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  1. rejnel

    The Good Fight

    Oh my god. Day 457 (the Alan Alda episode) is incredibly unsettling. They leave 18-20 wrongful convictions in place that should absolutely be reopened after what they learned? There's an argument at the end between Jay and Adrian about Jay's friend, but there also all those many people wrongfully incarcerated or with inflated sentences because of bad cops planting guns. And they have evidence but decide to leave it alone and go with their reprehensible client and a big payday? They should have told HIM to confess to the bad arrests in exchange for not going to jail, not celebrated an 8-million payout for that POS. The Facebook targeting was also really inaccurate. I don't know much about social media, but I know Venn diagrams. To contact people with all the various interests they were looking at, the numbers would have gone up, not down! The defense wasn't targeting a theoretical juror with all the characteristics, but rather the entire jury with those varied characteristics-->group gets bigger, not smaller.
  2. rejnel

    The Good Fight

    Thanks, metaphor and palmaire! Glad I listened to you. First 3 episodes of Season 2 have been a lot of fun.
  3. rejnel

    The Good Fight

    I've only watched the first season and am wondering how the seasons are generally considered to rank. Do people tend to think it keeps improving over S2 and S3? Or is S1 considered the high point? Any thoughts? I liked the first season more than not. I find some of the main cast absolutely compelling, but not all of them. Likewise with some of the stories. On the other hand, if they keep tapping the New York stage for guest stars, it would be hard for me to walk away!
  4. rejnel

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    His entrance was so great I had to rewind. Loved the Chick Fil-A joke, too. But overall, the show is starting to lose me. I think the balance between clever and funny has shifted too far away from funny. It's become too much about just waiting for the next wacky reboot to get out of some impossible situation. I spend a lot of each episode ("Janet(s)" aside) going "uh-huh, yes, OK, that's clever" and very little time actually laughing.
  5. rejnel

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

  6. rejnel

    S06.E01: Honeymoon

    NOOOOO! Captain + Kevin + Cheddar 4EVER! But you've got a great idea there--suppose the Cap had to go undercover on the dating scene? I'm down with that!
  7. rejnel

    S01.E02: The Last Nice Guy in New York

    Having finished (and loved) the season, I can now say confidently that my favorite piece of dialogue was when Joe offered caged Benji a bagel.
  8. rejnel

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    I’ve only known him as Bill Lewis till now. He was great as a sleazy abuser. And I really like that Ron, as awful as he was, was dead right about Joe. Compelling season, to say the least! The last two episodes were especially great. Can anybody tell me what Blythe says in their final talking head? Sounds something like "the most moving prose I'd read since "82nd to Last?"* I'm sure it is nothing like that! But what actually is it? ETA: was there any strong reason to believe Candace was dead? Other than Joe's tendency to kill people? I also thought that was very ambiguous, but people online seem to be surprised she's not dead. Even her "I'm alive" is the kind of thing someone could say in other circumstances besides having been left for dead. For example, I have said it upon showing up two hours late for dinner after fighting holiday traffic. Certainly, if she disappeared and successfully ghosted the world for a while, it would be a good first line on returning. E AGAIN TA: *maybe this was “Zadie’s second to last?” That would be on brand for the hilariously pretentious Blythe!
  9. rejnel

    S02.E08: Someday...

    Good lord, I hope not! I enjoy the show, but the anachronisms come thick and fast.
  10. rejnel

    S01.E05: Living with the Enemy

    Beck is insipid. I had a flash of hope during the previous episode ("The Captain") that Beck was actually playing a long con on Joe--not sure for what purpose, but maybe a Body Heat kind of deal or something. This would go a long way to explaining the lack of curtains and some other apparently dumb or oblivious moves on her part. I would have loved to see a montage of the first several episodes with Beck very aware of Joe watching her, Joe masturbating outside her window, Joe stealing her phone. And then we realize how precisely she's playing him, down to the messages with her friends and so on. Not that I need a twist! in everything I watch, but she's just so insufferable--bland and pretentious at the same time--that I hoped there was another layer there. Oh, well. Also, I wish the writers had dug in even an inch on the publishing scene, how actual writers talk about their work and what they do every day (hint: write), how MFA seminars operate, and how human professors behave and talk on earth. And yet I am so very very obsessed with this show!
  11. Heidi Gardner can be very funny, but I'm way over her two go-to characters--Angel and now Allison Janney. Boxer movies aren't enough of a cultural presence to need to go there so frequently, and it's basically a one-joke character. (Granted, funny to bring Matt Damon into it, but now it's time to retire it.) And the Allison Janney impression is generic and pointless. If it had come up once as a throwaway in an awards sketch or something, fine, but they have been making way too much of it. Give that time to Melissa and her array of terrific impressions. Speaking of which, Aidy's Hannah Gadsby was uncanny!
  12. rejnel

    S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    You can like or not like the new Greg, but I think critiques that he's too theatre-y are silly. Santino Fontana is primarily a stage actor! Or at least, he was before CEG. The best performers on the show all come from theatre backgrounds, actually. Silly to use that as a criticism. Personally, I was hard to win over because I'm a big SF fan, but I thought the Rebecca/Greg song was charming. It got me ready to believe in their history. Obviously, were the original actor available, all that history would have been there immediately, but I feel like this will sort of work.
  13. rejnel

    S44.E07: Claire Foy / Anderson.Paak

    The roofie joke was about catching Santa (or Bigfoot). In that same song, did anyone catch the lyric right after "the only other option is a coup?" Cause it sounded like "Stray Africa," and I don't think that's right.
  14. rejnel

    S09.E10: The Final

    I was in Ruby's corner, but I'm OK with the result. Mainly, I just really want them to avoid ugly finale show-stoppers. I feel like this is the second season finale where the baking was a lot less appealing than an average episode (don't remember which other finale I'm thinking of, but I do remember it happening before). To me, these final show-stoppers looked like the funny messes on that "Nailed It!" site. I'd be good with them doing wedding cakes every time or something like that. If they want to keep a slight element of surprise and freshness, they can change the theme of the wedding every season. A couple other big finale-worthy projects would be a picnic (which they did once) or a shop window (which they did for patisserie this season). They could rotate a few big ideas like that, or like I said, even just stick with one, like wedding cakes. For my money, Ruby and Antony are both so charismatic and watchable, they should have their own show. Loved seeing the follow-ups. And I had to rewind to confirm that Rahul was actually relaxed and laughing at the dinner table with some other contestants!
  15. rejnel

    S09.E04: Dessert Week

    I swear it gets easier. By your second or third roll-up cake, it's way less tricky. Some of that has to do with confidence, I think. I've made a lot of rolls and buche de noels over the years, and as long as I charge ahead and don't look scared, all goes well! The GBBO culture makes me happy. "Terry is not here this weekend because he's poorly." Realistically, Terry's probably sick as a dog if he's missing a weekend of bakes, but it's so much nicer to say he's "poorly." I could convince myself to try that! Even a bunch of them for a bunch of people. But I'd find the one big sphere intimidating! A little crack and you're sunk! That's what I'm thinking too. If John or Dan falls out, there are several at the next tier right now, but nobody I'd want to bet on. If Rahul gets eliminated before the finals, I will be very sad. I was and remain obsessed with it.