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  1. Couver

    S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    I don't think I've ever seen a thread in more agreement than this one. A fantastic series episodes 1-9 and then....this. I almost wish I hadn't binged it so that I could post in the other episode threads (which were all great) instead of just skipping to this one. The finale just erased everything that made the previous episodes great. It also did not support its own narrative. There is no way many of the ghosts in that house were as passive and 'nice' as the finale made it seem. Poppy basically revealed that the body behind the wall was the tall hat man. He walled himself up and then tried to claw his way out. That is gruesome and pretty sinister. Same with the story about Clara Dudley's still born baby. They presented it as the house having this evil intent. You can't switch that around at the last minute to it just wanting to keep families together. The finale couldn't pick a lane and stay in it. All the other ghosts were decayed and grey but Olivia, Nell, and Hugh were idealized, bathed in bright light and perfect. I would have been fine if the show made it explicit that there were good and bad ghosts in that house but it really didn't say so either way. Poppy seemed the baddest but then Olivia basically told her to step off and she was like "okay sorry byeee" after having just tried to kill all the adult children. I would have much preferred the alternate ending. Yes it is an obvious horror trope and I was actually expecting that fake out that they never got out. But it would have fit with the tone of the whole series better. That the house was evil and that it did never let anyone escape. End it with another unsuspecting family moving in at the end. My guess is as other have said that the Cranes are done storywise. I see this series being like AHS with a different take each season. I'm curious to see if they will use the same actors just in different roles. Oliver Jackson-Cohen really deserves to be on something long term. He is really very good and oh so pretty.
  2. Couver

    The Fantastic Beasts Series

    This list makes me so sad! So many good(better) options. Fassenber and Skarsgard especially are what I pictured Grindelwald to look like. Both also have that cold detachment that I think GG had. I do wonder if they always had Depp in mind for this role? I ask because they clearly imagined Grindelwald as more monsterous looking than he was in the books. I don't recall him ever being described as having two different coloured eyes? I just wonder if the films wanted the big bad to look like a big bad (ala Voldermort). If that's the case then it isn't all Depp's fault. Unless they always had him pegged for this and modified GG to fit the character type that Depp likes to play.
  3. Couver

    The Predator (2018)

    I haven't looked at it this way but it makes more sense when you do.
  4. Couver

    S10.E14: Grand Finale

    Finally got a chance to see this after being on vacation. The winner is not surprising at all and I wasn't even spoiled. The show just telegraphs the winners lately. Granted it isn't as obvious as All Stars but it takes the suspense out of the finale. Aquaria is a deserving winner. She picked up the pace as the competition went on a lot like Violet. I'm not a fan per se but there is no denying she is talented. The attitude I chalk up to her being 21 and good at what she does already. Plus despite that she has shown that she is open to learning and growing. Crushed for Asia! I love her....and I love butterflies. What was she thinking!? As others have said even if they had survived the heat and being enclosed they were doomed to die in that theatre once released. That dress was beautiful but it didn't even fit with the song choices for the finale. She actually could have gotten the pop she wanted with confetti shaped like butterflies since she was blowing them into the audience anyway. I was happy to see her address it immediately on IG and I love that she's working with the SPCA now. I would expect nothing less from her. This was a good season overall despite the predictable outcome. Not as strong as season 6 but close. My only issue with the show lately is Ru....and parts of the fandom. It's great to preach that the show is a beacon of hope and tolerance but that isn't reality. The fandom is anything but. And despite being about tolerance and acceptance queens and fans are subject to all sorts of abuse and segregation. Ru should actually address this IMO. I know he can't control what fans do but the racist/homophobic/transphobic fans should be called out and told they are NOT part of this community.
  5. Couver

    Love, Simon (2018)

    At first I thought he was just going to be harmless comedic relief but I have to agree with the rest of you that it came off inappropriate. A lot of the things he was saying to the students would not fly with any parents if they found out.
  6. Couver

    S10.E10: Social Media Kings Into Queens

    It's back on June 7. Not sure why there was a one week break. I finally caught this episode. Devastated for Monet! Mostly because she deserved the Snatch Game win. I hate seeing such a talented queen leave with no wins. Also she had the best talking heads. I don't think she or Kameron won the lip sync. They both re-used moves they have before. But Monet's character connected better with the song. That isn't Kameron's fault though. Kameron's tricks just seemed thrown in and off from the beat (as did Monet's slide of desperation). I don't see a lip syn assassin in Kameron. Aquaria has grown on me as a person. She does say some fairly blunt and arrogant things but I do think there is a thoughtful person underneath. She's young and competitive which is what I chalk her arrogance up to. I loved that she wasn't phased by Eureka's attempt to sabotage and that she had experience painting different skin tones. That said she is definitely being protected by the show the same way Pearl was. I have no issue with Eureka and I find some of her talking heads funny. Also the accent she put on for her trade character was identical to Ryan Kwanten's Jason character from TB. It made me feel all sorts of ways. But with The Vixen not around to provide a counter balance it does seem like Eureka is dominating the show. And I disagree with her that being a returnee is making the judges expect more from her. They've rarely said that as a critique. Their bigger issue last week was that she didn't perform as well as she did on her previous challenges THIS season. And know the ins and outs of the competition is a huge advantage. Asia is my favorite remaining queen. Her talking heads are funny and she gets people together in a very real and level headed way.
  7. Couver

