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  1. Nowhere

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    Cassie has some nerve talking about Hannah G and lack of depth. I watched a portion of her other reality show and she’s just a dumb blonde who’s desperately in love with an overseas athlete who doesn’t want her. Basic af.
  2. Nowhere

    The Rap Game

    Sire’s mother was laughing when Nya was ripping Eli “a whole new butthole.” But then she wants to say it was too far and then threaten everyone who dares to come for Sire. This bitch is just bitter and nasty. And I’m not sure why JD wants these children to battle like this. It makes the show less enjoyable to see kids hurt each other. It’s not okay.
  3. Nowhere

    S23.E04: Week 4: Singapore

    Unpopular opinion, Taiysha is basic. I’m not that impressed. Another unpopular opinion, yes Demi is a little girl playing grown-up but I’m entertained by it and I like that she doesn’t give a fuck what the other girls think. I mean, why do these bitches think they deserve some kind of special ass treatment when all they do is talk shit? Demi is playing the game right for her instagram shilling career and future BIP invite. We have to remember that they have to have a villain and they edit the scenes to their liking. There have been several “villains” that completely redeemed themselves on BIP. It’s all about how they want it to look. Miss sexy voice was co-hosting the first episode of the season in a hot tub with her goose, another “villain” who didn’t manage to redeem himself as much as some of the others, probably because he truly is a bit of a douche and not at all as cute as he thinks he is, but I digress. I like Demi. I love watching these girls so easily get their panties in a bunch over her. I hope he chooses her in the end and fucks up her career aspirations lol. My actual favorite is Hannah G, though. Adorable.
  4. Nowhere

    S23.E03: Week 3

    The annoying sexy voice girl from Ari’s season who ended up with “Goose” on BIP kept saying ‘smitten kitten’. I hate it!! It was the first time I’d ever heard the term and I was hoping to never hear it again. But then Elyse had to try to be cute and ruin my night. I noticed Colton eliminated only one black woman on each of the first two weeks and he has enough WoC left to prove he’s not racist until hometowns. I bet he eliminates one per week. This is the cynic in me but I just can’t imagine this lily white rich kid choosing a woman of color. This is just how I see Colton. I think Nick really was falling for the lawyer who ended up being the first black bachelorette. But for some reason Colton’s interactions with the African American females seems forced. I like Colton but it is very rare to see a white man committing to a black woman—for some reason that I still can’t pinpoint. I think it’s bullshit. I just have a feeling that the black women are there so that the show can prove something. Really show? Then where’s our black Bachelor?? Why couldn’t Kenny have this season? He was a fan favorite and an amazing, genuine, awesome ass dad. And he wasn’t the only one they could have chosen. I hope nobody gets offended by this post but it just pisses me off to see them get these women’s hopes up just to make a point, just because we noticed all white casts for years. At least they could pick a man that sincerely loves black women but I don’t think Colton is that guy.
  5. Nowhere

    S23.E02: Week 2

    I kind of agree with you but I have a very beautiful actress daughter who is turning twenty today and she has only been kissed once and it was on stage...so it wasn’t real. Even with her good looks and talent, cute personality, the boys (or girls) didn’t go after her and she was so into theatre that she wasn’t interested in them. She jokes about it but she literally doesn’t care. Relationships just aren’t on her mind right now. Maybe this girl had something that took up a lot of her time or had strict parents. The only thing that makes me question if she’s telling the truth is that she didn’t even seem nervous when she talked about Colton kissing her. My daughter would probably be so nervous if she went on a date at this point, that I’m afraid she may not ever go. It’s like the longer you wait, the more you’d freak out about your first kiss. You wouldn’t be itching to kiss some guy who’s kissing everyone else in sight. It makes no sense that this girl is suddenly so nonchalant about it. Especially with all the cameras around. I guess we’ll see if she looks like an expert when Colton finally does kiss her. IF he does.
  6. Nowhere

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    I know an addict that I love dearly and I wish that he could get as far away from here as possible. He’s been sober for the most part but he still has his “friends”. They call and text and they are people he’s known since grade school so they are hard for him to let go of. I’m not saying he hangs out with them daily or even talks to them often but they’re here. All it would take is one weak moment and they’re up the street. If he was in another state and had a weak moment, it wouldn’t be as easy to just hit up an old friend for his drug of choice. Addicts should most definitely leave their hometowns. Also to whoever said that the addicts talk about their drug experiences with pride like old war stories, it’s so true! I hate it! I don’t even think they realize what they sound like. Every time I hear a story, I feel so angry. The fact that Buddy was giving Twit his drug tour just tells me he shouldn’t be in Greensboro. If he was stable, he wouldn’t want to drive by those places or talk about it, in my opinion.
  7. Nowhere

    Floribama Shore

    Oh Jesus...smh. No. Aimee, dear. That’s not all of us. Men don’t shit on girls EVERY SINGLE TIME they put themselves out there. Hate to break it to you but there are many women who have “put themselves out there” and got really positive feedback. Why? Because we’re women, not little girls. We don’t beg and plead for some dude who has told us multiple times it’s not going to happen. Matter of fact, we let it go the first time he tells us no. We don’t agree to FWB relationships if we can’t handle it - because we know ourselves. We don’t expect our platinum vagines to do all the work for us. We don’t “thot and plot”. We demand respect and men want to give us respect. If you disrespect yourself, don’t be surprised if you have nothing but douche bags to choose from. Just look at Mike from Jersey Shore, to reference your more entertaining counterpart. He got a lot of hot, dumb pussy in his day. But he chose a woman with class to spend his life with. i don’t remember being this dumb when I was 23. Actually I had two babies at that time and was happily married to a good man. No thotting or plotting necessary.
  8. Nowhere

