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  1. Ciarrai

    S02.E03: Coming Out Plural

    Hey Dimitri, salmon aren't plants! Don't be one of those uppity vegetarians and make the rest of us look bad, especially when you then order fish.
  2. Ciarrai

    S23.E02: Week 2

    I've seen some ugly, ugly dresses on this show but Tracy's was legit awful. I thought she was wearing a towel for a second. And girl, take some oil blotting papers to your face!
  3. Never mind, already answered!
  4. Ciarrai

    S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    I think she's a really, really bad actress. Where was Stella?!??! Did they leave her there with the spiders?
  5. Ciarrai

    S01.E04: The Switch

    I hope they haven't "cured" West with a single talk with another man with a phobia. The way he reacts looks like PTSD, and PTSD is not cured that quickly or that easily.
  6. Ciarrai

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    Yep. I love Beni and I hope they are happy with whomever they are.
  7. Ciarrai

    Previous Seasons Talk

    I am so happy to find 2-9 on Netflix. I'm on the fourth episode of S2 and completely and utterly hooked. I've watched S3, S5, S8, S9 and S10 (plus the last two All Stars) and I'm incredibly excited to watch the rest. However, I haaaaate Alaska. I hated her in S5 and I hated her in All Stars.
  8. Ugh, Valentina. I can't stand her.
  9. Ciarrai

    Dragon's Den (Canada)

    I was dying laughing at all of their reactions to the essential oil tooth serum lady. Such a load of quackery.
  10. Ciarrai

    S12.E07: The Grant Allocation Derivation

    I really don't like Amy this season. She's been consistently off-putting and rude for the past few episodes and I really don't enjoy her as a character any more.
  11. Disappointing that she still has to use her dad to get anywhere. My extreme dislike for her really comes to the forefront sometimes. I guess today is one of those times!
  12. Ciarrai

    Salt Fat Acid Heat

    I think chefs like salt a lot more than "regular" people do. The amount of salt she was putting on the cucumbers and meat was giving me a coronary.
  13. Ciarrai

    Salt Fat Acid Heat

    I love this show already, and I've only seen the first episode.
  14. Ciarrai

    S12.E06: The Imitation Perturbation

    I love Bernie and have for years, so I was on her side for the entire episode. I also really related to her lines at the end about how hard it is for her when people don't take her seriously because of her height and voice. As someone under 5'0 and with a relatively higher voice (though nowhere near as high as Bernadette's), I too find it frustrating when people make fun of my height or don't take me seriously. You have to earn being able to make fun of me being short; few people in my life have other than my husband, brother, and similarly short cousin (because we make fun of each other's height).
  15. Hard pass. I never liked Daphne and I doubt I'd like her any more off The Chew.