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  1. Agreed—that article made me smile in spite of myself. Still, I wish they’d wait. They are way too young to get married, especially when you consider that this is Mariah’s first relationship. What’s the rush??
  2. Pachengala

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    I climb too and even though I don't watch the show anymore, I've been excitedly anticipating this episode. I checked around a little because there is so, so much about climbing that would limit a climber of her size--not just her abilities, but the gear alone, which SAVES YOUR LIFE when you fall, can't support her--that I wanted to see if this was legit. Climbing ropes aren't really graded by "max weight" because there are more factors than weight that go into stress on a rope during a fall. If I take, say, a giant whipper on lead, it's going to stress my rope a lot more than if I fall while on top-rope. Now let's say I let Whitney top-rope on my rope (which I wouldn't because I love sexy green rope like I love breathing) and she took one small fall. My rope would stop her, most likely, but that'd be it for that rope. I'd have to throw it away and get a new one because the impact force (kN) her fall creates would make the rope basically an old rubber band. And that's to say nothing of the carabiners, the anchors, every piece of life-saving equipment. I recall her saying that her harness was custom-made for her, so I can't even guess at its ratings. I can say that all extra weight makes gear wear out exponentially faster, and you can't even call 400 pounds "extra weight." The bottom line is, if she wants to climb, she needs to be prepared to replace her gear often and her rope after EVERY FALL. So really, it's good thing she can't get more than six inches off the ground--she couldn't afford it if she could.
  3. Pachengala

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    Well again, this isn’t just my opinion—I am supported by the primary sources of American wedding etiquette; please feel free to google it. Naturally these do not need to inform your personal feelings about it, but nor do your personal feelings mean that it’s not the etiquette. I fear this is getting off topic so I think I’ll shut up about this topic now.
  4. Pachengala

    Pet Peeves

    That’s so exciting—congratulations! I can just imagine all the love and joy you’re going to have on your day. You can tell when you’re at a wedding that truly reflects the couple and is truly a celebration of their love and commitment. Have the best day!
  5. Pachengala

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    A cash bar is the height of wedding tackiness. You are hosting a party—if you can’t afford to feed and bev your guests, have fewer guests. I agree that etiquette is relaxing to an alarming degree but this is one standard that’s remained consistent.
  6. Pachengala

    S06.E06: Fat Hating is Real

    Wait, do we know this? Couldn’t he be out and it’s just not been highlighted on the show? I don’t know either way but I’d actually love it if he were out and the show didn’t make that the pull-quote l they picked for his chyron, all, “Hunter: Whitney’s brother, gay.”
  7. Pachengala

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    And we’re currently having a measles outbreak in Portland, around 30 kids or so. My husband and I have been married roughly as long as Jer/Aud and also have a young daughter. I still think of us as newlyweds, and when I think of our marriage so far, I think of how much freaking fun it is. I have no doubt we will have hard times and struggle and detest each other, and that we will find hard work in those times. But right now? Marriage is a hoot. So I read their posts and how everything is a struggle and a trial and has to be discussed and journaled and prayed over as nauseum and I think, man, where’s the fun? They don’t work, which affords them the time to obsess over themselves— is that the problem? They have to create problems because their life is so privileged? Why are they like this? Do they even LIKE this life? They’re just so young to be this bleak. Jeremy is simmering with anger and Audrey is headed for a nervous breakdown, and it’s like, WHY? You have youth, resources, health, and your family. Why are you so miserable? I don’t get it!
  8. Pachengala

    Pet Peeves

    Also chiming in to defend the destination wedding! We had one because I have a huge Irish Catholic family and saw my sister’s guest list *double* with extended family, and feelings were STILL hurt. I just didn’t want the hassle. We let *everyone* know that we were getting married in a small village in Greece and if people wanted to come, they could. Our best friends and close family all came, and it was intimate and beautiful—my dream wedding, really—and no one was offended at not being invited. (We specifically requested no gifts though to avoid the gift-grab thing.)
  9. Pachengala

    S06.E06: Fat Hating is Real

    Here in Portland that'd be a steal. We have a rental property that is 2bd, 1ba in an okay but not great area and we charge more than that. I always picture places in the south (save Miami et al) as being cheap as heck though so, if I thought any of this were real, I'd do some digging too. I think that basically all Whitney's interactions are staged and fake except those with Todd. She gets so huffy and bitchy with him that they strike me as real, and as the real her. Which reminds me: she may espouse that the only thing people hate more than fat people is fat people who don't hate themselves, but she assuredly doesn't live that. Between the crying, the abusive eating, the borderline-personality behavior, and the lamenting that she's alone and no one will love her, I think we've rarely seen someone on reality television who hates herself more.
  10. Pachengala

    Unpopular Opinions

    Oh good, I'm glad you enjoyed at least some of it! It does go a bit off the rails when Now I'm reading Americanah both for my book club and for our library's Everyone Reads selection for 2019. It's not at all what I was expecting and I'm glad I went in blind.
  11. Pachengala

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    I’m sorry you had to go through that; you’re right, our most important job as parents is to try to keep our children safe and healthy, body and mind. But Kody has never cared for his children except as reflections of himself. He is a terrible father (and husband, and person...). Good vibes for your surgery and recuperation!
  12. Pachengala

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    This is great advice (for anyone, not just Janelle!). She reminds me of my cousin, who is constantly buying more and more STUFF because she’s seeking something meaningful and valuable in her life and doesn’t know how to find it. Janelle needs professional help, badly.
  13. I somehow knew that'd be the case!
  14. Holy shit, I thought Bob Marley died of a foot infection. TIL. Anyway, I don't go in the sun because I'm vain and don't want wrinkles.