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  1. Katsullivan

    Caitlin Snow

    She had a dissertation the night that Barry went into the coma, so I'm going to go with yes, she got it off-screen unless the show retcons that it never happened.
  2. Katsullivan

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    Ugh. UGH!
  3. Katsullivan

    S01.E06: Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Tilt it a bit sideways - they cast the character they had deemed useless with a black actor because in Plec et al's minds, it makes sense for irrelevant characters to be black. Or turn it around - they cast a black actor to play the part ---- and suddenly realized that the character was redundant.
  4. Katsullivan

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    Sorry, I don't get it this. lol. The only Fiona I know is Mrs Shrek.
  5. Katsullivan

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    EXACTLY! OMG you said that way better than I did! I kinda want to tweet this out in one long diatribe to producers and showrunners so they stop leaving their black female leads out in the open like this, expecting them alone to deal with the madness. Irresponsible is right. I'm not sure I ever saw your reply to this (been away for a while, still catching up) but if you want to tweet it, then please go ahead.
  6. Katsullivan

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    LOL that you marked it as a spoiler. And crying too because for all we know that could still happen. Yes, I am just that bitter and cynical. I 100% agree that the taint was deliberate. From the "confusion" over their relationship to a first kiss that was erased and Iris never remembers*... They did everything they could to cut the legs off this ship. *In any other show/story, Iris would have either remembered this herself or been told about it. Think of The Vampire Diaries It's just funny sad how the standard romantic never seem to apply to black women LIs.
  7. Katsullivan

    Caitlin Snow

    Don't forget the next tweet that says that Caitlin has been kidnapped the most than any other character and Iris has been kidnapped the least. Think about this for a bit: Caitlin gets more promos and is in more crossovers because she's in Star Labs (OTF!), and has super-powers. The implication is that between her dozen PhDs in whatever-fits-the-plot disciplines, and her super-speshul-one-of-a-kind powers, she's more useful to the team and more integral to the Flash (Barry) than Iris. Meanwhile Iris who has a pithy single PhD, and no special powers ("We are the Flash", not counting), is useless. But in reality, Caitlin is the biggest Load in the story, and Iris is the most capable and self-sufficient person. If that doesn't summarise White Feminism in a nutshell, then I don't know what will.
  8. Katsullivan

    Iris West

    It's becoming more and more clear that the only difference between AJK's misogynoir and Geoff's is that AJK was more blatant about it.
  9. Katsullivan

    Black Panther (2018)

    I am ashamed to admit that it took me a minute to get this. :D
  10. Katsullivan

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    Then that's on her. The wildlings and the Night's Watch fought for her battle with the Boltons. She could talk to them, try to understand better. She could send a raven to the Wall and ask for some representatives to come to Winterfell and hold conference with the lords to give them some perspective. No one is asking Sansa to write a thesis on the WW, but she has access to resources that she isn't using because the script wants her to know more about storing grains for winter and padding armor for the cold than seasoned knights and lords, and be smarter than everyone in the room even though her political acumen is limited to "trust the guy that wants to bone me".
  11. Katsullivan

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    OMG. No, just no. Alia =/= Arya unless you're counting 2-syllable names that start with A? What do these 2 characters even have in common? Jessica =/= Catelyn. Again --- how? They are both beautiful women married to powerful men? Wow, that's a very narrow description. All these parallels have next to nothing in common. I've read both books, suffered through the Dune six, then his son's last 2 volumes, then the masses of sequels and prequels and nothing in these books is remotely close to what AWOIAF is about.
  12. Katsullivan

    The Flash in the Media

    So you're pointing out that... Warner Bros must have a non-racist reason for excluding their black female lead because they promoted the supporting non-Black POCs? I'm sorry but I'm not tracking your argument here. In completely non-related news, TheCW lists Candice Patton as third-billed on this show after Danielle Panabacker. Non-racist reasoning behind that, too. At least that's finally settled the question about who is the female lead of this show once and for all.
  13. Katsullivan

    The Flash in the Media

    I thought they'd put it up later, but nope. I don't understand how they got everyone else who was at the party, but not Candice?? Yeah, sure. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. It doesn't seem obvious now but they'll explain it and it will make perfect, non-racist sense for their Black female lead to be cut out of the promos for their 100th episode.
  14. Katsullivan

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    No to the boldened. Legitimized children are counted after trueborn in the line of succession. So a legitimized Jon would be next in line after Bran, etc. This is why Ramsay Snow murdered his nephew. With the caveat that, like every other law in Westeros, you can use an army to re-interpret it.
  15. Katsullivan

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    No actually it doesn't make sense because the King in the North's seat is Winterfell. If he was acclaimed King in the North, that confers to him every right of a King in the North, including being Lord of Winterfell. The Targaryen dynasty also had Kings appointed by Council - Aegon IV, and the guy just after Jahaerys I (I think Viserys I, can't remember his name) and it went without saying that he had his seat at the Red Keep/King's Landing. It would have been ridiculous if after crowning the King, they now had to sit another Council to decide where he lived. Which is basically what GOT's "Jon is King, Sansa is Lady" amounts to. "Oh, you're the King in the North. Now let's go build you a seat of power from the bottom up." It's horrifyingly clear that D & D simply have put no thought or planning into this mess they've invented.