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  1. ForReal

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    Yeah, it kinda bugged me when Bishop said, "Nice take down," or something like that. Me, I was flashing back to the episode where Gibbs was locked in an office fighting with some guy and you almost think he's going to lose until you see the door open to Tony and Gibbs had (obviously) won. Now, that was a nice take down.
  2. So my daughter was in Hawaii last week and sends me a pic of -- Nev! -- by the pool. We both immediately checked Instagram which did indeed show them in Hawaii, as well as a pic of the now family of four at the hospital after the last one was born. I don't recall the second one coming being mentioned on the show, although the oldest child is. Interesting.
  3. ForReal

    S16. E13. She

    I did not finish watching this episode with a feeling of enjoyment. I was extremely annoyed with Bishop. I don't care if they get personal about a case or not, but Gibbs was right about keeping your head in the game. That said, Bishop could have read the journal and got all angsty about it while still doing her job. Instead, it was like she took a leave of duty to think about it the way she wanted to and why? Because she wanted to understand and learn from Ziva? No, just no. That she went to the cabin alone to confront the guy was just ridiculous. Of course she ends up having to put the gun down, she had no backup! And then she leaves it there for the guy to go grab and shoot at them some more. She has no common agent sense -- she's nothing like Ziva in that regard. And when she dragged that woman out of the water and started mouth to mouth -- she couldn't shout out to the team for help? Like she has to do everything on her own. Yeah, I did not like this episode. I don't think the rule had to be burned; I don't think it even should have been brought up. I was perfectly content believing Ziva was possibly out there somewhere alive, and I don't like this chain of events. Even with an extreme suspension of belief, I can't buy that Ziva tore out the page and went to the hospital to read it to the guy when she's supposedly in hiding for the safety of her family. No, just no.
  4. ForReal

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    Perhaps she's really thinking it through for the first time, realizing what it would mean to have Leonard's child specifically rather than just be a parent in general. I hope the show ends with her pregnant (and happily so).
  5. ForReal

    Law & Order

    Last night I saw "Terminal," when a travel agent shoots some people on a cruise to stop another agent from depositing his check that was about to bounce. Some higher up politician throws his weight around and pushes Adam Shiff out of the way, and he takes him to court. Love that he was willing to fight for right. The politician's lawyer screws up the case, which is poetic justice, but the clincher is when Adam's wife dies at the end. I almost cried. His face when she's gone...
  6. ForReal

    Without A Trace

    I know, right? Whenever I hear people in real life say the police won't get involved right away, I always think, "Wait, on TV they do!" Perhaps a rare instance when it would be nice to see real life more like TV.
  7. ForReal

    Without A Trace

    I used to watch this show regularly and I tune in from time to time when I see the reruns now. It's like catching up with an old friend. Yes, Jack's ex-wife (the first one? Did he marry the second woman he was with, before Sam?) was mean, mean, mean. I didn't like it when he ended up with Sam, though. Just didn't work for me. I did like her with Martin (who, yes, is so friggin cute). I liked the episode when Jack finally found that man's son who had been kidnapped, the man who kept checking in with him. That was a good episode.
  8. ForReal

    S02.E13: Xin

    I guess I'm old fashioned, too, but it doesn't seem like something a roommate should have to do, it seems like common civility to know to keep quiet. Or quieter -- it's a pretty big apartment, how loud were they that he needed earphones to cover up. If she can be considerate enough to put everything back in the right place not to bug him, she can make an effort not to be so loud during sex.
  9. ForReal

    S02.E13: Xin

    This! It really bugged me how to tried to make their relationship fit into her vision of love, when it wasn't at all clear to me that that is what they were feeling. It felt like a put down that they couldn't/wouldn't have reached that realization themselves if they were meant to, without her directing them. I wonder if anything will come of Andrews' throwaway line to Melendez and Kim that if his job of chief surgeon is available again, at least they won't be competing against each other, at which they exchanged a look. That will be an interesting development for their, uh, relationship.
  10. ForReal

    S16. E12. The Last Link

    Gibbs is the best thing about this show.
  11. ForReal

    S02.E12: Aftermath

    I could understand Park wanting to get back with his wife and son, particularly after the whole quarantine event, but he still doesn't seem able to communicate well enough to make things any better. Redneck was over the top in this episode, I wouldn't want her for a friend. I was happy when Lim turned Melendez away -- can't help feeling like his emotions took a turn for the more serious only because she almost died. I didn't like it when she said she'd had feelings for him for a long time. I just don't see them lasting precisely because of the kids thing, so why even go there. I don't want to see either of them get hurt. And I would love to see adorable little Melendez babies in the future. When Sean, Glassman, and Leah were driving the cars, I was covering my face with my hands and watching my husband's face. I was sure Glassman was going to crash and mess up his recently fixed head and have a crisis. It just seemed utterly stupid for him to leave the hospital AMA and then ride go-carts. I felt like Sean might not have felt *as* sad when Leah left with the guy if Glassman hadn't just told him, "You're a good man, you deserve to be happy." And I am still wondering if she does in fact have any friends other than Sean.
  12. ForReal

    S07 E28 Deven & James

    One of those episodes where the catfish is a better person than the catfishee. I wonder if Deven realizes how bad he looked in this episode. I thought it was funny early on when Nev made the comment, "This is so much more complicated than I thought it would be," or words to that effect. He must not have thought it would be complicated much, since it was a fairly typical and uneventful episode, lol.
  13. ForReal

    S16. E12. The Last Link

    I don't like the shallow detective work. When someone (wisely) asked how they could be sure the soldier was killed by the guy they were seeking, Bishop replied, "He's a drug dealer, and he died of an overdose...do the math." Really? Like drug dealers never shoot anyone and no one else ever poisons anyone? Gibbs did snap at her, "Then prove it!" but man, they are so lazy with their thinking...or their dialog, I guess. I was waiting for some bigger reason for the old guy to have pissed Gibbs off rather than he left without saying goodbye. I get how that would be hard on a kid, but it was kind of a let down for me. I expect more from this show. And I've never been disappointed like I am now.
  14. ForReal

    S07 E26 Aubri & Brian

    Aubri was a little sweetheart. Hope she meets a good guy and stays far from this kind of trashy drama. This should be a wake-up call for her. Not sure why they were willing to accuse the older basketball coach who no one in the Rec Center claimed to know. I hope there isn't such a guy there; that was lazy and unfair on Nev's part.
  15. ForReal

    S07 E25 Dallas & Safari

    This was one of the skeeviest episodes ever. The look on Dallas' face when it came out that he had a private website for gay men to look at his nudes. Did he think he could be on TV and keep that a secret? Or will he be okay if he gets more business out of it? I didn't agree with William's accusation that Dallas is exploiting the gay community with his modeling; lots of models may not personally believe in the uh, fashion, they are modeling, but it's a job. For William to assume Dallas should be open to a relationship is just William trying to get what William wants. And Safari? She's willing to go along with all this manipulation, let those pictures and videos (that she filmed) be shared, join in on threesome to get her friend hooked up -- she's a crazy bitch.