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  1. Rlb8031

    Bring It!

    I saw a clip in FB of Cameron dancing at a Southern game. She looks so much smaller than she appeared on Bring It!. On the show, she doesn't really appear to be a curvy girl, and she looks thick and solid. In this clip she appears to be a lot smaller, I'd almost call her petite, with a pretty small waistline and long slender legs (much more the way Deyja (sp??) looks on the show. I wonder if its something with the way the show is shot that makes the girls appear to be heavier than they actually are? Or did she simply lose weight in between high school and college.
  2. I think there needs to be a respectful treatment of survivors, including giving people the space to not be comfortable going forward. You don't know what the reason is that someone backed out at the last minute. It could be because they were pressured by Co$, but it could just as easily be that they are suffering from PTSD, or they are ashamed of actions that they took while in the Co$ and can't handle that information becoming public. While this is entertainment for us, it is also these folks real lives, and we as viewers don't always deserve to know, no matter how well intention-ed our desires may be. I have to take on faith that if the network who spent money making this episode, and who has been willing to battle with Co$ publicly to date is willing to shelve these shows, there must be good reasons for both. Would it be nice to know? Sure. Do we deserve to know? Not necessarily.
  3. Rlb8031

    Homepage Missing Shows

    I think the A-M vault is only A-L??? https://forums.previously.tv/forum/4375-shows-a-m-vault/
  4. Rlb8031

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    See, I'm not gonna shame her for this. We only see a very small portion of their lives that they are willing to share. She would only be seen doing this if Greg was comfortable having that much of his illness shared on tv. He isn't required to put his health struggles out there for entertainment so that Nene has a storyline, but his failure to do so doesn't necessarily mean that she wasn't engaged in helping him in this way either. It just means that it may not have been part of their tv lives. I know how hard caring for loved ones is, so I'm giving everyone here the benefit of the doubt and assuming the best possible scenario.
  5. For those of us that are children of the 80's, the Dianetics ads ran constantly on the local tv channels in NYC that showed cartoons in the afternoons. We all remember the exploding volcano and the announcer with the rumble in his voice book ending the Flinstones, the Little Rascals and Looney Toons between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. It was as common as the prescription drug ads are on tv today.
  6. Rlb8031

    Tour-Related Questions

    Maybe I'm just dense, but where did the catch-all alphabetical threads go (all A shows, all B shows, etc.)? One of my shows has disappeared, it was last in the all B show list, but now it does not appear either there or on my homepage and when I search for it, I get crickets (the show is Bring It!).
  7. Not the same. NOI was founded by Elijah Mohammad in the early part of the 20th century (I believe it was the 20's or 30's). UNOI was founded by some other dude (in the 80's??). NOI sold bean pies and the Final Call on streetcorners to raise money, UNOI ran restaurants in the cities they were active in to raise money.
  8. Also, keep in mind that in some places, they have RE portfolios that have doubled, trippled or quadrupled in value. In NYC for example, they purchased a building in the Times Square neighborhood during the late 60's/early 70's when that area was considered to be an unattractive part of town (during the period the Deuce is set in). Starting with the cleanup of that neighborhood by Giuliani, that has become some of the more valuable commercial real estate in the city. I'm sure the same is true of the LA properties. So they have cash of billions on top of assets of billions.
  9. Yes, it wasn't that long ago. But as a child of the 70's I can remember a clear break in NYC (where I grew up) of conversations before the kidnapping and murder of Etan Patz and afterwards with respect to our safety as kids and the fact that adults could indeed be dangerous to us. Having said that, I agree that my parents would not have been up for the BS at all, and mom would have taken him out in the street, beaten him to a pulp and left him as a message to others while my dad stood watch...
  10. I kept saying to myself "it was a different time...it was a different time", but I'm still not understanding how those parents found themselves that enmeshed with a psychopath. Clearly they had a host of other issues and some pretty big tells that caused him to identify and exploit them. It was especially difficult to understand when they disclosed that at least two other families had identified that there was something strange going on with their daughters and took the issue to the church elders. Not clear why no one in the church pulled the dad to the side to say "keep your kids away from that dude". Also, I'm going to side eye whomever it was in Mexico that married the two of them - she was TWELVE!!! And then the fact that he basically had sex with more than half of the family? It just kept getting weirder and weirder...
  11. Rlb8031

    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    They do cat adoptions as well, although I'm not sure that they post any of them on their website. I thought I remembered Tia saying that they use partners to facilitate the cat adoptions on the Jackson Galaxy episode. Does anyone remember?
  12. Rlb8031

    Fyre Fraud (Hulu)

    He paid appearance fees for the models, but after that it was basically a Ponzi scheme. Folks who were in early and who complained (vendors, service providers, the Bahamian government, etc.) got paid off first in small dribs and drabs. The balance went to paying for fancy penhouses, JetSkis, etc. When they were reading that letter from his mom, I said to my husband "This kid has been lying to folks since he was a small child, and his mother with all of her bullshit has enabled him". Trust and believe if he ever had ANY consequences for his lies, none of this would have happened.
  13. Actually, according to that article, she and her husband own a trap house!!!
  14. I thought drugs were strictly a no-no for Co$ members???
  15. My very basic understanding is that as a not-for-profit one test is that you can't show undue enrichment. The organization gets favorable tax treatment because it is doing good work, so having significant resources at the end of each year, would imply that you aren't spending the money on what it is you are supposed to be doing. Therefore, for organizations that have tax exemption its important to have cash both coming in and going out. For an organization like Co$, if they were truly feeding the hungry, sending people to disaster areas with supplies and relief, running addiction programs, etc, there would be money going out as well. But since they pay staff little to nothing, and run no programming of any kind, they need to show money being spent on something. Purchasing property changes the dollars on their balance sheet from cash to assets. They then can show the operating and maintenance costs as annual expenses. The money has now been converted to a tangible asset which can be sold at some future time if necessary, can be leveraged to get additional cash through mortgages or loans, etc. all without the money actually leaving the Co$ coffers. Its about reducing cash on hand, without actually reducing the value of your overall assets.