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  1. Hiacios

    S05.E14: The Lost Moment

    Freydis is the new Aslaug but more manipulative and is cold and evil. Floki's is responsible for everybody who has died or been murdered all because he had to take them to that dreary uninhabitable land. Man, he really fucked up.
  2. Hiacios

    S32.E22: Reunion Part 2

    That was an underwhelming reunion. Johnny, Amanda, Cara, and Zach are POS. Yeah, and her bragging about them sleeping together for hours and then after Brad breaks up with her just shows that they had nothing together. No substance.
  3. Hiacios

    S32.E22: Reunion Part 2

    I thought the exact same thing but Amanda is a cop-out. Yeah, it's dumb that Lohan is getting a show on MTV, she's got nothing to offer.
  4. Hiacios

    S32.E21: Reunion Part 1

    Johnny and Ashley are the 2 biggest POS I have ever seen. They are both going to he'll in a hand basket.
  5. Hiacios

    S32.E21: Reunion Part 1

    $%^& CT! Man, I hate Ashley so damn much!!! Hunter should've never apologized to that ugly witch!
  6. Hiacios

    S32.E20: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    I can't wait for the reunion tonight!
  7. Hiacios

    S32.E20: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    Cara is an idiot.
  8. Hiacios

    S32.E20: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    What a cowards way to make the excuse of why you are taking all the money for yourself but to claim that you were "slut-shamed" (which in itself is redundant) and that Hunter threatened her family? LMAO! F#$k that @$!%^!%#!@$^@#!!! I can't wait to see her play the victim card on the reunion to see it all fall on deaf ears. She will forever be labeled the most detestable Challenge contestant ever. :) Natalie showed again what a POS snake she is.
  9. Hiacios

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    I didn't watch this season as the cast didn't interest me but what in the hell was that?!!! Bobby's freestyle was absolute trash! From me just watching all 4 freestyles Bobby and Sharna should've never been in the finals. I have watched Sharna get robbed over and over again but that was with actually good partners! Bobby sucks! Heel no he ain't! This was rigged.
  10. Hiacios

    S32.E19: The Walking Dead

    I would be cool if Hunter won and didn't give Ashly any of the money. Anyway, it was awesome to see Johnny and Tony finally go home! I knew Natalie would beat in that elimination as Johnny arms are way bigger than hers. I'll be happy if anybody but Cara and Marie wins. I don't see Cara and Marie having a chance to win though. lol.
  11. Hiacios

    S32.E17: Scandal

    Freaking hilarious episode! First Johnny freezing and losing his shit in the elimination, then Cara and Marie being dumb as hell, and last but not least the disfuctional pathetic showing of Shane and Nelson in another Challenge. LMAO!
  12. Hiacios

    S32.E16: The Leftovers

    You trying to justify what Bananas said just shows what a type of person you're. No, they shouldn't have went home as nobody got hurt. There is no bad blood between Cory and Tony so there is no risk of that happening again. The Challenge has gotten soft.
  13. Hiacios

    S32.E16: The Leftovers

    Bananas bring up Devin's late father was horrible! I really felt for Devin and think that he and Cory shouldn't have gone home, it's like MTV is trying to ruin the show by not letting stories play out.
  14. Hiacios

    S32.E15: Wheel of Fortune

    This episode was great because 1 Amanda and Zach went home, 2 Brad and Kyle lose another elimination, 3 Paulie is back in the game, and 4 Banana's and Tony are royally screwed! Kyle and Brad are the biggest #$@#^&^ I have ever seen on the Challenge!
  15. Hiacios

    S32.E13: The People vs. Johnny Bananas

    This was a great episode if you've been waiting to say fuck Bananas, Cara, Tony, Zack, and Amanda! The remaining vets are surrounded by wolves and I love it! :)