    S01.E09: Opening Night / S01.E10: Deal or No Deal

    I enjoyed both episodes. The Vince/Michael relationship has been my favorite part so it was nice to see how it progressed to him calling him dad at the end. Matthew/Andy is indeed the MVP. He has the best one liners and jokes. I loved how annoyed he was at Greg all through dinner. I don't expect this to get a second season so this was a nice ending. If my some miracle it does return I agree with those saying either build up the gym employees or trim the fat. I love Brittany but I think we could do without Shabaz and the uncle.
  8. Couver

    The Predator (2018)

    See I've always found it odd that they come to Earth. They outclass people technologically by a lot (especially in the first movie) and physically as a species they are superior. It always seemed cowardly to me that they would want to hunt us with such an uneven playing field. When they have faced threats closer in ability to them (the xenomorphs) they haven't even fared that well. This looks decent though and very in keeping with the spirit of the films in the franchise. The only truly terrible one for me was Requiem which was just way too dark, as in I couldn't see anything that happened on the screen.
  9. Couver

    S01.E08: Nepotism

    Thank you! I would have totally missed it since I thought the season was done.
  10. Couver

    RPDR: In The Media

    Very insightful, thanks! She is polarizing but she really spoke to me this season given me feelings about the show and its somewhat problematic fanbase.
  11. Couver

    S01.E08: Nepotism

    This was an odd episode. I guess mostly because it was shown out of order? Matthew is normally dumb but lovable. He came off super unlikable in this especially in his interactions with Dana. The Vince/Michael dynamic was good in this but I actually wanted Michael to realize he WAS being unreasonable. It isn't a bad thing to teach your kids to be realistic IMO. Not everyone is a star and that's ok. It doesn't mean you have to have an unfulfilled or lackluster life. I can't help but think the actual season/series finale that was supposed to air would have ended the season/series on a better note. This felt flat.
  12. Couver

    S01.E07: Matt Bomer Poster

    This episode was funny and adorable. Probably the strongest episode of the season for me. I got a good laugh out of Matthew's 'You did not Graduate' 'diploma' and the running gag with the Matt Bomer poster and Vince thinking he looked like him. Also Vince not realizing Allison Williams, a woman, was Peter Pan. Although the jokes that Vince is unattractive are strange. Anders Holm is a good looking guy and early season Vince was supposed to be a playa right? The Vince/Michael relationship developments have been nice although the show could have built up to them better. I feel like the last two episodes really rushed that. The growth on both their parts is obvious though and nice to see. Dana as the outsider in the office is a bit played out. But I think it's because she's basically the only normal one there (albeit a bit odd). The other supporting characters are so off the wall crazy that they find her kind of a bore.
  13. Couver

    S01.E05: Vincemas

    Which I think the episode did well to get to at the end. They still went 'camping' but they added Bollywood films to it. So a new tradition that includes everyone. The heart to heart Michael and Vince had on the couch about finding a middle ground was also good. That is what I'm hoping we see more of with the show. Funny bonding moments.
  14. Couver

    S01.E05: Vincemas

    This is my impression as well. It makes sense that a 14 year old trying to find himself would have some or a lot of put on behaviors. I also think we're supposed to see Michael and Vince change based on their exposure to each other. I just think the show could have done this more quickly. Right now it is a slow build and I don't think that works for a sitcom like this. I do like that Michael is improving in how he treats other people though. That was probably my favorite part of this episode. He wasn't rude to anyone. Maybe Vince but Vince had it come with some of his cultural insensitivity. Agree with those saying Vince's character is the most all over the place. I thought what they set down in episode 1 made sense. But then they changed it a lot in subsequent episodes.
  15. Couver

    S01.E04: My Fair Uncle

    The show is certainly uneven though I do think each episode improves (especially from the pilot). I find it very earnest in its attempts. I love Mouzam Makkar's Britney. Most of my LOL moments have come from her. I like how Michael is rubbing off a little bit on Vince (he knew Leo goes to Latrine!) but also how Vince and Matthew are rubbing off on Michael by making him become more responsible etc. I hope the show gets a chance to iron things out.