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  1. marketdoctor

    S17: E4 Auditions Part 4

    I liked the dental hygenist--I suspect there's more to her story as well. (Also she looked like Christine Taylor from Dodgeball, which was bugging me until I connected that. not her fault.)
  2. marketdoctor

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    Thanks for sharing that; just like with a lot of science fiction, the more incredible it is, the more based on reality it could be. (Sometimes distantly based on.) My only issue is that there are a LOT of plots about lying and betrayal, especially this season. I hope whatever the writers are going through, it gets better.
  3. marketdoctor

    S17.E02: Auditions (2)

    I was going to give it a "no, thanks", but I forgot to reset my DVR, so--let me answer this: Two possibilities: 1. He turns it up for the camera/audition. 2. People around him know something is wrong, so they stay away (just like if I were in the DC Universe, I wouldn't live in Gotham City.) Or maybe we're just lazy. I wasn't as excited about the last person as i was about Shay. He was good enough; I just didn't see that he was The Best EVAHHH. Someone should tell Katy Perry about nasal breathing strips (and possibly sleep apnea.) If nine hours isn't enough, it might be an early warning sign.
  4. marketdoctor

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    That's what's getting me. It's not the worst change, but it's another step backwards, along with the 90% backstory format. I don't want to get invested in singers I can't vote for, so I'm probably out until the voting rounds. I might try to see the best auditions later, but for now I'll live with Ryan Seacrest's descriptions: "Will it be Dave 'No Cheese' the country rock singer, or Sarah 'Solo Barbershop Quartet' the rock country singer? Tune in to find out."
  5. Congratulations to T-Pain. It's a drawback to the concept that you can't award The Bee and the Peacock, whether you know who's in the costume or not. I think because he wanted to. Why he stayed in rap/with auto-tune when it was no longer doing him favors is an interesting question. Fun fact: T-Pain is from Tallahassee, where Jim Morrison also once lived (though their time there did not overlap.)
  6. marketdoctor

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    I wondered if the super-cancer-scan was the Kylons recording the Orville crew for a simulation, and the way they deal with the invasion of Earth is an essential, final part of whether or not the Kylons want to be in the Union. That would explain why I also wondered if the Krill were the original creators. That would be why they were high-tech enough to compete with the Union, but were now very religious; if a sub-group survived the robot uprising. These could only both be true if the Kylons kicked off the Krill instead of killing them all, and were only simulating the attack to see if the humans/Union were also like the Krill.
  7. marketdoctor

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    I had the same thought about Ashley Judd--here are the thoughts: The Ashley Judd=the Lion is in part because she made a reference to the Bluegrass State, and Ashley Judd is originally from Kentucky, and has a degree from the University of Kentucky. She also sang on the "De-Lovely" soundtrack, and her mother and sister are famous in country music. She's been active in politics, which fits one of the clues, but I don't know about the "Empire" references (maybe that's not a reference to the show.) Was there a reference to the "Divergent" movies? Or Star Trek: The Next Generation? That would support it. So as John Oliver would say, "It makes a lot of sense, if you don't really think about it." When this show is good, it's because several celebrities fit. The Internet (and having smart other people, such as the people on this board) to bounce ideas off of can make it easier, which also makes us feel smarter than the judges.
  8. marketdoctor

    S44.E12: Halsey

    I liked Halsey as an actress. My expectations weren't that high (I'd only seen her "act" in some of her live performances, which were more dancing and singing rather than conventional acting), and she did better than I expected, especially in the parent's sketch. Putting her hands in casts gave her something to do with her hands. She was also great in the group singing bits, and that was a clever way to bring in more vocal performances within the show's format. It wasn't consistently extremely funny, but Halsey having fun with it was contagious.
  9. marketdoctor

    The Masked Singer

    I'm kind of sorry to see Ricki Lake go, even though (for me) she was the easiest one to guess. At least for next year, and possibly a few forward, this might be the new "get me on that show" show. Whomever cast this season did a great job. Also, I'm going to give "Dr. Ken" another shot. I want to see what Melissa Villasenor would do with it, and yes, Wayne Brady would be a great choice (as would Brad Sherwood.)
  10. marketdoctor

