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  1. Shaynaa

    Sex Education

    This doesn't get its own forum? :( I meant to only watch the first few episodes but I ended up marathoning all 8. I was watching for Gillian but it wound up being a really good show. Maeve is awesome and needs some good things to happen to her. Eric was a great character and I wasn't thrilled how Otis treated him. Doesn Gillian have a clause in her contract that she always has to be put in the most awful wigs possible? Because it keeps happening. Note: Trigger warning for LGTQ violence in episode 5. I don't think any press has mentioned that.
  2. Shaynaa

    S02.E01: eMergence

    You get a scalpel that is made of some other material. Like this
  3. Shaynaa

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    It seriously does. I just don't think I can do these anymore. The source material is gone and Miller is no feminist but thinks quite highly of himself. I just can't with June. I understand not wanting to leave one of her children but she has no power in her position. She's going to end up on the wall in the Colonies. Well, if the writing actually followed the laws of the universe she would. She will have no chance to help Hannah in any way. Thanks to her note on the wall she couldn't even try a BS excuse about being kidnapped for the gazillionith. The Marthas who risked everything to help her will be so thrilled she implicated them. I am glad Serena doesn't get redeemed at least. She helped rape June a few episodes ago. I feel like people have short memories because Yvonne is such a good actress. I've got a year to decide but I think I am done with this torture porn.
  4. Shaynaa

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I'm not a lawyer and don't know much about custody or immigration law. Any case would have to be filed in Canada. It is safe to say they would not recognize Gilead courts. WOuldn't a Canadian court just have to ask Fred to come appear in person and bring the child's mother? I know lawyers can sometimes appear in court without their clients but if Fred can't "care" enough to actually show up in person.... If he's claiming that June and the handmaids consented to this then he would have no problem showing up or bringing her. I guess it depends on how much Canada wants to help. They could claim the baby was born in Canada and come up with a birth certificate. To disprove that, Fred would have to produce June. The custody stuff is interesting but really wouldn't make sense. Fred would be bringing so much international attention on Gilead by trying to get her back. They guy is already going to be in deep doo doo with the other commanders. But like someone else said, the writers like to pull things out of their asses so this could still happen. I do feel pretty confident that Luke and/or Moira will end up with the baby. Hopefully Luke steps up for once.
  5. Shaynaa

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    The episode that just dropped was episode 10. Current guess is it is NIck and Eden or Isaac and Eden in the pool. More inclined to think Isaac. This makes Nick and June's storylines sound separate.
  6. Shaynaa

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I'm just not sure how this will work. June being sent back to the Waterfords would be a huge retread. It's really hard to imagine her just getting a new placement. We have seen what she goes through as a handmaid. It really isn't interesting to go back to square one just with new people. It's possible she could meet up with the female underground railroad although again, kind of a retread. Moira getting out was too damned easy last season. I just really don't want the Waterfords to get that baby. I hate wishing for a dead baby but it would be easier. What frustrates me is Fred and Serena are going to get away the rape. June didn't tell anyone and I bet she gives birth alone. They will just claim any bruising is from the labor and her escape from the house.
  7. Shaynaa

    S02.E10: The Last Ceremony

    I am continually bothered at how much of the show is from the white, male gaze. Calling that out sure isn't sexist. I so wish the show runner was not a man. That's not a knock on Bruce who is very talented but this show really needed to be from a women's perspective.
  8. Shaynaa

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Hannah is on the imdb cast list for this ep and Heather is not so... While IMDB is not infallible I think it's got to be Hannah. Heather showing up would not be interesting or shocking. We know she's a handmaid. We know June feels guilty. She already had one breakdown over this. Hannah would be ripe for drama. Especially since it is obvious it won't be a happy reunion. I think Hannah has been completely brainwashed and thinks both her parents are awful sinners. June has been trying to get back to her for three years and now she finally sees her and it isn't a happy reunion. I don't think Waterford would even consider taking June to see her if he thought it would have any kind of positive outcome. I think this is part of him taking revenge on her.
  9. Shaynaa

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    A theory I saw on reddit that makes sense...and is horrifying. Isaac rapes Eden but she gets blamed for it. We already saw him being aggressive and violent. It sure fits. They get thrown in the pool and strung up on the wall.
  10. Shaynaa

