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  1. QQQQ

    Mötley Crüe: The Dirt (2019)

    ❤️ Motley Crue!! Saw them during their final tour (unfortunately Tommy's drum coaster, the Cruecifly, didn't work but it was still a great show). The book was definitely better than the biopic, but fun to watch nonetheless. The guy playing Mick Mars looked like a young Ray Liotta - not a close match. I think the casting was way off for Vince too. Of course, I did spend countless hours staring at Motley Crue posters hung with love on my bedroom walls in the mid-80s.
  2. Ramona took a page from Kramer's playbook.
  3. So... Teddi lied to her therapist when she said she'd admitted to her part in Doggygate, right?
  4. The recent national admissions scandal now has me wondering which Housewives may have bribed their kids' way into college (and how much they might have paid)... And what's with Erika's There's Something About Mary bangs?
  5. QQQQ


    This would all be well and good except that there are two - soon to be three - children also absorbing these cruel exchanges. How many times did the camera pan to the Frankie watching Sharon and Rob argue, before they would notice and take their fighting to a different room (as if voices don't carry)? Even (the mostly invisible in her pram) Muireann was within earshot of a lot of anger. The baggage the children could end up carrying into their own adult relationships - where they might not find mates so willing to serve as verbal sparring partners - is scary. If we had been shown flashbacks to either Sharon or Rob's parents fighting like that, most would have felt sympathy, not been amused by the behavior.
  6. QQQQ


  7. Drink Yourself to Inebriation? Divorce Younger Idiots?
  8. QQQQ

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    I feel like her time with Charlie probably led to some real growths of the STD variety.
  9. QQQQ

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Right, so not all Midwesterners are likeable/relatable. 😉
  10. QQQQ

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Yeah, that's how we Midwesterners roll. Wait... Where's Vicki from? Never mind.
  11. QQQQ

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    I really don't understand any of this. Teddi shouting from the rooftops about being used... Even if she was (and I don't see it), she loves it because it at least gives her a storyline.
  12. Nude they would have accepted. The ladies reacted like Denise showed up in Lee jeans and a Jaclyn Smith blouse from Sears.
  13. QQQQ

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    The lighting director should be fired! Jennifer's face is half hidden in a shadow... Actually, they are all casting shadows, and I'm not someone who usually notices such things.
  14. To be fair to the puppy, PK does look like a pork chop...
  15. QQQQ

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    True for pregnancy, but just because it's two females doesn't guarantee protection from STDs. In fact, didn't Syd say she'd gotten tested before or after her previous girlfriend? Did Penny ask Elena if they'd been safe, tested, etc?