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    SVNBob might be right about the strike out function. I have it as well.
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    S05. E12. Strategic Ambiguity

    If I had been in Daisy's shoes, I wouldn't have had the heart to do that. Animals get attached to people, he couldn't have gotten individual care at the vet and there would also be a lot going on, a lot of smells he's not used to etc. After he told the dog about his early morning or late-night calls with Ronnie, he said that it's morning and he's already tired, so I think he was merely taking a nap at work. My guess is, Daisy took the dog home for the night then dropped him off again. I think that if you're pushing like Matt pushed even though he knew that she wanted to be responsible, taking him three days a week is helping. The way I understood it is also that it's only temporary. At first, I wondered if some production assistant was accidentially in the view of the camera. Bess said in the pilot that the residence was swept for bugs every day and Stevie said that she can't get around the firewall in the first season episode when Henry's father was visiting. Russell was also comfortable enough to discuss the War-College-As-Intelligence-Cover-Gig in Bess' home. Hall/McCreary have said in a Washingtonian interview that they know something about the secured phones would be different but they've hanged because TV but from what they've mentioned and shown on the show, I'm assuming that Bess' house is secured in a way that allows her to conduct business from her home. My takeaway was that Taiwan was their only current arms deal and that, if no one else they'd want to sell the jets to is interested in any kind of military deal, it doesn't seem to make much sense to approach them and ask if they happen to want jets. I think he was simply being a good soldier. I imagine that, as SecDef, he had to sell the jets to his people and has to give the impression that he's confident in the product. I guess, that's why they referred to it as mutually assured destruction in previous episodes. That said, from what I understood, Bess wasn't talking about a nuclear war, she was simply talking about a military response. They already had a shutdown story in season 4. I guess, chances are that, as a procedural, they're not going to repeat it. I liked the episode for the realism of it and all that it dealt with even if it did leave me a bit... sad, maybe? But I thought the overall feel that the episode conveyed and left me with fit the title to a T. Too bad that Henry was flying the F-40 at the beginning. Otherwise, Bess could have given a much better answer to POTUS and Co having an issue with the plane. Although, I would imagine that her heart skipped a beat or two. And her reaction to the cost overrun was awesome! I thought the scene was a whole felt a bit like "old times". Bess, the Secretary of State who deals with foreign countries all the time and happened to be an analyst at the CIA, warns Conrad about what China will do and the guys are sort of dismissive about it because they just know better than the person who's the expert on it. Only Russell seems to be a lot more in Bess' corner than he used to ;-) And what was that, was SecDef inviting her to take a seat? Seriously? It distracted me so much I actually had to rewind and listen to what they said again. Why was Bess wearing that blueish-grey suit in the oval office? It totally blended with the sofa. Was that deliberate? If so, why? (But I did love that whole outfit). That was a lot of medication that poor dog had to take. I'd have worried if such a small organism can handle all of that. And I loved that Jay pointedly closed his blinds. If Bess wants to keep the circle tight on the Tawain deal (and I loved that she said that and in the next sentence, Jay said "all the departments..."), I would suggest to close the doors. Just saying. I really liked the deputy assistant secretary (who comes up with these titles?). Good casting. Although, I did not understand a word of what he said about strategic ambiguity. But, I guess, that's the point of strategic ambiguity? I was a bit distracted by the grey-haired dude who came rushing down the corridor as Blake and Gary were walking down it. I thought he wanted to talk to them. But, yeah, I really wonder why Gary has no friends considering how "up-beat" he was. Bess got the t-shirt signed. At least, I