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  1. It was a surprisingly lethargic show, given all the news of the week and the breaking news of the day.
  2. Can't say I was familiar with Irshad Manji before (IMDB says she was last on in 2011) but I found her interesting and insightful.
  3. CaliCheeseSucks

    Documentary Now!

    According to the AV Club, 'Searching For Mr. Larson' was held over from last season, thus explaining Hader's writing credit during this season.
  4. CaliCheeseSucks

    Good Girls

    I was wondering if I had missed something between Ruby's asking her daughter about the dump and the girls ending up at a dumpster. What was the point of setting up the daughter's recitation of information about the dump only to, well, dump it for no reason? The showrunning is absolutely awful. It's as if no one is paying attention to the mess coming out of the writers room and demanding some quality control.
  5. CaliCheeseSucks

    Good Girls

    My eyes rolled right out of my head during that scene. Yeah, no. His lawyer is not taking a gang-banger client to her private club as her guest. It would be interesting to see Manny Montana in a role where he his being irresistibly charismatic and attractive to the opposite sex was believable. As a drug dealing killer? I'm not buying it. It's not the actor, it's absolutely the character. He's a horrible person.
  6. CaliCheeseSucks

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    Hae's diary was included with appeal filings, so it is a public record.
  7. CaliCheeseSucks

    Good Girls

    Same - I actually had to google 'forums.previously.tv good girls christina hendricks.' Anyways... I keep watching for Retta and to a lesser extent, Christina Hendricks but I really don't see how many times they can go back to the "this close to doing something/forced to do something/making a bad situation worse" well. It felt repetitive in season one and having every episode end with a cliffhanger just doesn't do much for me. I'd rather they engaged my interest in tuning back in based on the storyline being well-presented, not a continual gimmick.
  8. CaliCheeseSucks

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Not to mention, Tim *and* Heidi were producers; they had some creative control over elements like the gimmicky challenges, the lack of challenge time, etc. etc. The decline of the show on Lifetime has as much to do with their neglect (or greed) as with Bunim/Murray & Lifetime. I thought the S17 was as good as could be expected: It felt fresh and unshackled from the horrible Lifetime years. We'll never get back to the magic of S1-5 but they made a darn good effort at returning to the elements that made people fall in love with the show during those seasons. Even the auf of Cavanaugh was more in line with the Golden Era Rule that saw boring designs go first. I don't have much hope for Frankie in the long-term but I have no issue with her getting a chance at redemption. However: I am not sure how many weeks I can take of "Millennial Velma" (™ Difficult People) AKA Hester Sunshine. She has "keep me, I'm SUCH a character" stamped all over her.
  9. CaliCheeseSucks

    I'm Sorry

    Another thing that really drove me crazy this season: The overbearing attempt to nickname things, which seems like her trying to make buzzwords from the show happen. It reminds me of the commentary from Seinfeld episode "The Yada Yada" where the writer Peter Mehlman was certain 'anti-dentite' was going to takeoff but instead 'yada yada' was what caught on; or "The Strike," which included the Festivus details based on one of the writer's fathers, never imagining it would take on a life of its own. But then again, I also think Seinfeld had a stronger supporting cast around its titular character and thus, those things *could* spring organically out of the mouths of others. I don't think Andrea Savage, the showrunner, really wants to 'share' what she thinks are the potentially buzzworthy bits with the characters in Andrea Savage, the character's, universe. She wants to perform them all herself and this season, it made the show almost unbearable.
  10. CaliCheeseSucks

    I'm Sorry

    The only person even remotely comparable vis-a-vis having a similar series would be Jerry Seinfeld - and really unnamed, by extension, Larry David, whose Curb Your Enthusiasm has more in common with I'm Sorry than Seinfeld does. God knows, I have no interest in the 'comedy' of Allen, Belushi, LCK, Cook, Tosh, etc. (Ansari generally plays it fairly clean with his Master Of None character as nerdy, neurotic and needy - not at all what's being suggested here.) Having established that: No, this is not a gender-based criticism. Larry is outrageous but his character is more consistent and the plots of Curb (well, until the most recent season, which was a super-sized mess) more cohesive than I'm Sorry. I never once have felt watching Curb, "Wow, Larry David just loves to write excuses for himself to get naked in a scene" - a thought I had several times during this season of I'm Sorry. The few times you'll see Larry pull his punches in a confrontation tend to be because he's literally intimidated ("Thor"), not just out of plot service. In short, I think it's obvious that Savage doesn't have the creative discipline of David to know when to pull back on being outrageous for the sake of outrageousness and ground her character's outspoken tendencies into more organic moments. Her character's interactions with others need to stop feeling like an excuse for Savage to perform stand-up, with those other characters just thinly-veiled excuses for Savage to act out in front of them, with very little believable response in return. This show went from being one of my favorites in season one to one of my biggest disappointments in season two. You cannot chalk that criticism up to sexism. It's a failure of showrunning.
  11. CaliCheeseSucks

    I'm Sorry

    Agree 100%. This season, I was far too often annoyed with how OTT Andrea was behaving compared with S1. It was especially incongruous when she needed to be forceful, with Shorts (over the behavior of his renters) and chickened out for really no good reason other than plot service. Some rando rings your doorbell, comes in and vomits all over the place... and you *don't* know how to bring that up to your neighbor who leased the house to those people? Please. Thank god, I have been asking people about this in other forums and I seemed to have been the only person who noticed/was distracted/totally annoyed by it. I'm at the point where I wish they'd minimize the child's appearances if they're not going to get the actress a speech therapist. Plus, the show already mined that situation last season, in the finale - Andrea accidentally sent one of the schools Amelia was accepted to the picture of the woman biting the guy's dick. Which never really made sense to me, given how much time they spent establishing that the image file was buried away in a old tax folder - why would she have been in that folder in the first place in order to have accidentally attached it to the school email? I don't know, I like a lot of things about this show but I found myself more distracted by shortcomings and inconsistencies this season.
  12. Ugh. An entire New Rule about how brave conservatives are for coming on Real Time - when that's not even comparable to the reason Democrats object to Fox News hosting a Presidential Debate. Did Bill even mention Jane Mayer's article?
  13. It reminded me of the episode of the "Palestinian Chicken" episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, with the woman who keeps saying 'LOL' instead of just laughing and her husband bribes Larry to call her out on it. "You like saying that, don't you?" "It's cute, right?" "No, not really."
  14. CaliCheeseSucks

    S04.E12: Kimmy Says Bye!

    I haven't been the biggest Mikey fan but the finale (and the Sliding Doors episode) certainly paid off his character. I'm gonna miss this show so much, even though it was probably better to go off now than when the well was run dry. Ellie, Tituss and Jane deserve Emmy noms but the show seemed to fall off the Emmy voters radar and sadly, that often means "out of sight, out of mind" going forward. For Tituss to have never won is a crime. He's an utter joy, even when the material was weak.
  15. I think that's an overly generous reading of the reaction. Nevertheless, for people who don't care what Bill Maher thinks, they certainly are paying attention to what Bill Maher thinks. Perhaps ignoring him would be a better response.