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  1. What? No mention of Juan Pablo dancing in the Eric Prydz "Call on Me" aerobics video from a decade ago? I hope that he and Cheryl dances to this song sometime this season.
  2. GraceTX

    S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    Did Slavik even acknowledge JaJa after their dance? It looked like he completely ignored her. Also, I'm not one to cry at dance. Music yes. Dance no but that Travis Wall routine by Darius had me all blubbery. Beautifully danced and so powerful.
  3. GraceTX

    S07.E00: Christmas Special 2017

    Even as I watched it, I thought it sounded like she was going to give them someone else's baby.
  4. GraceTX

    S06.E01: Rookies vs. Vets

    I loved Char's dress, but it still wouldn't have been in my top 3. There's no way that Edmond and Merline's designs should've been in the top 3. Merline's dress was sloppy and it looked liked one of teh sleeves was supposed to be attached and wasn't. The other one looked like it had a couple of small stitches attaching it to the dress. Awful. Awful. Awful. No freaking way was that a winning design. I know this isn't Project Seamstress, but there are plenty of contestants who come on the show who have ideas and are able to execute them beautifully. I feel like Merline gets a pass for being quirky and that is so infuriating.
  5. GraceTX

    S16.E09: A Little Avant Garde

    Wow. That episode was all kinds of uncomfortable. They crammed a lot of drama into that 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  6. GraceTX

    S16.E08: Client On The Go

    I was playing on my computer during the show. Did I miss something about Claire cheating? I just read the article and they talk about Claire in the bathroom. I've already deleted the episode so I missed something important.
  7. GraceTX

    S16.E08: Client On The Go

    Margarita called Michael over. I can't remember what they talked about other than Margarita saying she didn't love her look.
  8. GraceTX

    S16.E08: Client On The Go

    Michael and Margarita just need to shut their pie holes. Claire designed pants. There's not a whole lot you can do to pants unless you want to over design them and attach a blanket to a chunky girl's hips. And as a fellow chunky girl, I don't want extra material on my hips and thighs. It really annoys me that they got so worked up over her original design which did bear a striking resemblance to Margarita's dress (which I hated, btw), but she didn't end up using it and her top was a lot cuter than the original design. I'm especially annoyed that they made me pick sides and I picked Claire's side. CLAIRE! SMH.
  9. Helen's crown made me think of the halo you see in paintings of the Madonna. I haven't been Catholic for nearly 40 years but it's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw her.
  10. Michelle's dress was worse than the other three in the bottom. Same boring color palette and another awful design. I didn't watch Dimitri's season but it annoyed me when she called his dress cooter-ure. Bitch needs to go away. Helen's dress was awful but she should've been eliminated for that crown thing she wore on the runway. Don't these people look in the mirror?
  11. GraceTX

    S19.E07: Week 5: The Switch-Up

    I feel bad for Jonathan because the routine started out good and I think it fell apart when he started doing the lifts. It was just too much. I was really wanting him to do well, too. While I love Allison on SYTYCD, I absolutely hate that they've brought her on DWTS.
  12. Oh yeah, can we have Misty every week. I live how she actually gave critiques for the dancers to work on. Not everyone can be in the hit tamale train, Mary. Misty gives constructive criticism.
  13. I knew Rudy would be crying at the end and I still hurt for him at the end. I think Nigel got it right that people were going to love him even if he's not the best technical dancer. He's such a puppy dog. Thought the right people went home. After such string performances by the others in the bottom 3, it seemed pretty clear who'd go home. Not a big fan of Teddy. Don't think he's a very good hip hop dancer and he looks like he's made of plastic. It's kinda creepy.
  14. GraceTX

    S03.E08: Episode 8

    This. The whole episode, I was thinking that I loved Peter a little more and more.
  15. GraceTX

    S18.E09: Week 9 : The Semi-Finals

    You know, I'm really angry at Sharna. I think she was throwing too much crap at Charlie. She was putting everything but the kitchen sink into the choreography instead of letting Charlie go out there and really show what he could do. She did it again with the New York song with a cane and a hankie. Good grief, woman!!! Don't think Charlie should've gone home. I would've sent James or Candace home, but it is what it is.