don't think it was signed before. I really thought Bess was going to let Chen know - personally or through back channels - that China had nothing to fear from the fighter jets. And PJ pants, a blouse and a blazer. Bess is setting new trends ;-) But I think that was a cute idea from whoever came up with it. I liked the scene with Blake and the FBI agents. I think that Blake was himself without being too fumbly. But I hope, they did not want us to think for a second that Blake had opted not to cooperate and was going to tip off Gary or something. And I thank the writer for not making Blake having to come up with an excuse because Gary wants to leave the bar early and they're not done with the search. I did not see the twist coming that it was the defense contractor that leaked the information. But nice twist. I thought that made it a lot more interesting than if it had simply been Gary and they'd have spent the episode trying to sell the jets to Tawain without offending China. I really did not need Henry in that scene in front of the situation room. Somehow, the administration managed to have those conversations without him before and usually, it was Bess who said what Henry's now saying. I just don't think it works. I thought it was a weird scene in general. From the body language and tone, it seemed that Henry disagreed with what Conrad was about to do. Bess' body language as the guys went into the room also suggested she wasn't on board even though she had said so a minute or so before. Was that to convey the situation seemed like a lose-lose situation? Did I hear correctly, though? They decided to name the AG Hank, suggesting that he's also named Henry? Couldn't they have been a little more creative, maybe? Would Bess' detail really not have spotted the photographer? I'm not sure I find that convincing. He didn't seem to be that far away and he could easily have been a guy with a gun. And where was Chen's detail? Or did he not have any because it was a deliberately small footprint? And who was the third guy at the table? I thought it was kind of cute that they ad Bess and Chen share a laugh at his expense and I also like that they're allowing us to see the Chen behind the politician. I laughed out loud when Blake said maybe China and America can talk about it some other time or something along those lines. But while I like call-backs, I don't know if I really needed the Daisy-and-Matt-squabble-at-a-meeting call back. (Even if it did get us Blake's comment). I really wanted to punch that congressman who was holding the press conference. (And who chose Bess' blouse in that scene?) Did Bess and Russell really need to bring the guy from Tapei to speak to the representitives? He kind of only repeated what Bess and Russell had already said. I expected a lot more from him than what he said. Again, I did not need that scene between Henry and the congressman afterwards. Even if it led to the revelation at the end, it felt like it did nothing to move the story forward, so maybe they could have handled it differently? I actually thought it would lead to someone leaking that the defense contractor committed espionage and when they had the scene between Blake and Gary afterwards, I thought Blake was in coded words, suggesting he leak that, since he really had nothing to lose anymore. I love how sure Conrad is that Bess is going to win and that he's already showing her so much support. I also like her reactions to whenever it comes up because she's always somewhat humble. I wonder if the choice he made also had something to do with the fact that he wants Bess to win. I can't imagine that it would look that good if he took on a defense contractor of that Magnitude. She's part of his administration after all. I don't know why but that scene with the members of congress getting into an argument and Bess' comment made me laugh out loud, too. She and Russell were so enjoying this moment. And the end, what can I say? Even though it was ambiguous, I thought it was brilliant. I wonder if it was also a deliberate choice because I felt that Conrad was also sort of teaching Bess a bit about what it would be like to be President. There were a few scenes that felt like teachable moments for Bess. Not because she's inexperienced or anything but kind of to tell her: this is what you decided to sign up for. (And each time they bring up Bess' presidency, I want a spin-off series covering it ;-))
  3. CheshireCat

