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  1. So everyone acts super-suspicious and everyone is aware they are acting super-suspicious? I mean Jack could clearly tell this thing was bogus but kept face. Dean is walking around on weird eggshells but is keeping face. And Sam is making faces and was gonna tell Jack a version of "you weird us out" or something? Guess someone got the brothers confused because Dean is usually blunt and Sam usually the one who'd want to keep a facade of normalcy. What other hunters should call? The AU folks are blissfully dead and they don't have so many non-dead contacts. Garth is probably rotting in that trunk by now. At least Dean wasn't stuffing his face, though we got the twice the beer thing in.
  2. I don't think they shot Tuesday either or will shoot today. Not if they're not in Vancouver already. Which would be half the Finale. If Jensen is still in Austin, he wouldn't have shot at all for ep 20 yet.
  3. I honestly think the show is too straight forward lame for any belated "twist". Jensen can probably miss time from the Finale because Dean isn't needed. Like in the last episode. In fairness, Jared, while not having missed the first day, apparently is still in Austin also? Presumably this Finale is all about Nougat and Nickifer then? Yaaaawn.
  4. Okay. But they started the Finale last Friday, didn't they? And it looks like he missed that plus Monday and maybe today. Doesn't look good for the Finale. I wouldn't mind if he still had a story but now? That looks really bad.
  5. I think he missed more for ep 19 than probably for ep 18. But what he is missing now will be for the Finale itself. So two to three days possibly. Not good.
  6. Name me one show where they supposedly build up a story for a lead character like Michael and Billie with the books for Dean, only to end this in a lame anticlimactic manner mid-Season to give the entirety of it to a side character and then promptly ignore the hell out of the lead. Which show does this? Outside of Dabbernatural, that is. That has nothing to do with side characters getting episodes to shine or their own little stories but priorities and the ratio of lead vs. side character. Dean was the least relevant character in the last episode. Even the freaking snake had more of a purpose. Oh, I forgot, comedy relief to make the character look stupid. How could we ever do without this. Eyeroll.
  7. Thing is Sam got a clear aftermath story in the last episode. It was undoubtedly onscreen. Jack got a clear aftermath story, undoubtedly onscreen. Even Rowena got a clear mention. Dean gets...nothing in the text. What he got was chauffeuring and comedy relief. Why is Dean not relevant enough to get a clear aftermath story onscreen but instead it's maybe something I can read into the text or not? And lets not kid ourselves here, this was it. It's not like Dean's issues post-Micheal will ever be adressed. Michael (And Dean) are in the rearview mirror of the Nougat story here. Tell me again who is the lead and who is the recurring character.
  8. Aeryn13

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    Penultimate Season. An episode set entirely in a basically dystopian future. The adult daughter. Arrow is pulling some hardcore Fringe here. I enjoyed it. Other than still tap-dancing around what happened to Oliver. At least we finally got Felicity. And Nyssa as the teacher explains a lot.
  9. It wasn`t the B-plot either. Jack was the B-plot, with Donatello being the main supporting player in that. Dean was the comedy relief with brief Sam-support at the end who really had nothing going on. And the snake comedy took something out of context by overplaying a "haha, Dean the coward" moment. And since it was the direct aftermath after the Michael storyline where everyone (but maybe Cas) got to react, I`m predicting here and now that any Dean-related aftermath has been dropped completely. They kicked him out of his own plot in the most humiliating way and now, to add to the humiliation, he will have to play fifth fiddle to the new star, Jack. Just like I`m sure that if absolutely nothing happens to address Dean`s feeling post-Michael, there will be one thousand and one metas on how this is really great writing and the best option. The overall dialogue and gist of the scene was about Sam, with the cut from Baby!Sam to Leader!Sam and I think that is what Berens had in mind when he wrote the episode. Dean got a side plot in it because well, he had to do something onscreen. That Jensen thought his side plot meant anything for Dean`s character likely made Berens go "buzzuh?"
  10. Not at all. Their lead actor told them at the end of Season 6 that he wouldn`t be renewing his contract after it was up concluding Season 7. They worked out a compromise for a shortened 8th Season to have their annual x-over. Otherwise, that show would be going on.
  11. Aeryn13

    Spoilers With Speculation

    As they don`t have second unit shooting really, he probably wasn`t. That would be two days already. Disappointing.
  12. Aeryn13

    Spoilers With Speculation

    Not yet. I hope Jensen isn`t missing a lot of shooting from the Finale of all things.
  13. Aeryn13

    Spoilers With Speculation

    The press release for episode 17 says that Mary is worried about Nougat`s well-being, indicating they have scene(s) together.
  14. Aeryn13

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    Sam still played a valid role in Optimism. This one had a Jack storyline with Donatello as the B plot but Dean was really just shoehorned in as a driver and comic relief with out of context overdone snake fear. He really played no role in this. And his not being affected at all out of everyone was just bizarre.
  15. Aeryn13

    Spoilers With Speculation

    It`s probably something like: they are building a pyre, hence the woods, and Dean is in one area, gathering some wood so they have that scene of him breaking down for a bit. In actuality of the context Sam and Jack? aren`t far away (out of earshot though) but are of course not present for filming. That still fits with Jensen`s tongue-in-cheek "couldn`t it have been done in the car?" because sure, you could just as easily come up with a scenario where the others are already out of the car or not yet in it and Dean breaks down there. Lots of shows do scenes exactly like this. It`s likely only be a very short bit where at the end Dean takes a deep breath and rejoins the others, pretending nothing happened. Those are usually the "just for the audience" moments.