    Floribama Shore

    Um...what’s wrong with Nilsa’s vagina that Gus has to heal from it? And why does Nilsa think she is so much prettier than the girl Gus brought home? Is it because the girl doesn’t plaster herself in drag queen makeup? Does Nilsa realize good conversation and a brain can go a long way for some men? Does Nilsa realize she can provide neither? Gus is trying to play bad boy but it’s an act. He’s sensitive and he probably loves actually talking to women about real shit, not just “chi-chi’s up.” I would be surprised if Gustopher isn't somewhat sapiosexual.
  9. Nowhere

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Asuelu, trust me, use the condoms like slut people, get your green card, divorce and get joint custody of the baby, have three more children with a better woman. DO NOT have four kids with this insane family!
  10. Nowhere

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Why do they keep saying Sahm-WA instead of how Asuelu says Samoa? He definitely pronounces it as it is spelled. It’s an O, not a W. I’ve watched it so many times and googled the pronounciation. Never heard anyone pronounce it like this highly annoying family does. It even breaks my heart to watch them abuse Asuelu, to the point of not really liking to see their segments. I dislike Kalani more than any other person on the history of this show including spin-offs.
  11. Nowhere

    Jersey Shore

    Why can’t anyone see how terrible Ronnie is? I don’t believe anything he says after seeing him lecture Jen and get very dramatic in the club for literally no reason. All I’m seeing on Twitter is people saying Ron is abused and Jen is crazy. Exactly what he wants everyone to think. Does everyone really think he’s innocent??
  12. Nowhere

    Are You The One?

    Does it occur to any of these idiots that the little spinner may be rigged and the producers may change matches as the show goes on just to make it successful? If the producers see two that are getting along pretty well and it’s coming to the end of the season, what’s stopping them from saying, yeah let’s just say they’re a match. I can’t believe that the date spinner thing just randomly picked Tevin and Ugly, or whatever her name is. Funny how the best looking kid in the house was matched with the ugliest girl with the worst attitude. And he’s all meditation and zen. Whatever.
  13. Nowhere

    S05.E08: Week 5: Part 1

    I agree that he probably wasn’t as into her as he tried to be, and may have been more infatuated with Becca. But he was TRYING to be into Tia for some reason, and turning down other dates. Maybe he just needed a beard since some speculate that he’s in the closet. Who knows. My point is that I don’t think he knew he was going to be the Bachelor while he was trying to be into Tia. I don’t think it was scripted more than the average. Seems to me, if he knew he was going to be the next lead, he’d want to pull a Nick and just be friends with all the women on BIP so that he could prove that he’s over Becca while simultaneously acting like he’s trying to find “his person” but making no connections. If they pressured him to commit to Tia, knowing he was the next lead, they are really fucking stupid. But if they did, why? It makes no sense.
  14. Nowhere

    S05.E08: Week 5: Part 1

    I have a different take on Colton and Tia. I think it was kind of real with Tia but he dumped her for the Bachelor gig, which is way way worse than the whole thing being scripted. I don’t think putting Colton in a script with Tia is a good move for the next bachelor. Remember, Nick was on BIP but he never could really connect with anyone and that’s why the pro-Nick people could buy it. However, Colton has now just gotten out of not one but two relationships. He claimed that he was in love with Becca and needed time when all the men ambushed him over Tia. Then he decides he’s “all in” with Tia on the stupid double date with Raven and Uggo. He goes so far as to turn down dates for Tia. Stays straight up Tia’s ass constantly and then suddenly “can’t give her what she deserves” or whatever bs he spewed when he dumped her. I don’t like Tia but I felt bad for her. I don’t dislike Colton, but I think what makes this so fucked is that he very obviously dumped Tia for the gig. And what woman in her right mind would want to try for Colton after he was in two relationships which he claimed to really care for the woman only a couple weeks ago? Everyone knows you have to give a man 3 to 5 business months after a breakup before you commit to him to make sure he’s over the ex. Every woman going on this season of the Bachelor is getting Tia’s sloppy seconds and that’s not fair to them. If Colton is not gay, there’s no way he’s ready for a relationship. I’d be concerned if I were going on this next season of The Bachelor. How much you wanna bet Tia shows up on set for the most dramatic episode in Bachelor history and we get to see Colton cry about it? This was such a poor choice. And I don’t even dislike Colton, per se. I just think he’s doing this for the money. Honestly, I think Tia knew that’s why he dumped her and that’s why she was so nice about it. They may have actually talked about his offer and decided he should go for it for the money and maybe get back together later. I don’t know but she took the breakup very well and that is not how she acted when he first got there and turned her down. Then he actually cried about the breakup that HE wanted. Like I said, he was into Tia. He dumped her for money and that’s shitty. Maybe not for future Colton and Tia, but for all the women who want a chance with a real unattached single man. Not cool. Kenny was the one they should have chosen.