    S05. E11. Family Separation pt. 2

    Whether or not the bill passes probably depends on whether or not they want to bring Daly's son back. I have mixed feelings about the episode. I liked it and yet, after the WH decided to go after the Governor, something seemed to be missing. It was probably due to the fact that Bess was in jail. It limited their abilities. They could hardly let her make calls every five minutes but I did miss more policy stuff after that phone call with Bess. It was basically all fluff from thereon out and while I'm the first to admit that I love that everything usually works out on Madam Secretary and wouldn't want to have it any other way, it was a bit too much for my taste. Made it feel kind of empty. Do they really let the Secretary of State go off with a bunch of armed police officers and without her security detail? What if one of them doesn't like her? What if one of them gets bribed? What if someone smuggles a gun into the building? Police aren't supposed to protect her specifically, they're supposed to protect the public and this whole endeavor sounds like it would have been a security nightmare. Mike B spent most of the episode looking confused or exasperated but it worked. And made me laugh out loud. And he is SO opportunistic but, since he's on Bess' side, in a good and humorous kind of way. I loved the courtroom scene and I loved him with the wedding photos. Does Bess really think that the photo won't find its way to the press though? The judge was fun, too. I really liked the exchange between her an Bess. Too bad we didn't get to see more of the prosecutor's reaction though. And I wish they would have addressed the matter of Bess being there to escort a foreign dignitary more. I still would have liked to know if she lied to the prison guard or not. I wonder if Conrad felt like watching two children fight when he watched Russell and Henry fight. Kind of reminded me of how ice hockey referees let players fight it out sometimes :-P I feel, Conrad should have whistled at some point ;-) But I do find these Oval Office fights amusing. They're staying in the Oval Office and there is the President and they're going at each other as if they were in someone's living room. Great scene in Russell's office as well. I loved the dialogue and that he not only argued with Russell but that he also lost it a bit with him like he sometimes does with Bess. He has come a long way from when he first went with Bess to the WH. And so has Russell because he is clearly respecting Jay now. I understand why Russell said the things he said but does he know how heartless he came across? And who says that showing a little heart isn't what's best, at least, under some circumstances. Considering all that Conrad listed that was happening, including the UN thing, it did not sound like not supporting Bess was what would have been best for the country. Russell should look on the bright side though: Bess' arrest and everything after was public, so it won't be dug up by opposition research. Plus, the way it went down, I don't think the opposition would have a lot of success using it against her, so he can relax ;-) I thought that the scene with Kat and her father was too over the top. Barker is simply a Governor and it's actually Conrad who's in the WH. Not only was he opposed to the separation policy, Kat's own team was trying to get a bill passed that would put an end to it. Plus, Conrad signed an immigration bill and has a border security agreement with Mexico. So, Kat's fears didn't seem to fit with the show's universe. That scene with Jay and the "alternative medicine" was brilliant. Athough, I guess, it shows why Marijuana should come with warning labels as well and needs to be treated like any other medication. Whoever came up with the PJs for farm animals and that he wanted to pitch it to Agriculture deserves a raise though. And that they brought it up again at the end made it even better! The phone call was great, too. I thought Arcelus played it perfectly, and they had a good pace. Slow enough but not too slow. I'm not sure what to think about that wedding scene. That they had it in jail, okay. But wasn't the whole point of doing the vow renewal to have a proper ceremony this time around? It kind of seems unfair that they didn't get it yet again. At the very least, they could have let the ceremony be less chaotic. That said, I have to admit it was fun. The letter and how it was read was hilarious and I liked how Bess improvised. I thought it was very fitting since she has been shown to do that every now and then. And, of course, a phone had to be ringing. Would the Governor have really caved so easily though? Well, it obviously was quite a fight but still, it seemed easy. Just do a bill and he sees the error of his ways when he didn't care about public perception before? Although, if he doesn't have any political aspirations, what does he care about his base anyway? I'm sure the MSec universe Arizona has term limits, too. And I have to admit, I would have loved if the episode had ended with him resigning rather than just ending the policy. I really wanted the legal fight and I really wanted to see him go down. Anyway, back to the wedding and that dress. I thought it was a really good choice! Well done Alison. And a nice nod to her previous missteps. Who could forget that inaugural ball nightmare?! I did not see Bess telling her staff she was running coming. I liked it though. I thought it was really well done. It pains me to admit that I didn't realize Blake wasn't in the episode until we saw him at the end. How could I not realize it when I love him so much? (I guess, Jay made up for a lot of it and Mike B for a little in this episode!) And Conrad was there. I know it was a private event but if it got out, wouldn't there be a lot of buzz?
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    Your topic for all things Surveillance!
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    NCIS: Los Angeles

