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  1. WaltersHair

    S02.E03: Muninn

    I'm out. The plot made no sense, new Media is no upgrade, and eating bits of week-dead Laura sealed the deal. No wonder everyone bailed on this.
  2. WaltersHair

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    The comments in that article are not exactly encouraging. There was an anti-American flavor to this episode and I hope it doesn't continue. I'm a straight up moderate, but damn.
  3. WaltersHair

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    That's Mister Mayhem to you, 😉 Much less enthralled this week. I read the book over two years ago and I don't remember any of this being a part of it. ETA: When Odin said berserker, it pinged my memory and I kept thinking WHERE have I heard that before. the movie Clerks. Friggin Clerks!
  4. WaltersHair

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    Missing Kristen and Gillian Anderson was the reason I originally came. BUT, I'm back and enjoyed the first episode. If the Leprechaun Sweeney (Dead Wife! will never get old) or Odin hadn't been back, it might have been a different story. And how is it the actress who plays Bilquis never ages?
  5. WaltersHair

    S09.E13: Lost

    Just hate watching at this point. The Frank/hospital stuff is so over the top I can't even deal. $850,00.00 dollars would have been from one visit he skated on and the rest? They're not called Ambulance chasing lawyers for nothing. blech.
  6. WaltersHair

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    So, I was right about some and wrong about some. It feels anticlimactic, but any good story usually does. Did they ever say what happened to Amelia? The ages of Julie and her daughter seem off by about 20 years. I am glad she's alive and doing well. The scene when Wayne finally, finally has his answer and then it escapes him is poignant, but I think fair. True Detective 4 please.
  7. WaltersHair

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I can do you one better. Suspect flees from a pursuing officer. Officer gets into a car accident and mangles one leg. Over the course of 2 months, he develops a blood clot in his leg. The blood clot goes to his lungs and the officer dies of a pulmonary embolism. Suspect is charged with murder.
  8. WaltersHair

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I'm wondering if the documentary girl is the last piece? Maybe Julie's daughter. It's been bugging me who she looks like. To me she looks like a blonde blue eyed Alyssa Milano. Why do they have to tell us there's a tragedy next week? Haven't we had enough of that with a side of gratuitous murder and child enlargement x100?
  9. WaltersHair

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I've stayed away from spoilers, so this is a gut feeling. The pedophile ring is complete bunk. Another slight of hand with a call back to season one to make it seem legitimate. I think Julie was just used to make Hoyt's daughter feel better and not slide into complete disassociation from reality. I think the one eyed man may have even helped her get away from her bio mom, the pretend mom, cousin, Hoyt and the pink rooms. The brother was collateral damage. The only way Hoyt knows about what happened in the woods is from Roland. I don't know how or why, but Roland had to have been the one who told him. I hope there are more surprises for next week. I don't feel that weird urgency that a big piece is missing. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. WaltersHair

    S02.E09: You to You

    Gotta say I was disappointing this week. All those checks and balances carefully put in place and shown to us for 2 seasons all gone. Mira just walks around like she's shopping at Bloomingdale's.\ If they renew this, I'll watch, but if they don't I won't feel cheated.
  11. WaltersHair

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    Still digesting. Again, but one question. Is Roland gay? The way Julie's dad looked at him and talking about how Roland knew secret things about him. Maybe they ran into each other in a club? It would explain the way Roland went out of his way to help him. And maybe Roland is Tom's alibi and Wayne outs him?
  12. WaltersHair

    I Am the Night

    I'm surprised so few seem to be watching this. I like the first episode, but Chris Pine doesn't quite pull off the 'total loser' character very well. Is he meant to be a the blond, blue-eyed guy who should have the world at his feet, but the poor girl at the center has to work double hard to succeed? I may watch the rest, but I feel like any criticism I'd make would be too super charged because of the subject matter.
  13. WaltersHair

    S03.E05: If You Have Ghosts

    I thought Woodard did it because Hays would understand what it is to be a targeted minority. And Hays would take no pleasure in killing him (the officers at the hospital joked that they wouldn't have given the man 2 seconds to change his mind and laughed). Woodard had a clear intent to kill Roland, and only stopped when Hays interrupted him. I do find it disingenuous that Woodard's family is trying to assuage their guilt at not having any contact with him for years by trying to clear him. One thing the series has done well is showing how much blame there is to throw around when tragedy strikes and how much collateral damage is done. I'm also wondering if the 'thing' Wayne did to Roland is a different occurrence than what they did 'together' in the woods. HBO sure hates chicken processing plants of late.
  14. WaltersHair

    S03.E05: If You Have Ghosts

    Still digesting, but Stephen Dorff has made me see him through new eyes. I think I could listen to those two actors read a phone book for an hour and I can't remember the last time I thought such a thing.
  15. WaltersHair

    S02.E08: In from the Cold

    I feel like the characters got painted into a corner by the writing and don't know how to get out. The flu, which is what I was sure was up their sleeves, is in fact the doomsday bomb. I thought Emily Silk must have suspected when the other Howard never cooked. The other Howard cooked all kinds of gourmet items.