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  1. Have a title suggestion for a spoiled or unspoiled speculation topic? Add it below!
  2. garnetarden

    Pole Poll

    Testing the pole test poll
  3. garnetarden

    The Dragon Prince

    Technically, the episodes have “aired”, so spoiler tags are not necessary.
  4. ****MOD NOTE**** As has already been stated this week, this topic is for discussion on how the the show writers and showrunners treat the characters. This is not the place to discuss or disprove the viewpoints of fans from other sites or of your fellow posters here. Continued posting outside of the guidelines for this thread will result in warnings.
  5. garnetarden


    This is a new series coming to Hulu, starring Abigail Spencer.
  6. When I get a notification at the bottom of the screen, the linked text is visible in Light themes, but not in Dark themes. (Non-linked text appears normal in both instances.)
  7. garnetarden


    This is a tv pilot at NBC, with Allison Tolman attached to star as the sheriff.