    It depends on the broadcast schedule. They start filming in late June/July for fall premieres, so there are a few weeks in between. But the Chicago PD showrunner once said that by winter, filming is usually only a couple of weeks ahead of airing. This is going to be episode 17, if I'm reading it correctly, so it's four episodes away but there is going to be a break after next week's episode for the Super Bowl and there'll be another one for the Oscars. In other words, this episode should air a week or two after.
  6. CheshireCat

    S05. E10. Family Separation pt. 1

    It's possible there was a parallel in (one of) the stories and I didn't see it. Win did make a comment that legalizing marijuana would help fight the drug cartels (which would get the number of refugees down eventually). But did the story really parallel the A-story? I don't think that his persistence can be compared to Bess and Conrad's simply because I think that they are two totally different situations that can't be compared. But maybe that was their intention? I don't know. Just thinking out loud :-)
  7. CheshireCat

    S05. E10. Family Separation pt. 1

    Maybe it's not the same as Russia launching nukes but is Mexico is an important partner and ally when it comes to trade and the fight against corruption/the cartels. They had an episode last season (the one in which the journalist was killed) that was about some anti-corruption deal the US and Mexico entered that included rooting out corruption in the government so that Mexico had a chance in their fight against the cartels. Since most everything else seemed to be the same, I assumed this was, too. I don't know, there wasn't any dancing other than at the beginning. Come to think of it, I didn't really see any parallels between the A-story and any of the other stories. Yes. Dance shoes have special soles so that they don't leave any marks (and also slide better over the floor). And by previously used I meant that I hope she didn't wear them outside. It's common practice not to use shoes that you wear outside in dance studio, so that you don't drag any dirt inside especially if it's not an exclusive ballroom dance studio which this didn't seem to be. There was a ballet barre, so I'm assuming they're holding ballet classes in there, too, and ballet slippers are often made out of fabric. And if they teach kids, then they'd even sit on the floor. (That said, it's not going to be something I'm going to be hung up on, just something I notice :-)) And, I guess, Bess' heels were a bit high for a non-professional (dare I say beginner?) but I think you're right and they did it so that she's taller.
  8. CheshireCat

