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  1. patty1h

    All Episodes Discussion

    Regarding the episode "Karrie's Choice", when they showed that the father was threatening to jump from the 5th floor of the parking garage, my thought was LET HIM! They basically knew he was the murderer so save the taxpayers the cost of a trial and feeding him - let the creep go splat. I was also not sold on the brainwashing aspect - Karrie was able to pick one parent to live and the other to die. I didn't hear anything bad about Michelle, other than that issue with the car backing up and that she was getting money from Lloyd and he was crying poverty. That's so petty. I think that the sentence for Karrie was too lenient - she got off too easy IMO. I also find it hard to believe that the younger sister was oblivious to everything that happened in the house that night and didn't realize that the dad was in the car on the trip back to Rochester. Makes me go hmmm.
  2. patty1h

    Zombie House Flipping

    Just saw that the 3rd season has started and I tuned in to see if the show has stopped the phony disasters and other shenanigans. I see that it's just as scripted and using the same lame antics as before. I like to see the transformations but just roll my eyes at the silly ways they cause "drama" to pad out the hour. That mess with the raccoon was cringey, but I give them props because those two houses did come out great.
  3. patty1h

    The Pioneer Woman

    It's so annoying that someone on TFN told the female hosts that they have to keep a smile on their face 95% of the time. About the only one who doesn't do this is Tricia Yearwood, which I like about her. Giada, Ree, Ina, the Girl Meets Farm host... all drank the kool-aid. What irks me more is that none of the male hosts are expected to maintain a goony smile while stirring sauce or slicing onions. I guess they reason that men are serious cooks but women need to be smiling nurturers, happy to be sharing their food. Sorry for the rant, but this always bothers me.
  4. patty1h

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    The weekend replay of JJ was :drumroll: Patricia Bean! It was as good as it was when it first aired. Nothing better than a cussing, jealous, righteous granny. I guess I didn't really pay attention to the hallterview in the past, so I was regaled with Pat still spewing her venom there too, throwing Jeanetta under the slut-shame bus. Good times.
  5. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I was checking the Wendy YT page and apparently something happened during the segment with the baby girl turning the jump rope. The husband said something about "the shade room" and then apologized. Did anyone see this? What happened? ADDED: It's a little clearer... The Shade Room is a gossip website similar to Media Takeout, and they have been reporting on the Wendy mess recently. So it sounds like the guy said that name and Wendy recognized it and he realized it was not the time or place to address her personal issues.
  6. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I know Wendy was married before Kevin - don't know any of the details as I haven't read any of her books or checked the web. I think I remember her briefly saying that he was terrible and that she had to get away - the marriage only lasted a short time before she got out. I just wonder why she got up the spine to dump the first guy but won't let Kevin go after all the crap that's been dredged up on him.
  7. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    After he died, she started off with some decent words, but then rambled onto the Hollywood lifestyle, blah blah, people get into things, blah blah, drugs... So, she turned the situation from a man dying from a stroke to insinuating that he probably did drugs and that maybe contributing to his demise.
  8. I saw Spencer Garrett (the husband in A Very SPN Xmas) in the trailer for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". ADDED: Warren Christie (Luther, the head vampire in "Dead Man's Blood") is starring in a new NBC drama called 'The Village'.
  9. patty1h

    The Act

    I've seen the HBO documentary about Gypsy and her mother, and I think knowing the real players made this seem kinda meh. I recently saw Patricia Arquette in Escape from Dannemora and she was really good in it, but I'm not feeling her as Dee Dee so far. The actress playing Gypsy is okay. Even though she's playing a nice neighbor of the Blanchard's, I just want Chloe Sevigny to have as little screen time as possible - I just don't like her face. Maybe I'll get more into it as the series progresses.
  10. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Interesting theory dropped about the sober house: the all-male facility was picked by Kevin because 1) he doesn't want Wendy in a female place where the women will try to talk sense into her. 2) He probably has some of the men on his payroll to keep an eye on Wendy and report her movements/what she's saying during their talk sessions.
  11. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I want to clarify - I mean when Wendy is on camera, she's been pretty much back to her the way she was 3+ years ago. She sits down and goes through her spiel and gets her points across in an engaging manner. Like today, she rolled though HT and handled things pretty well. I was only talking about her demeanor handling the show, not her personal life or her opinions while doing HT.
  12. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Gotta admit that Wendy is peppy and focused and mostly on top of things again. However, a few slips for me to nitpick: Wendy saying "Potamac" instead of Potomac. While talking about Jussie Smollet and whether he should appear at some upcoming award show, she named some of the other nominees and said the name Rami Malik instead of Romany Malco (nominated for the show "A Million Little Things). So surprised that Norman didn't correct her. Poor Norman is probably exhausted.
  13. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    So, she strolled out today with a new live show like nothing happened yesterday. It's just business as usual, huh? A smart person would understand that hosting a live show while the world tunes in to guess your level of health and/or sobriety is not the best way to handle your life. Priorities! I saw a clip from the Daily Mail of Kevin taking Wendy to the sober house - no wonder they were able to get the dirt on her, she did nothing to be low-key. She's this 5'11" woman in that giant white coat, carrying a bright yellow expensive leather handbag, shoulder length blond hair, and being accompanied by her husband and 2 bodyguards. It would have been smart to try a disguise, ya think? She ragged on Mama June and her BF again, showing their mugshots after their arrest. Was Wendy feeling the least little bit hypocritical, I wonder. She should stare in the mirror for about an hour before doing those sorts of stories.
  14. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I heard Norman's voice yesterday(?) when he corrected once Wendy during HT, and I caught a glimpse of Suzanne today, waving for the audience to stand up when they went to a break. I was watching a YT video of someone else talking about today's revelation and she said she was in the audience last week. She had audio of what goes on just before the show starts, how the DJ guy turns up the music and gets the co-hosts revved up for the show. OMG, it sounded exhausting - loud music and the DJ on his mic hooting and hyping to a frenzy of "how you doing!!!". I was wrung out from just hearing that. Otherwise the YTuber said she had a fantastic time, but she says a lot of things are "scripted" - you could see Wendy practicing her lines before the start of the show. She also said that the general atmosphere of the show is upbeat and fun and Wendy turns it on for the air, but she could see that when they went to break, Wendy's demeanor would change and seem very somber/sad. With today's news, I guess we can see why.
  15. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Wendy was talking about Pam Anderson and her younger BF and spoke about why some women stay with certain men/choose who to be in relationships with. Wendy said "because I don't want to die alone". That was so sad to me. That shows another reason I think why Wendy stays with her husband. One day she will say that a woman needs to be strong, be smart/get an education, be able to stand on her own two feet, but then another day she says a woman must be "soft and pink", keep up her looks, dress sexy all for the man in her life. Too many conflicting ideas going on. But that line about dying alone... that was heavy.