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    I'm quit happy for her!
  2. I honestly don't think Janelle has a clue about what modern homesteading is. I grew up in an agricultural rural area (Pennsylvania) and I live rural now. I live a scaled down version of homesteading, although not that long ago I wanted a full on, off grid lifestyle. I have spent years learning the various skills and gaining the knowledge to live in my area. I have a lifetime of animal husbandry and 15 years of chicken keeping and know my growing area to expert level. I really don't know what her limitations will be in their area, but from seeing it on the show everything is very sparse. It looks like the plant life isn't very diverse and with nothing really lush and green I suspect the soil isn't very hospitable to a variety of garden vegetables, so raised beds and constant soil amendments are going to be the only way to get vegetables that she recognizes to grow. Constant winds will suck moisture out of plants and sudden temperature changes within the growing season is going to be very limiting. I honestly don't have a clue if altitude affects garden plants, but looking at houses etc, gardens don't look lush and diverse. There are plenty of things to be planting now, but it comes down to how big of a temperature difference you can have, small cold frames and greenhouse/polytunnel structures can even this out but have to be monitored constantly every day to keep from overheating when it's sunny/warm. Gardening on a "feeding your family consistent level" is way more than buying a tomato plant from Home Depot and sticking it in some dirt from a bag.
  3. Roslyn

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Oh my...I even have a celebrity meeting! It was ages and ages ago (mid 80s). I'll add that I grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania and we only had one television channel and even that was scratchy and sketchy at times. Needless to say when I went to college in another state I was quite naive to the big world. I was an Equestrian major and a major celebrity famous person was coming to speak at the college. Everyone was buzzing with it. Included in his visit was a tour of the college and a tour was scheduled to be given by our head of the program of the stables and facility. I will add that at the time I had NO clue who the person was (the great famous celebrity), but everyone was just so excited. I was a student and all of us spent so much time cleaning the stable and tidying the grounds etc. His group had a late afternoon time to do the tour and I was up there all afternoon picking stalls and making sure everything was ready to go. I was completely alone at the time, the head of the program and her favorite students were gone, but she was due back to give the tour (and I was supposed to disappear when that happened). One horse in particular had messed up his stall pretty good and his feet needed cleaned, so I pulled him out and put him in cross ties while I cleaned up his stall and then set on giving him a good clean. I was dressed in barn clothes, and was pretty sure I smelled like I had been cleaning a barn as well. So, there I was, bent over cleaning hooves and legs with my butt to the door when I heard people enter the barn. It was the tour group with the famous person and they were early. I welcomed them and was nice and told them the Director had stepped out and should be back soon, and they all started asking questions so I answered them. I took them around and talked about the program and talked about the horses, told little stories and they seemed happy and very interested. I honestly had no idea who the famous person was, even after meeting them. Tho I had a vague recognition that I thought he had done a commercial or something. The director never showed while they were there and then they left. I finished what I was doing and right as I was walking back to campus to clean up for dinner the director arrived and needless to say was fuming pissed that she had missed them and they had arrived early etc. At dinner I told my friend group that I had given the tour to the famous person and they were all amazed and jealous and had to explain over and over who he was, I just didn't know who Sugar Ray Leonard was at the time.
  4. Roslyn

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    How fascinating that this article is dated 1997
  5. Roslyn

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    ""The neighbors are sympathetic to plural families, which is extremely nice."" I think I find it most interesting that the Lehi house has three kitchens (Janelle's is 800 sq. ft!!!!) and yet is still listed as a single family home. In most areas that I have lived in there are guidelines and ordinances within the building codes and zoning laws as to what defines a "single family home". So if they are so against livin' the Principle I would think that the powers that be would have written it into the laws and codes to prevent homes like this from being built. And...wow...the neighbors don't seem fussed by polygamists. I guess you don't need a conservative state with a liberal town to settle a bunch of polygamists after all!!
  6. Well. I certainly wouldn't mind a rental that came ready with those raised beds. They are really sweet! If she put real study time into it she would learn that she can be planting LOTS of things long before her estimated last frost date.
  7. Roslyn

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Hmmm...Is Meri getting inspiration from Wicca now?
  8. Roslyn

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

  9. Roslyn

    Robyn Brown: Her Sisterwives Have a Closet!