    S05. E10. Family Separation pt. 1

    Could you give a few examples? I'm just curious because it seemed to me that they addressed/explained all that could have been questionable in the episode. I don't think they implied that all judges are like that. But that judge clearly had made up his mind long before he read the arguments and to dismiss six arguments as irrelevant from the get-go does not sound like proper conduct And what would they gain from that other than chaos? Maybe they could do it but it would probably be the most stupid move they'd ever make. Especially since Russia could nuke right back as we saw in the S4 finale. That's what I thought when Morejon brought it up. AZ wants to patrol its borders? Fine, let's see how they'll do when the federal government not only withdraws ICE but also CBP. I'm not sure Morejon would have kept his seat as a Senator and the Governor is position as Governor if the borders would suddenly have been unpatrolled. But it might have been fun to watch for Conrad and Co. At least for a day or so, just to see Morejon and the AZ Governor beg to get CBP back. That could have been interesting. And assuming that it exists in the show's universe as well then there would be a German military testing base in AZ as well and as Sec of State Bess could have worked with the Geramans to find a different state to put that base in. I'm sure they could have found one. Did they say that? If so, I missed it. The Governor said that it's called enforcing the law and that Conrad should try it some time. But that doesn't mean that the federal government is actually not enforcing the laws. It's his interpretation of it and from the exchange that followed, I understood him to be referring to enforcing the laws that he made in Arizona. There's a reference to an immigration law Congress passed during the summer, so, since the AZ Governor calls it "immigration debacle" I'm assuming he simply doesn't like it ;-) But that didn't really come up. The officer just told her that she had to apply for asylum before entering and that was a lie. The episode felt weird. It felt slow going in some parts but not in others but I think it's due to the helplessness and powerlessness Conrad and Bess felt. Overall, I enjoyed it more than I expected. I thought it was an interesting angle to tell the story from that made it sufficiently different from the real world for me and see it as fiction rather than a news cast of sorts, even if it was ripped from the headlines. The heels that Bess was wearing in the dance studio made me cringe. I don't know if that was a real studio they used or if it was a set but as a dancer, non-appropriate footwear in a dance studio is a big no-go for me! The dance teacher looked like she could have worn proper dance shoes but Bess' heels definitely weren't. I hope they were at least not previously used. And if the dancer teacher had to be all over Henry, praising his dance skills, it would have been nice if Henry had actually been able to dance and not looked like he swallowed a ruler ;-) I let out a bitter laugh when Bess told Jay to enjoy the evening. He just learned that AZ was separating kids from their parents and that the border deal might fall apart. I'm not sure that that's the best basis for a nice evening. I actually thought that they'd show him making mistakes on the court due to that and stop playing. Was Win offering him marijuana for the ankle? Couldn't Jay get in all kinds of trouble if he was caught using medical marijuana without a permit? Okay, I guess, Win was shown to not care about that previously, but still. That's not the best way to sell your product, I think. That said, I loved the call-back to the lockdown. And that they managed to fill in new/occasional viewers on Matt and Daisy without making it seem forced. That was a nice scene and added some much-needed and appreciated comic relief. I thought it was interesting to see Win fumble a bit with Daisy. Usually, we see him as a confident character but he truly seemed a bit self-conscious. I'm glad they found an actor for AG that seems to be available when they need him. Come to think of it though, I'm surprised that Conrad and Co had not heard about what the Arizona law would entail. Usually, the media seems to get a hold of controversial details of a law (state or otherwise) before/when it's due to pass either chamber of Congress, so you'd think that they would at least have known what the law could potentially do and also, that they would have been prepared to fight it. To me, it sounded like they had no idea this was a possibility. Oh, the irony of the judge talking about an abuse of power when he was clearly making a decision because he was sulking. Maybe he should have taken a good hard look at himself because a character trait like that doesn't come up overnight, so it might not have been the administration's ideology that made them not appoint him to any higher courts. It might have been his ideology and huge potential for bias and, apparently, revenge rulings. Talk about abuse of power ;-) I'm surprised that Bess didn't challenge Morejon if he had actually visit a detention center when he said he heard the detention centers are like summer camps. If he's defending the actions of the Governor, he should at least have firsthand knowledge of what he's talking about. And isn't it a bit presumptiuous of him to be all like "my relatives came here legally" when they were from Cuba and (again, assuming that the law existed in this universe but since Jay mentioned the policy, I think it's likely that the law did as well) Cubans had it much, much easier than basically everyone else up until a couple of years ago? I truly wish Jay would have pointed out that it's easy to be a legal immigrant when all you have to do is set foot on US territory and that it's not that easy for basically everyone else. It seems like it should have been in there and like something Jay would have said because it would have been a good argument against Morejon's. I appreciated the brief kids discussion about the vow renewal and that they were something from not too enthusiastic to indifferent about it. Another nice moment of comic relief. Either AZ and Texas are using the architect to build their prisons or they filmed at the same location that they filmed at in S1 when the Governor of Texas kidnapped the Mexican cartel boss. My money is on the latter ;-) I wonder if they did that on purpose or if it's a coincidence since the S1 episode was the one in which Bess and Henry celebrated their 25th anniversary. If there's that law/statute whatever that gives Bess and the Mexican ambassador the right to enter, were they really trespassing? Or did she make this up? Wouldn't it have been risky to make that up though? And somehow, the lead up didn't sound like they were making it up. But Bess bringing in the President did sound like they might have. But didn't they have to consider that they might encounter someone who would read the paper? I did love when Bess said "let's not get our bosses involved" though. It was fun to think about the implicaton and see the officer's reaction. The Governor of AZ really wants to make me punch him into the face. He's a smug idiot and very easy to dislike. Is that really the kind of person Morejon wants to support? Being from AZ or not, he seems to be a lot better than that. And he's not stupid. I'm sure he could have found a way to spin opposition to his favor. It should have been fairly easy considering that cruelty against kids is involved. And to finish it off: poor Russell! Not really. I kind of like that Bess is putting him through the wringer. It's fun to watch especially since he still likes her ;-)
  9. CheshireCat

