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  1. I'm hoping that if either Scotty or Haleigh come off the block, Tyler puts up JC (Please, oh please. The look on his face would be priceless.). Then Tyler could claim to them that that was his plan all along; to backdoor JC without giving up any clues. Honestly, I just can't wait for that smug little troll to get knocked off his self created pedestal. He isn't funny anymore; he's delusional and mean. Maybe it would be more enjoyable to watch him squirm on the block for a week. We know he wouldn't be winning any POV comps.
  2. I also hope that Fessy finds out all the mean things JC has been saying about him, and I wish we could see the confrontation afterwards. JC is the personification of a double standard. He wouldn't want people attacking/criticizing him (size, sexuality, accent, etc.), but yet he does it to someone else. Being mean and mocking isn't good game play, its just mean. Please BB "gods", let us see Fessy, and any/everyone else, tell JC off.
  3. Please, please, please, don't let Rockstar win. I cannot take her fake accent and fake ghetto act again. I'm pulling for Scottie or Fessy. I do like how Fessy immediately apologized to Scotty.
  4. Snappy

    S20.E25: Power of Veto #8

    I HATE Zingbot!
  5. I know I'm giving Fessy too much credit with this one but... I wonder if Scotty wearing a Texas A&M shirt increased his chances of going on the block. (Read, "Made Fessy even more jealous.") I don't remember Scotty going there, but Haleigh does. If I missed something and am wrong about Scottie attending, let me know.
  6. This season's promo's for The Challenge infer that its the last season, but that may just be me reading into it.
  7. Nope! Not. One. Bit. Especially with that affect, and swinging her hair like she’s Cher. Ugh. Good riddance.
  8. Is the stupid crisco comp?
  9. Snappy

    S20.E21: Nominations #7; Hacker #2

    Don't insult Johnny Mac. Lol Loved him. As for Rockstar's question "Did you come here to...or to play?" When is she going to play, or JC for that matter. It didn't even look like he was tying in that Hacker Comp.
  10. Snappy

    S20.E19: Power of Veto #6

    Why does Rockstar think she’s cool trying to talk all tough and urban? It just adds a whole new level of annoying.
  11. Thanks. Since I don't watch the LF, I rely on you guys for intel. Forgot to add the quotes on my first "Thanks for the intel." message.
  12. How DO you know these things? I'm impressed.
  13. Snappy

    S20.E15: Head of Household #5. Nominations #5

    Then she's misguided, but I'm not going to hate her for it. I missed that.
  14. Snappy

    S20.E15: Head of Household #5. Nominations #5

    Sometimes, the truth hurts. Just because Sam's a woman doesn't mean she has to ignore, accept or condone their behavior, and their subsequent behavior proved Sam's point, at least Kaitlyn's. I do agree, Fessy is as guilty too.
  15. Snappy

    S20.E15: Head of Household #5. Nominations #5

    While Sam could have worded her eviction noms better, she was calling someone out for their behavior and it happened to be females. Had it been 2 males, it'd have been no different. Sam's noms were based on her opinion. If its old fashioned so what. The great thing about opinions is that everyone has one, and they don't have to be the same as everyone else's. If you don't want people telling you your opinions are wrong, don't tell others theirs are. Bay's behavior is not based on opinion, its based on threats and intimidation. She has herself on such a pedestal that she'd break her neck if she were to ever fall off. Between the attitude and voice, she can't leave fast enough for me.