  10. Roslyn

    S10.E06: Flagstaff Flirtation

    Way to be empathetic Janelle. What happened to fired up Janelle from the presentation? ""I'm NOT moving Gabe"" and all of that?? Now she sits and does her side eye/eye roll mentioning about how "high school is nothing". Well. I would think to a settled, academically successful with a wide group of friends and success in sports child it just might be a teensey weensey bit important. ""OH...you play games with them on the weekends..."" So. No issues there darlin. Sorry producers...we deserve that talking head with Janelle explaining herself. Now SHE is the sulking teenager dark cloud in the corner "whatever, just pick a damn property and get it the hell over with" attitude.
  11. That's not a bagel. That's a biscuit with a hole cut in the middle. Geez.
  12. Roslyn


    Yes. I think Christine stated on camera at one point that Mykelti was the child that made her worry and pull her hair out the most. Mykelti always had the attitude of "I'll do what I damn well please" about her. Yet, once Tony entered her life she did a complete flip to "Oh Tony, I'll do what ever you want me to" There has always been a vibe about him that unsettles me. It has been mentioned off and on about how she always had her hair in cute updos (I think that is what they are called) and the second he said that he wants her hair down...bam....I don't think we have really seen her hair up very much. Christine stated that Mykelti was "baby hungry" or something like that, yet it's Tony saying "NO" to babies. Why on earth would he want Mykelti's attention to be taken away from him?
  13. Roslyn

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    The issue with Mariah when she was young being the only child to flat out say that yes, she would definitely be living polygamy in the future etc was kind of covered, but in a wide number of episodes and interviews. There are too many individuals to really quote from... From the beginning Mariah was the only child who really embraced their religion and was vocal about it. Even at a young age she made statements that she was going to be a doctor AND a polygamist because she was in the modern age and could be anything she wanted. She was the one child who flat out refused to attend public school and stayed in the church school while the others went to public. She was also the child that when they announced the move she wanted to stay behind with family to stay in her school. Stating that she was wanting to stay within the bubble of their leg of the religion. After moving to LV there was a mention that Mariah was active within an LDS study group, something about she got up for school very early to attend a church group before school started, which is pretty dedicated for a teenager. My son needed a train wreck to get him out of bed... However...that was years ago. When Mariah was flat out refusing to even look at any college except for the very expensive Westminster she used "returning to Utah to be back in the bubble of their religion" as her driving force. I'm sure she wanted that school, but dedication to religion seems to be a strong trump card with Kody. HOW can he deny the one and only child who is very strongly stating that what she wants is because of her strong pull of spirituality!!?? We all know that Mariah got exactly what she wanted in the end. Yet...after Mariah came out all of these strong ties to the polygamous religion melted away. At some point there was a statement (I don't remember if it was on the show or in an interview) she made about how she had the inkling of being gay, but her religion trained her to be repulsed by that thought, so throwing herself into the religion and being the MOST righteous child of the whole bunch was her defense against admitting to herself that she was, in fact, gay. By embracing every aspect of the religion she was trying to cover up inside herself. Once she finally admitted it to herself, and being surrounded by a more open thinking peer group at university, she was able to come out and accept herself and realize the religion was just a cover, after that it all just melted away. I also think it is the sole reason that she was such an unlikable teen (also...Meri's stubborn and cranky genes don't help) and now she seems more settled within herself (as well as having the SM audience to take her above and beyond into the "influencer" of women and leader of social justice and all that other stuff....which she most likely gets from her Moses complex father...genes are complicated) If you read stories about young people within the LDS religion who are gay, heck, any young person pretty much. The church is over the top controlling with sexuality in all forms and outright condemning to homosexuality. There are heartbreaking stories of people getting out of that religious bubble, just like with any cult/religion that's goal is to leach you of money as well as your soul.
  14. Roslyn


    Yep. The kids were riding horses and Mykelti was specifically told to NOT ride one particular horse. NO ONE was allowed to ride that horse, because it was either green or known to be unsafe. But...Mykelti then did the opposite, got herself thrown and landed very badly. They had to gather her up and I think they took her to the hospital, but chiropractor stands out in my head. I mean...even very experienced riders have been maimed/killed. If someone tells you a horse is unsafe, listen.
  15. Roslyn

    Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    I know that I've untangled necklaces over the years, not sure how many all tangled at once tho. However the one that sticks out in my mind was when my daughter bought a spool of fine necklace chain to make her own jewelry and all the chain fell off the spool in a box ending up in a giant lump. It took the better part of a day, a bright light and my fine tip tweezers to set it right and put it back on the spool. I've done lots of Christmas lights. My mother never put them away with any kind of thought as to taking them back out of the storage box again. Every year was started by sitting down and untangling them. My lights are stored wrapped around thick cardboard and in a tub. Kind of like how the part of a hive that bees make their honeycombs on. It's where I got the idea... I'll never forget when I watched Kody pull out his cables to put up those "strung from each house" lights and they were a tangled mess. I had a very loud laugh and wished that I could hear how he truly reacted without cameras following him around. Colorful metaphors shouted to the heavens I suspect.