    S05. E12. Strategic Ambiguity

    But she only adopted him because Matt practically begged her to and under the condition that he would help. If memory serves, she didn't want the dog because she thought it would be too much with the baby and her job. I thought his place doesn't allow pets though. Or maybe it was Kat's?
  10. CheshireCat

    Cast in Other Roles

    Google says The Good Wife was filmed in NYC as well, so they may be using the same set pieces but there's overlap - TGW filmed until 2016 and MSec started filming in 2014, so, from what I know, that would make it impossible for them to have filmed on the same regular sets (Dep of State, McCord home and, since S2, WH/Oval Office). Maybe they're using the same set designers though. I also heard that there are some sets that aren't a show's set but sort of sets for everyone. I heard about it in connection with Castle and the episode that they filmed on an airplane. The airplane set was, apparently, a set that others used as well and they only had a week on that set. So, maybe there's some overlap with TGW for those sets.
  11. CheshireCat

    Madame Secretary In The Media

    Interview with McCreary and Hall on the 100th episode and some background stuff (what research they did, how the idea came about etc) https://variety.com/2018/tv/features/madam-secretary-100th-episode-barbara-hall-lori-mccreary-family-separation-interview-1203090983/
  12. CheshireCat

    Major Crimes

    I never made the connection. Probably because Rusty is a teenager and a guy and many teenagers and guys especially have this weird way of thinking that they shouldn't cry in front of others whereas Sharon was in a professional environment. It's completely understandable that she doesn't want her subordinates to see her get emotional/cry, for several reasons. One is that it could be considered inappropriate/unprofessional since it concerns a personal matter. I doubt that Provenza would have held it against her, still. She also clearly showed enough emotion for Provenza to understand that she was deeply hurt whereas Rusty hid his completely. Would Sharon cry in front of others in a more personal/private setting? We don't know, do we? (Genuine question, I don't recall that we ever saw a situation that would tell us but maybe I forgot. It's been a while since I watched due to final season circumstances ;-))
  13. CheshireCat

    S05. E09. Winter Garden

    That's a given when it comes to government/bureaucracy ;-) But I meant the nature of the report. Is it a general report or is it something specific that has a name and are there other reports for other stuff? In other words, I would have liked them to be a bit more specific.
  14. CheshireCat

    S05. E09. Winter Garden

    Assuming that Henry had to list witnesses, they might have asked Bess. I didn't consider it relevant to the story though, so I was okay with how it was handled :-) (That said, I would have liked to know what kind of a report it was exactly but simply because I like to know that kind of stuff)
  15. CheshireCat

