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  1. Moose135

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    A wise man I know says there are no accidents with guns.
  2. Moose135

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    Yes, I remember commenting on it from another police show, the name of which escapes me at the moment. Out of the Air Force 30 years, and I still remember that stuff. Now, where did I leave my house keys... 😉
  3. Moose135

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I really liked the Captain, and wished they used her more in the show. I hate that they killed her off, and yes, it makes me wonder if I want to return next week. I was surprised she took his call - you're on a road blockade waiting for a hardened, neo-Nazi thug who just killed your Captain to arrive, and you take a phone call from some guy you dated a few times? Sorry, you let that thing go to voicemail, and talk to him later. No, that's not uncommon in a situation like that, honoring a fallen comrade, I've seen it before. What did bother me were the commands Sgt. Grey was giving. He called "Order Arms" to command the officers to salute, and he said some mumbly thing to have them lower their salutes. Unless LAPD does it different from every other organization (military, police, etc.) the call is "Present Arms" to raise a salute, and "Order Arms" to lower it.
  4. Moose135


    Sex toy? Actually, it may be a valve spring tool
  5. Moose135

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    I'm so sorry, @BuyMoreAndSave. I know how hard it is to lose a furry friend. Some good news on the pet front - GF knows a number of local Aussie breeders, and several have told her when she's ready, they'll have a puppy for her. One friend has just offered a 1-year-old Aussie - he came from a litter her dog sired, and the owner is looking to return him, as they are having some difficulties (I think they just didn't realize the energy Aussies have.) He's housebroken and crate trained, and she's heard from a few people that he has an amazingly friendly personality. We should be able to meet him in about two weeks, so we'll see how it goes.
  6. Moose135

    Online Cable Alternatives

    Thank you, @CarolinaPam! I plan to try the free YTTV trial - it's only 5 days right now, and I'm out of town for the week. I'll check out Philo as well, a few people have mentioned it to me.
  7. Moose135

    NFL Thread

    Holy crap, I'm just seeing that. What the hell are they thinking???
  8. Moose135

    Online Dating: The good, the bad and the ugly

    As good a reason as any!
  9. Moose135

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    I think last episode (Plain Clothes Day) he said something about being a detective in 5 years, with the comment of being "50 years old" so the assumption is he is 45 now, although that sort of age comment may not be exact.
  10. Moose135

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Was the post office in Cabot Cove? Was Jessica Fletcher visiting that day?
  11. Moose135


    I'm so sorry to hear that about your Mom, @Bastet. I'm sending good thoughts your way.
  12. Moose135

    Online Cable Alternatives

    Has anyone used YouTube TV? I'm on the verge of cancelling cable (going internet only) and have been looking at my options. I tried Sling a few months ago, and it was OK, but nothing special. YTTV seems to have most all of the channels I watch - it's missing a few, but nothing that's a deal breaker, and it has all the sports channels I watch. It's $40 a month, and I already have the Roku units I would need to watch on my television. Just looking for any first hand experience. They only have a 5 day free trial, so I'd probably wait until we're back from Florida next week. Thanks!
  13. Moose135

    NFL Thread

    But I also think a large number of players - both on the roster and practice squad - aren't going to be able to command long-term, high dollar, guaranteed contracts. You will have a certain number - 15, maybe 20? - who can get a deal like that, but most don't have the leverage to get more than a year or two at medium bucks. The way teams have been printing money, it's not like they can't afford it.
  14. Moose135

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I've always liked that movie, what a twist at the end!
  15. Moose135

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I suspect for a lot of these high profile positions, producers have some sort of "what if I get hit by a bus" contingency, at least for a short-term substitution.