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    I almost forgot: the whole Bortus plot was a callback to A Million Ways to Die in the West: And I liked how, as an alien might, Yaphit missed that it wasn't just the shape (doesn't seem to have been that at all) that was an issue for Dr. Finn.
  11. marketdoctor

    The Masked Singer

    I liked Unicorn's singing more than most, so I wish her well. I really hope for season 2, they use this as the first criterion, followed by questions like "are you vaccinated?" and "are you Joel McHale, now that we have enough established ratings to justify your salary for an entire run?"
  12. marketdoctor

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    My advice would be to watch it up to "Light my Candle", and if you don't like it by that point, you won't hate missing the rest of it. Or fast-forward to the singers you like, since the plot was uneven. For me whenever they announced the date, I was trying to remember what I was doing that day. (Mostly trying to find a better job.) The curtain callback was really cool. Also, the lack of dancing didn't bother me--but what did was the sound mixing, after they promoted heavily how many cameras and cast they had. If you're going to promote the production values, have production values. I thought they handled the damaged foot pretty well--and that it heals quickly. And I liked Vanetina (but I hated the dog killing.)
  13. marketdoctor

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    Ok, now I want cheese. (Not a complaint; I like cheese--in this case, we'd need Parmesan cheese, though.) On-topic: I liked the horoscope-snarking, but I'm still not sure how the DNA analysis would work with alien DNA (or, that's why they got a negative result every time.) In keeping with Godwin's law, there was a civilization that got the ability to send a message into space at about the same time they were really big into astrology...and fascism, and rounding up people they didn't like. Maybe there's a broader point that if you can rationalize pseudo-science, you can rationalize lots of other evils with it. I think that would have been the eventual diplomatic solution, with maybe a "call us if the Krill show up, you'll need us" button. There were things I liked a lot: 1. Ed invites them to the Galaxy, not the Union. He's reserving some of the judgment. 2. There is more than one admiral. There's still a chain of command. 3. Ted Danson! 4. The tone--sometimes it's funny and light, and sometimes not--reflects life really well; some years are darker than others. It did not reflect the tone of the pilot episode, but it's finding its footing. Though I think it would have been better to have them be captured a week or so, so that either the Gilliax were a small portion of the planet, or find another way...at some point you'd want to jailbreak them or at least find out if they're alive. Also, the Union's policy on non-interference seems to be less strict than the Federation--and once they'd made the first contact, didn't that no longer apply? I could see that becoming a "we busted them out because we could, but you locked them up, let's call it even and walk away not-enemies" situation.
  14. marketdoctor

    Adam Ruins Everything

    Or the average-looking guy with a beautiful wife (usually with perfect hair and makeup, unless it's a comic kitchen or repair disaster), but once a year or so still has a beautiful woman interested in him. It would have been easy to work in when they were talking about other stuff, especially as part of the in-passing reference to the Latina mother. I realize they can't get to every stereotype in 21 minutes, but at the risk of mansplaining the obvious, stereotypes about women create a lot of problems for a very large group of people (I'd say "everyone" but I'm not sure how they impact monks and people who don't watch television at all.)
  15. marketdoctor

    The Masked Singer

    I really liked the vocals of the Poodle/Margaret Cho, and I'm disappointed she was voted off. I hope she gets a future gig where she can sing. The only problem with lying about a clue is that it quickly renders every other clue meaningless. I'm all for obscure, even misleading clues (like Terry Bradshaw's "I like horses", which also fit Peyton Manning, but obviously wasn't), but false clues makes it an unfair puzzle...unless either there's a fixed number (e.g. one misleading clue/contestant/episode), or that's part of the puzzle (like Penn & Teller Tell a Lie.) In some cases, like The Raven, it lets the audience feel smarter--but there's a point where it starts making the judges look stupid--or maybe just uninformed, because they were off doing whatever made them famous at the time. Or, as Eolivet notes, just stop giving clues. I'll add that since it's a taped show, they don't need the time for set changes.