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  1. ForReal

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    Which could create a space for Glassman to rejoin the staff.
  2. ForReal

    House Flipping Shows

    You took the words right off of my keyboard. She always steps in to take a glory shot, but she's always sparkling clean and the person doing all the work looks dusty and hard working. I realize it's part of her job to sell herself, but I get tired of all the me, me, my, mine talk. Before I saw this show, I saw Beach Beach Builds, and I liked that woman contractor (and her relationship with her father) better. She was less braggy and more respectful of her father, from whom she seemed to have truly learned the trades. After awhile, though, every show seemed the same, which is true of this whole genre, I guess.
  3. ForReal


    I recently saw Henry Blake's last episode, and it gets me every time. I watch them all celebrating and being happy for him, and I wait for that moment when Radar enters the operating room and then there is silence. Uh!
  4. ForReal

    S17.05: Auditions (5)

    It seemed to me that every time they showed a back story, the person went through (and yes, many of the back stories felt exploitive). It's reached the point where there is no suspense -- if they spend time filming someone, then no matter how the person sings, he or she is going to Hollywood.
  5. ForReal

    S17: E4 Auditions Part 4

    I remember liking Alyssa last year and am happy to see her again. Did not like Evelyn and can't believe she's going to Hollywood.
  6. ForReal

    Maine Cabin Masters

    Yeah, the yurt one was a little different, but it was interesting to see how one it taken apart and that it is not altogether easy to put it back together. I couldn't imagine going and staying in it when everything is frozen over (I believe the owners wanted to do ice fishing?), but I'm not much for camping anyway.
  7. ForReal

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    Totally agree with this. It was out of character for McGee to act like misspelling a word was no big deal, and to have to have those two explain the difference between the words? Come on!
  8. ForReal

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Good question. I thought she picked the one that was like eight miles out of town, near Cazadero, but I could be wrong. I thought it was kind of misleading of the agent to say it was just a little ways out of town -- those are eight curvy, narrow road miles. I wouldn't have considered it. If you map Guerneville to Cazadero, it says about 13 miles but takes either 25 or 45 minutes to get there, depending on which route you take. Not that she could have reached it by any road while the area was flooded, without going way around.
  9. ForReal

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    My husband exclaimed, "She Murphed it!"
  10. ForReal

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    I thought the funniest moment was when Bernadette asked Howard where the kids were and when he thought they were upstairs told him they were at daycare just to watch him panic. And then he turns around and does the same thing to Stuart. I laughed out loud both times.
  11. ForReal

    S17.E03: Auditions (3)

    When they asked him to turn sideways, I thought, "He's Bart Simpson!"
  12. ForReal

    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    Actually, they were not sued and did not lose, the company settled with the actress. I get that the whole situation takes away from NCIS for you, but as far as Tony's character went, I think the frat boy personality was an act and he was a good guy underneath. I found him much more likable than Torres.
  13. ForReal


    Exactly. Plus, I always thought Klinger was personifying the idea of Catch-22, that if you said you were crazy and wanted to go home from the war, then clearly you weren't crazy because anyone in his right mind would want to go home, and so you had to stay.
  14. ForReal

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    This. I kept wondering why the guy from south was trying out in New York City and why other people were trying out in cities either far from their homes or not at auditions that would be held closer to their homes. And then I just gave up thinking about it. I thought several of the contestants were just okay and not even okay enough to go to Hollywood, but then I figured they are probably saving the best ones to introduce to us later and after all, a lot of people go to Hollywood (and have an amazing experience) and then go home. I wish they wouldn't tell anyone that he or she could be top 10 or win the whole thing. It's just not right to say that to or about anyone this early in the game, especially when it's the judges talking.
  15. ForReal

    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    It's never fails to surprise me when people actively dislike Tony for being sexist, when to me it was always apparent that it was mostly an act. He pretty much always did the right thing it counted.