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  1. Pachengala

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    Beautiful post, @Ketzel. I’ve noted before that I was a latecomer to the show, only tuning in after the producers decided to make the show fat-person minstrelsy, so I was surprised when I recently watched the premiere episode and saw that the original premise was basically what you described. Whitney says explicitly that her size hinders her and she needs to lose weight and get healthy, but that she’s not going to hate herself in the process. That’s a great message! For all of us! Unfortunately at some point she gave up. Or, perhaps more likely knowing our Whit, maybe she never she never meant it at all and she was simply reciting the lines as given. At any rate, here we are. What a waste.
  2. Pachengala

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    I love it when people post this kind of shady hilarity to the MBFFL Facebook page because she can’t delete it there and you KNOW she’s just gnashing her teeth about it.
  3. Pachengala

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    Oh no Dot! I am also grateful for the info! I’m always fascinated by how strong (relatively) her ratings stay given that she hasn’t had a compelling storyline in...well, ever.
  4. Pachengala

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    I can understand—I guess—why they put up with her now; I’m sure the money’s good for the effort they put out. But these people have been her friends—and targets—since high school, when there was no financial incentive to do so. She’s a bitter, mean bully and a terrible friend and I can’t understand why they’ve tolerated it all these years. Though hats off to them, I suppose, for getting their payday now.
  5. Pachengala

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    You know, if a friend of mine was all over social media saying I have poor judgment, let alone insulting my relationship, I would have a serious conversation with said friend about her poor boundaries and lack of respect for me. I might even distance myself from the friendship. What Whitney did there is NOT NORMAL and it is A PROBLEM. We’ve discussed ad nauseum what’s wrong with Whitney but what’s wrong with her friends that they consent to be treated so horribly by this screeching succubus? And don’t seem to see anything wrong with it? Why are you like this, barnacles??
  6. Pachengala

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    I mean, I hate myself for it, but this would bring me back to the show.
  7. Pachengala

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    ‘Die Unshriven’ is epic and a blessed Ash Wednesday to you while we’re at it WINK. You would see them if you were specifically looking very, very hard for them, I suppose, but I’ve never seen one. Here’s a pic to scale:
  8. Pachengala

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    OMG! Thank you for this! When I was just a wee little Gala, I worked for a helicopter tour company in Juneau, and we’d occasionally ride along on glacier tours. Invariably one of the tourists would remark that the water flowing down the glacier must be the purest water on the planet and invariably the heli pilots would be like, ‘Well actually...’ You've sent me down memory lane AND I also agree that I hope she got ice worms. (It’s not THAT terrible so it’s okay to wish on someone you dislike.)
  9. Pachengala

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    That...incident...it’s been burned into my brain since I saw it on her IG months ago. To my mind, it’s one of the most repulsive things I’ve ever seen her do, and that is a HIGH BAR. I don’t watch and I am so curious about this scene. If she had belayers on the ground, she wasn’t rappelling; she was being lowered. I am trying to imagine a system where one can rappel and be lowered at the same time and I’m stumped. I’ll agree; I’m glad she’s exercising and moving her body. The big difference, to me, between Whitney and people who have injuries or disabilities that constrain them is that Whitney is the architect of her own misery. She has elected to hobble and debilitate herself through her poor lifestyle choices. Obesity is not a disability AND it has an achievable ‘cure.’ She wouldn’t be such a story if she had made better choices for her health, and in the end, despite the money and relative fame, I wonder if she finds it worth it.
  10. Pachengala

    Small Talk: About Big People

    GIRL. Jesus! That’s positively medieval! Here in Oregon we don’t even have to see a doctor to get birth control and it really is thanks to y’all for fighting back. I am super, super prickly about my person and how the world feels entitled to it so I will frequently decline to be weighed. I’m a normal BMI and weigh myself weekly and my brilliant, fabulous PA knows I’ll let her know if there’s a change. I will occasionally get weighed, if I just don’t care that day, but by and large I don’t want anybody doing anything with my body that I don’t explicitly feel happy and healthy about, be it my doctor, TSA, or a family member. My friends mimic me waving their hands in front of their bodies and shouting ‘This is MY person!’ because I’m so particular about it. Sorry, the wine made that long. Basically you have the right to decline ANYTHING your doctor requests. It’s YOUR person!
  11. Nope, it’s not that hard at all! I love climbing so I’m always trying to get everyone I know out on the rocks too; my constant refrain is ‘If you can stand up from a squat, you can climb.’ (So Whit’s out.) It’s a little different in a gym because of the prescribed routes limiting your choices, but as I detest gym climbing and don’t think it really approximates outdoor climbing, I wouldn’t start a newbie in a gym anyway. On the Donna front, I recently had a nice little online back-and-forth with her and she seems to be fine. At least, as @ClareWalks says, we know she isn’t chained up in Whit’s basement.
  12. “Lesbian Bed Death”
  13. Agreed—that article made me smile in spite of myself. Still, I wish they’d wait. They are way too young to get married, especially when you consider that this is Mariah’s first relationship. What’s the rush??
  14. Pachengala

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    I climb too and even though I don't watch the show anymore, I've been excitedly anticipating this episode. I checked around a little because there is so, so much about climbing that would limit a climber of her size--not just her abilities, but the gear alone, which SAVES YOUR LIFE when you fall, can't support her--that I wanted to see if this was legit. Climbing ropes aren't really graded by "max weight" because there are more factors than weight that go into stress on a rope during a fall. If I take, say, a giant whipper on lead, it's going to stress my rope a lot more than if I fall while on top-rope. Now let's say I let Whitney top-rope on my rope (which I wouldn't because I love sexy green rope like I love breathing) and she took one small fall. My rope would stop her, most likely, but that'd be it for that rope. I'd have to throw it away and get a new one because the impact force (kN) her fall creates would make the rope basically an old rubber band. And that's to say nothing of the carabiners, the anchors, every piece of life-saving equipment. I recall her saying that her harness was custom-made for her, so I can't even guess at its ratings. I can say that all extra weight makes gear wear out exponentially faster, and you can't even call 400 pounds "extra weight." The bottom line is, if she wants to climb, she needs to be prepared to replace her gear often and her rope after EVERY FALL. So really, it's good thing she can't get more than six inches off the ground--she couldn't afford it if she could.
  15. Pachengala

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    Well again, this isn’t just my opinion—I am supported by the primary sources of American wedding etiquette; please feel free to google it. Naturally these do not need to inform your personal feelings about it, but nor do your personal feelings mean that it’s not the etiquette. I fear this is getting off topic so I think I’ll shut up about this topic now.