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    So, I am a veteran anti-racist and anti-facist protester. Neo-Nazis came to a town near here two months ago. We protested them and chanted "No hate! No fear! Nazis are not welcome here!" Another version of that we used is "No hate! No fear! Immigrants are welcome here!". It's a really common chant and another one that was used in Charlottesville. So I am coming at this with a deep understanding of the need to protest but Luke, WTF are you doing?!? Fred has June held prisoner. He could do anything to her in retaliation for Luke coming after him. I understand you are not supposed to hurt a pregnant handmaid but Fred is an evil SOB and he could easily think of many ways he could get away with. Luke seriously endangered her here. I did like his giant photo of his family. I LOLd a bit at Nick's selective use of facts. He and June and "friends". Of course, it made sense. He doesn't want to open the can of worms of his actual relationship with her. The timing of the upload of the letters. I guess Nick isn't too concerned with his own well being? The fact the letters leaked at the same time as this historic trip is not going to be lost on Gilead leadership. It was great seeing them kicked out of the country but that was seriously risky.
  11. I was being rhetorical when I said I thought they would just throw in another interracial couple. Mostly. But they did it any way. This is just insulting and ridiculous. The show is never going to address race in any meaningful because that might actually be hard. Or they might have to actually hire some POC on the production side. http://www.newsweek.com/2018/05/11/handmaids-tale-season-2-how-margaret-atwood-and-bruce-miller-agreed-disagree-901162.html He's so full of it. Like I said, this show desperately needed a show runner who was not a white man.
  12. Shaynaa

    S02.E07: After

    Luke is so effing useless. I guess we are supposed to contrast him and Moira but he have acted like he cared any less? Hell, he didn't even pretend to care about Moira's feelings. So there is a handmaid shortage so they brought Janine and Emily back to the place they rebelled and committed serious crimes against the state. This seems unwise. Why not transfer handmaids from other places to replace the dead women and send the two of them to replace those folks. They wouldn't know anyone which would cut down on the risk of further trouble. Serena Joy's plan seems doomed to fail. Someone will notice Fred is no shape to be issuing orders. Surely someone will ask him and what? He's going to pretend this was his idea? Last season SJ tried to give him advice after a Martha escaped to Canada and did a media interview. He shot her down telling her smart men were working on it. I really don't understand her involving June. Yeah, she was an editor. Is she so worried about grammar? I was wondering if she did it to involve and implicate June. So if SJ goes down, June goes with her. June and Nick continue to have super secret convos and make out in very public places. How are these two still alive? I get the feeling the season could end with Eden bringing the whole Waterford house crumbling down. Everyone in the house besides her knows about Nick and June. She's going to find out at some point.
  13. Shaynaa

    S02.E05: The Chalk Machine

    OMG, yes. He totally sounded like he belonged on /r/incel or wherever the MRA types hang out on reddit. Were we supposed to find him sympathetic? I was curious so I looked up the writer. It was written by Nic Sheff, who is male. This is the only ep he has written but he was the story editor last season. Clay is really being so horrid this season and I really am not sure how we are supposed to be viewing him. I like ghost!Hannah's snark but otherwise the interactions don't really work. It kind of smacks of them just wanting to give KL something to do.
  14. That would make sense but why do that when they can just throw in another interracial couple? Which I bet they do. It is also interesting that every couple we have seen on this show involving a POC is interracial...even Moira's hook up at the club was white. Except for one. Luke and Annie...and he left her for a white women. I just cannot deal with this weird ass universe that thinks tokenism means white supremacy doesn't exist. It's insanely offensive. I guess it shouldn't be surprising when you consider the lack of diversity in the production of the show. None of the directors have been POC. Yahlin Chang, who wrote "Other Women" is the only POC writer. That's pathetic. Honestly, I'm just about at the point of quitting watching.
  15. Shaynaa

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Ep 7 preview...the flashbacks. Were Luke and June considering selling Hannah? I can't quite tell what was going on there. Edit: rewatched in slow mo. I see Moira handing over a baby while June stands next to her kind of smiling. So not Hannah? Was Moira a surrogate before?