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  1. Matty

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yay. I added another yiddish word to my lexicon after yesterday's rerun episode with Mr. Allahverde. This was the case where the shady Allahverde used the older woman's Home Depot card and charged over $3,000 dollars worth of items. JJ said she couldn't wait for the IRS to look into his business and said with glee she was "plotzing for that to happen." I looked up the word and it's perfect to describe the situation. Thanks, JJ.
  2. Matty

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    If there's chemistry and sexual attraction you don't need a kissing exercise to make out. It comes naturally if you get my drift.
  3. Matty

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    Luke and his Mommy.
  4. Matty


    Liam's mother's crying act and hysterical whining that her son was innocent was absolutely nuts. Umm. Your son coldly confessed to murdering Sarah on that video and then proceeded to lay out in great detail how he did it. What more do you need? That is one delusional lady believing her sociopathic little boy. Poor Sarah. Murdered in cold blood by one of her best childhood friends for money. As Sarah's Dad said, "pure evil."
  5. Matty

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In the rerun episode yesterday where I am there was a plaintiff suing a defendant for hitting her car in the parking lot of a convenience store. The defendant thought he had hit a curb not a car. Pretty typical JJ case. What had me completely flummoxed was the plaintiff's hairdo. We've seen some amazing hairdos on JJ through the years without a doubt but this lady's do ranked top five. It was a piece of hair colored pink, orange and white swirled on the top of her head with the sides shaved and they were light brown. It was riveting. I couldn't take my eyes off her hair. I kept asking myself "Why would anyone choose this hairstyle?"
  6. Matty

    S23.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    I used to watch The Bachelor many moons ago and stopped watching because of it's total fakery and formulaic story lines. Last night I was flipping the channels and saw it was the hometown visits episode so I decided to watch a bit of it. Since I haven't watched this season I don't have comments because I don't know any of the people. Just wanted to make two quick observations. The pageant queen's makeup was too much. I know that's the pageant look but it makes her look way older than early twenties. Tone it down. Also, the segment during the credits of that white family from Alabama rapping and the Dad beat boxing was creepy and weird. Ugh. That is all. Back to the snark, folks.
  7. Matty

    S38.E01: It Smells Like Success

    Still rooting for Joe. That is all. Back to the snark, folks.
  8. Matty

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    I don't think anyone in America likes Puke.
  9. Matty

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Learned a new Yiddish word from JJ during the case with the teen drivers from New Hampshire a few days ago. The plaintiff Dad who owned the car his son was driving at the time of the accident kept interrupting, smirking and staring at the defendant and was being generally annoying and JJ says "you're a nudnik." I rushed to Google the word and the description is perfect and on point. My Yiddish vocabulary is growing every day. Thanks, JJ.
  10. Matty

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Everyone makes fun of Florida and the wack job trailer trash that live there, but after watching JJ you'd think Minnesota's residents are crazier than Florida's.
  11. Matty

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    A.J. is annoying as hell. His need to be "on" all the time is exhausting. Tone it down, bud. Bring it down about 50 notches. I don't think A.J. and Stephanie are going to make it. What's up with her eyebrows? She's overzealous with the tweezers. The brows are too thin and have a weird shape. Jasmine and Will are not into each other physically. They're not on the same page regarding gender roles. Jasmine is traditional circa 1950s. Man pays all bills. Woman cooks and cleans. The strong physical chemistry is obvious with Keith and Kristine. Not much to say abut them besides that. Luke is conceited and haughty and has no reason to have such a high opinion of himself. He's one of those types of people that think they're so much better and smarter than everyone else. He can barely conceal his disdain for poor Kate. Her voice is like finger nails on a blackboard to Luke. She speaks with a flat, monotone drone and desperately follows him around to pick up the scraps he throws her when he feels like it. If someone says that they feel dead inside and are repulsed by you and you still stick around there's not much more to say. That sums up their relationship. I think if Kate called it quits Luke's ego couldn't take it. He likes playing this cruel game with her because he thinks she's weak. Another cracker jack job of matching people by the experts.
  12. Matty

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Is Ms. Frolek a dentist? Did I read the caption correctly? She says she has large sums of cash in envelopes scattered around her house. The fact that she's a dentist would make it more plausible that she had $3,500 laying around the house instead of sitting in her bank account. It doesn't make sense but a dentist has more disposable income than 99.9% of the plaintiffs on JJ. The other crazy angle to the story is the fact that she bought a car for the defendant on four separate credit cards? Who does that? Something doesn't add up. If she is a dentist would you want her working on your teeth? The defendant was the usual unscrupulous scammer of desperate, older, single women on the internet. These types of gigolos are a dime a dozen on JJ. Nothing new under the sun.
  13. Makes sense. Debbie does look like she hits the bottle hard. Skin has an unhealthy gray pallor and her face is puffy and bloated. She looks way older than her age and in many of the scenes her hair is unkept and she looks so tired. No life or sparkle to dear old Debbie. I can't imagine living with her and Coltee. Larissa has many issues but she deserves combat pay. Coltee and Debbie are gaslighting her and she falls right into their trap. The arguing and drama plays right into all three of their hopes to remain in the spotlight even after the show ends. Their plan is to remain employed by TLC for as long as possible.
  14. I love Jeff Bridges. That is all.