle for a longest time. And there's no end in sight. She's the sole breadwinner and she helps support her children and her grandchildren. I don't like her, but I have sympathy for her. She said something at dinner, about having other problems she didn't want to get into. Anyone know what that was about?
  15. ninjago

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    Why does anyone still hang out with Kristin? OMG.