    S05. E09. Winter Garden

    I wondered if he was sleep-walking. Yes. Uh, good point! Even if he hadn't taken too much, is it smart to prescribe a sleeping med to the SecDef? He might not have. Different country, different rules, maybe. That's how I understood it, too. She didn't want to have to deal with that on top of everything else, too, so Henry had to do it. I wonder if that would have worked. It's possible that the incident reporter has to do the rest as well. It doesn't sound like something that should be prescribed to the SefDef in general. Or any of the secretaries or high-ranking members of any government. His wife said that his car was right outside (I'm not sure he should have driven in his condition and I'm surprised he didn't hit anyone or anything) and Bess mentioned to Henry that she's surprised he managed to get by his security detail. Who knows what kind of a house he has. Bess managed to slip her detail at least once in S1. But if SecDef got out, someone could probably get in so his detail might want to look at how he got out. (I'm surprised they weren't in trouble or maybe they were and we didn't see that. I wish they would have addressed that). I thought this was another great episode and reminiscent of old episodes - a lot of the episode's story was inspired by actual news but applied to a different problem and country and tailored to the show's needs. Like they did so often in earlier seasons. I always appreciate Bess and Henry scenes, so I liked that they started the episode like this. Bess didn't really put up much of fight though... I guess, the briefing books she was reading weren't that interesting after all ;-) I did expect some reference to "if Bess gets elected" as they'll surely have even less time then. I loved how it seemed that something serious was going on at first when Gordon showed up and how it transitioned into something that wasn't. (At least not from a the-safety-of-the-country-is-at-stake point of view). Gording's pick-pocketing was hilarious. I'm still chuckling thinking about it. Great acting, too, all around. And I guess, Gordon really did show up in his PJs. I wondered at first if he was or if his jacket simply looked like a bathrobe but, apparently, it was one. I felt for Bess and Henry, having to report it. It must suck having to do it but I understand why Henry didn't back down. It's a national security issue. Gordon should have known that, too. Of course, he says it's a one-time thing and of course, he won't be taking more than the prescribed dosis again. But what if it happens with another med down the road? Like I said, this doesn't sound like a med that should have been prescribed to someone like him in the first place. In any case, I don't think he should have asked Henry not to report it. If it did happen again and it got out that Henry and Bess knew... I can only imagine what that would mean for them. Nothing fun. Returning those things to Henry must have been pretty awkward for Gordon. Uh - one question: how did his wife know where he was? I'm surprised we're seeing so little of Kat. Yes, Jay wasn't in every episode but he was still a regular. Kat seems more recurring. I guess, it has to do with the budget/contract/salary Sara Ramirez negotiated. But at least, they're not forgetting her. I appreciate that they keep mentioning her. As a tea drinker, I have to agree with Blake: sorting tea boxes by color makes no sense. You sort them by what kind they are. And I loved his enthusiasm but when he got the signature and stamp from the anti-Malaria guy, I got suspicious and wondered if that really was it. It seemed too easy. And, of course, it was. I loved how they used Matt in helping Blake find a solution and how he solved the issue. Did Blake clean up the kitchen though? (Too bad Bess didn't come into the kitchen then. I would have loved to see that reaction.) And did we find out where Blake is located desk-wise? I really like how they're balancing Blake's slight insecurity with his confidence. They're nailing it! Oh, and a very nice twist on the "elevator ambush". I thought the issue with Alison would turn out to be something else. Either something that had to do with Bess or something else with Alison. I wonder if the doctor will make trouble for Bess and Henry down the road but would a cough medicine that he more or less offered really have that much impact during a campaign? One thing that I don't appreciate is how dismissive they make Bess of problems in Europe when they interfer with her policy. They did the same with the refugee crisis in S2. Just because the issues that she's tackling are important doesn't mean that other countries aren't dealing with important issues, too. That said, she should have pointed out to the delegate of Spain that if they withdraw their support, they're basically signaling that they can be pressured into voting a certain way on certain issues. I doubt that Spain would have wanted to be seen as blackmail-able. I liked the use of Henry in this episode. If he has to be an ethics advisor, this is how I want him to be used. Dealing with real ethical conflicts and very low-key and also providing support to Bess. I wish he would have pointed out that even hate needs a trigger to become violent and that the fake news were that trigger. Other than that, I liked the exchange between Henry and Bess. I was actually suspicious of the foreign minister's statement that he'll take a look but that maybe the US will stop blaming Russia for every deal that goes sideways (paraphrasing). I wondered if it woud turn out that Russia wasn't behind it although I couldn't figure out who else would have been. It could hardly have been Kosovo or Serbia since that would have derailed the whole episode and Russia did make a lot of sense. Why is it so often the episode that I want Bess to succeed in that she doesn't (entirely) succeed in? My favorite scene of the episode was the one with Bess and Russell. Russell's rants never get old and I love how chilled Bess looked and how that has changed from the beginning. Poor Stevie. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere but in that room. I still appreciate that they included that scene. And that was a very beautiful way to end the episode!