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  1. Harry24

    Tennis Thread

    I'm glad Rafa took the conservative decision, however disappointing it was to the entire tennis community. We need him to stand in the way of a Djoker Slam by winning RG for the 12th time! Get better, Rafa!
  2. Harry24

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet.
  3. Harry24

    S16.E13: Holy Macau!

    I just want to say that I think Michelle is charming, thoughtful and lovable and might just be the best chef this season (she had the dish that Tom said was the best dish of the season.) I'm rooting for her.
  4. Harry24

    Tennis Thread

    He was pretty convincing that he truly wanted to be with his family and nearly-grown kids before they left home. Also, he was still helping Simona at the Oz Open, so I'm pretty sure that split's truly amicable. Now Sloane and Kumau ... Jinx!!! dcalley
  5. Harry24

    Figure Skating

    I'm curious how Medvedeva's move and work in Canada is being funded. Does the Russian federation still support her? Does she have private sponsors that provide funds? I ask because I would assume the Russian fed might wash their hands of her.
  6. Harry24

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    I'm coming to love Michelle and hope that she's on the "finding herself as a chef" arc we've sometimes seen on this show. I thought that Kings of Leon lead singer seemed like a jerk. And an idiot. His wife did not strike me as very intelligent either, but she seemed nice at least. Who was the guy near the window who said he was a regular Top Chef viewer and was dying to be present when Tom pronounced a dish the best of the season? That was so charming. I don't believe he was identified, though.
  7. Harry24

    Tennis Thread

    Rafa. Damn. Naomi and Petra are my two favorite female players. I'm feeling not so great about the final for my emotional health. Sigh.
  8. Harry24

    Tennis Thread

    It was news to me that they were dating. (Sorry, didn't mean to imply they had married.) I'm always happy to see when star hetero guy athletes date/marry fellow athletes. It seems far more likely that there is a relationship of respect and not possession there.
  9. Harry24

    Tennis Thread

    How did I miss that Svitolina has snagged La Monf! So cute. Second, way to go, Naomi! So nice to see her move past her negative demons and win the match. I love her.
  10. Harry24

    Figure Skating

    Plus he is so purty.
  11. Harry24

    Tennis Thread

    I don't know. A tense five-setter is not the best prep for playing Rafa. Perhaps DeM will luck out and this will be the match where Rafa gets his hardcourt injury (I'm definitely hoping not, but it has been a pretty regular thing lately.) I think that's DeM's best chance. Speaking of appealing young Aussie players, I just love Ash Barty. She's adorable. She could challenge Naomi O in an Adorable-Off. ETA: Whoa, skinny American Anisimova just took out Force of Nature Sabalenka whom many thought would win this thing. She dominated her. WTF?
  12. Harry24

    MLB Thread

    I'm hoping this signing means no Machado. The team the Yanks fielded the last two years was so likable. Manny would have to be VERY different from how he appears to not spoil the likability factor.
  13. Harry24

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Plus it's the only drugstore line (at least in my area) that doesn't test on animals.
  14. Harry24

    Small Talk: Everybody Loves Talking

    And he and Holly Hunter made a surprisingly believable and touching couple.
  15. Harry24

    Figure Skating

    Which Tatiana is this? Tarasova?