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  1. xtwheeler

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    Preferential sexual offenders have very narrow age/gender/looks preferences. I suspect the older child aged out of his preferential group, so he was taking another child that fit in that group for him to abuse sexually. The older child was lucky to be kept rather than killed once he aged up. Grandma was waaaay out of line, in my opinion. She had no idea what the established dynamics were between Athina, Bobby, and the kids. Bobby's step-parental relationship is solely a matter between him and Athina, and them and the children. Grandma gets no say over that, and she was waaaaay out of line correcting him about how to interact with "[her] grandchildren" when she doesn't know the rules of the house. At MOST she should have asked Athina later, "hey, are you ok with him doing this?" but NEVER in front of the children and never asserting her relationship with the children is the most important. Narcissistic grandparents really grind my gears. By the way, I had NO idea that Steven Staynor (kidnapped by Parnell) was the brother of Cary Staynor, the Yosemite killer. Reading a bit about Steven's return to home after the kidnapping, when his father decreed that he didn't need counseling, and he never discussed the abuse, was so sad. He died in a motorcycle accident in 1989. The reason he finally took action to escape was when Parnell kidnapped another 6 year old, who Steven helped escape. Steven had a very rough reentry to family and social life, and his family sounds messed up (Cary Staynor pled not guilty by reason of insanity due to his abusive childhood). What awful, tragic endings for so many. For every Elizabeth Smart there are a thousand Steven Staynors. Parnell died in prison, btw, and Staynor is currently a guest of the California Department of Corrections at San Quentin on Death Row.
  2. I find this characterization of Bethenny versus Ramona completely perplexing. Bethenny single-handedly launched a brand she sold for $100 million, and is still paid millions to promote that brand, as well as making a killing in real estate. On her own. I find "Bethenny striving for the next big thing" hilarious when you compare it to Ramona, who has peddled Renewal skin line and Ramona Singer Jewelry for HSN, "True Faith Jewelry" and Ramona Singer Collection on Amazon, and of course the Ramona Pinot Grigio (all of which are vanity brands). Bethenny isn't slapping her name on every generic product to come along; she invented a brand she sold for $100m. Who is desperately striving for that 15th minute of fame here?
  3. THIS. Bethenny isn't the goddess of the court calendars. Judges and clerks set hearings when they see fit, and everyone else has to move heaven and earth to comply with those. None of this appears to be any tricky calendaring. Let's not forget Jason is the one who refused to move out. Jason is the one who has been found by the court to be stalking and harassing Bethenny. Jason is the one seeking the payday here. Just because you may not like what you see of her on RHONY doesn't change those facts. As for the school, she likely was rejected because the parents were in an acronious custody battle. Those things tend to spawn unpleasant events like deposing teachers and other parents. THAT is what matters, not that she's on a Reality TV show that the child doesn't appear on.
  4. xtwheeler

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Written contracts are enforced in court all day every day. $5k is within the jurisdictional maximum of small claims court, but assuming that the contract has an attorneys' fees clause, they could file to enforce in LA Superior, limited jurisdiction. That's definitely a good one to have settled, but his big problem is the one with the sellers of the house. This was just with his insurer over their duty to defend. For a while I practiced exclusively in real estate failure to disclose litigation in CA, representing real estate agents and brokers. It's just a horrible idea to purchase a property where you're representing the buyer or seller. This became an issue on MDL:NY, and there Steve did the right thing and sent the better offer to his client, who accepted it. It is black letter law in California that ALL offers, ALL, must be presented to the client. But my big takeaway is that Mauricio was woefully underinsured.
  5. xtwheeler

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Given this cult blames sexual abuse on a 5 year old's somehow "alluring" behavior, and a husband trying to bang women of disputed virtue on his wife, I feel certain that they blame miscarriage on the woman. She wasn't yet good enough for one of Jesus' army.
  6. xtwheeler

    S08:E09 Motion to Delay

    To be fair, about 97% of any typical litigation practice is not courtroom related, aside from stupendously unexciting things like status conferences.
  7. xtwheeler

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    The thing that astonished me the most in reading that article was that the Duggars were represented by a female attorney. That would be a natural choice for, well regular people, since female sexual assault victims are often more comfortable with female cops/doctors/lawyers, but the Duggars exposing their daughters to a woman with an education is go smacking to me. What if it rubbed off?!?! ETA: Searched the 8th circuit opinions, and nothing has been published yet. I'm not familiar with their publication schedule, though.
  8. xtwheeler

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    She was jobless and tragic living in LA and NY for at least a half a decade. That's just something she tells herself so she can sleep at night. When she did live in LA, the only movie part she could get was that awful movie The Canyons, opposite porn star James Deen. The reason she wasn't cast in anything is that she was uninsurable. Production companies take out insurance policies against all kinds of production problems, like delays, stars dropping out, etc. She was so renown for being unreliable and a flake, insurance companies finally just refused to insure projects to which she was attached. The Canyons only got made because the producers were able to self-insure. And, even though it was her first starring role in YEARS she was still constantly late to set or a no-show, a total disaster on set (refusing to film, etc), and almost tanked the whole movie. BTW, when I say "late to set" I don't mean the normal 15-30 minutes that would irritate your employer or get you put on probation -- I mean like 6-12 HOURS late to set which means she would cost them entire days of production which are insanely expensive, and critical when you're working on a no-budget movie like The Canyons. They used to send a car for her and of course that flipped her out and she would be abusive to the drivers or refuse to go with them, etc. tl;dr: Linds' location has nothing to do with her getting film work, its the fact she's a disaster and completely uninsurable and therefore cannot be hired by the majority of production companies. (PS, as an examples, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz live in Madrid, George Clooney lives in Italy, Julia Roberts lives in New Mexico, Bruce Willis lived in Idaho, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki live in Austin, Robin Williams lived in Marin County, Fan Bing Bing lives in China; I could go on and on. Geography doesn't mean shit.)
  9. xtwheeler

    SEAL Team

    BORTUS! Thank you! I couldn't place his voice or his manner, but I knew I knew him! I thought he was awesome! He was like a cross between Teal'c and Worf in his Spartan warrior persona, while you could still tell he was a compassionate human being underneath, dedicated to helping Jason within the parameters of his duty, which he would never disregard. As for the NK sub, my (Marine Corps adjacent but Navy relatively unfamiliar) take was that once Sonny's situation became life-threatening, their priorities were (1) preservation of the billion dollar sub; and (2) "preservation of forces" -- ie save Sonny. They had to disregard NK realizing they were in their waters, and settle for just getting away. Once the NK sub was not on top of them or within conventional sub weapon range, they gave the order to GTFO at top speed because they couldn't be caught, and that was how they were going to save Sonny. And yes, there was a brief mention of the tube being stuck locked at both ends, but it was a one-liner. My problem with the commander of the sub was that he treated Jason as if Jason has not, many times, sent his men into situations where he knew they would most likely not survive. Between the two of them, I would put good money on the fact that Jason has lost more men under his command than the sub commander has, and him lecturing Jason on the virtues a man needs to be the kind of leader who can send his people into near certain-death situations was overwhelmingly condescending. Jason would have (outside the military structure) been perfectly justified clapping back that he has far more real experience in the world of combat and leading and losing men under his command, while the sub commander's experience is most likely 100% theoretical (we don't lose a lot of subs or sailors on subs, outside of totally accidental deaths). That dude had NO place pontificating at Jason about how superior his intellect and decision-making capabilities were -- Jason makes countless life or death decisions on his missions when they go PERFECTLY. That cake-eater didn't know what the f*ck he was talking about and his condescension would have earned him a neck-punch in any other context. The sub commander was a PERFECT example of why our military is ultimately under civilian control. The chain of command works well until it doesn't, and when it doesn't, people able to think outside the bounds of chain of command, follow orders, do it by the book, don't consider anything not covered in training are essential. That's why the Sec'y of Defense must be a civilian (or out of the military for a certain length of time before appointment) and why the DOD is staffed with civilians.
  10. xtwheeler

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    I'm just heartbroken. My favorite moment of hers was when she was saying she'd only ever been to one stadium (it was a sports stadium themed challenge) and it was for a Taylor Swift concert. She was asked "which one" (clearly meaning "which stadium"?) and she answered, "1989, DUH!" Like obviously that's the T-Swift tour she'd go to. DUH. I've read on Instagram that Padma is on her way to be with Gati, and Joe Flamm is taking his newborn today from Chicago to meet Fati. LOTS of folks have commented they are on their way to be with her. What a lovely, supportive community TC and cooking in general is providing her. I hope she feels surrounded by the love & peace we are all sending her. I've been tearing up randomly about this for two days now. Fuck cancer. She's such a beautiful, kind, spirited, loving, passionate soul and this just fucking sucks. We love you, Fati.
  11. xtwheeler

    S16.E06: Roaring Munchies

    So true! As gifted an eye-roller as Tom is, that was an EPIC full body eye-roll.
  12. xtwheeler

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    She's just tragic. And while I usually like a good redemption story, I just can't root for her. I think she is so desperate and unappealing. I think she had very little chance in thus world given her parents, and probably her mental illnesses, but if she's going to get better, she needs to do it alone in a cabin in Idaho and never subject herself to the stresses of public life again. I'm deeply sympathetic to what appear to be her mental illnesses, but I'm not sympathetic to her refusal to deal with them. There comes an age when one, can no longer blame your shit on your parents, and two, you can no longer blame your situation on things you actively refuse to address and change. Getting better, for her, is only ever going to mean disappear from the public, divorce her horrible family, get a diagnosis and treatment, and work hard in therapy every day forever. She doesn't seem to be willing to do any of that because she loves to blame everything on something/someone else.
  13. xtwheeler

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    I'm wondering what prompted you to feel Tom was inclined to treat the women unfairly and get them out of the kitchen. Tom has been a strong advocate of women in the industry, and he wrote several pieces as #metoo was gaining momentum about sexism in the kitchen. He wrote passionately about "boys will be boys" in the kitchen was bullshit & it is on the men to be aware of and in control of their words and actions. A couple of his pieces actually moved me to tears. I remember in particular a "real men don't disrespect women" piece that was amazing. So I'm curious if there are other things that have given you the impression he's sexist and discriminatory.
  14. xtwheeler


    I'm perplexed by this. 20 isn't "underage" for anything but drinking alcohol or buying weed in California. Unless she was his bartender, everything else was quite legal. The legal age of consent to sex in California is 18. Interesting to have a problem with an older woman and a younger man, when Sofia Richie has been dating Scott for quite a while and is still under 21. Is he taking his "I'm a DILF" thing too far? Regardless, Kourtney was not dating an underage guy.
  15. xtwheeler

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Thank you for the correction and further information! I just couldn't bring myself to look up the details. Still too horrible. They just love to dismiss the well-being of women, even when it puts their precious arrows of the quiver at risk. I've even seen them advocating for not treating women for tubal pregnancies, because it us up to god to determine if the pregnancy and the woman survive. Despite the fact that virtually no women survive, and often would leave other, motherless children, sacred are the bundle of cells. Women are disposable.