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  1. John Potts

    S02.E15: A Math Emergency and Perky Palms

    That was my wish too. Sheldon is a genius, but even geniuses (genii?) can make mistakes. And I loved the Librarian going "95% - that's good!" "How long have you known me?" "Sorry - How terrible, only 95%!" I didn't think they were even trying to hide the "Because he's GAY!" innuendo, though I agree (having also lived through the 80s) that people (particularly, I imagine, in small town Texas) would assume it was impossible for somebody to be married and be gay. Did like Mary sitting with the shut in guy (Maurice!) because it's rare to see a devout Christian portrayed as engaging in an act of Christian charity - particularly as the guy she was visiting wasn't a kindly old man but basically a jerk.
  2. John Potts

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    It's somewhat depressing when the couple who seem the most believable (or at least with the best chance of enduring) is the one who just called off (or at least, re-scheduled) their wedding. Penny can't talk to Leonard about how she doesn't want him to donate his sperm but can only passive-aggressively try to sabotage his efforts; Howard and Bernie are more concerned with proving the other wrong even if it means making themselves sick and even Sheldon uncharacteristically wants to be a sperm donor (OOC because he was concerned about Missy procreating with his friends because it's a waste of "his" - well, approximately 50% his - genetic material, now he's prepared to waste HIS "superior" sperm on Zach's wife!?). But I guess I shouldn't expect continuity!
  3. John Potts

    S01.E03: The Confession

    The weakest ep so far. I really wish the Congressman had survived because he was screwing his secretary (or something similar) in a cupboard and that was what saved him. You'd understand why he wouldn't want it revealed, but I guess he was in on the conspiracy. I can't believe they could have faked the video that showed him being there as that would never stand up to the scrutiny it would inevitably attract (the CIA/FBI/NSA will be going over all the footage pixel by pixel). The only way it would make sense would be if he's some sort of patsy that The Conspiracy (TM) had instructed him to run to some "Safe Zone" they had prepared and plan on Jack Ruby'ing him before he can talk. So Agent Nikita was dating a Senator? Liked that she admitted she may have been deluding herself about him leaving his wife. I was tired of the First Son about 2.5 episodes ago and I haven't altered my opinion (I'm OK with the daughter, who doesn't get her own storyline). Now we have another one who's playing an equally obnoxious teen! The most realistic thing was the President missing his family dinner. Glad they did stay up for him, though. Without even looking at the US Constitution, I immediately went, "Pretty sure Congress has some sort of Quoracy requirement that's more than one member!" IIRC, she didn't have clearance to enter the Bunker because she was only assistant to the Secretary for Housing. I don't think there was any problem with her getting clearance, she just wasn't important enough to warrant it. Either that or they assumed the Secretary for Housing with no political background would be easy to manipulate. But there's NO TIME, DAMMIT! (/24) Not sure how weird it is, but it certainly makes me think of The Fugitive!
  4. John Potts

    S02.E14: David, Goliath and a Yoo-Hoo from the Back

    Wow, was Sheldon an ass in this episode. I didn't really get why the Georgie's rival agreed to essentially act as Sheldon's bodyguard, but boy did he exploit it mercilessly. At least he got his comeuppance by the end. I'm guessing he was actually only in there for an hour or so until he was taken out. No way would Mary have just shrugged and said he'd turn up. I guess she'll learn the art of better lying in due course! I thought it was the truth. We know that Georgie was born "unusually quickly" after his parents' wedding so we know she had a conversion in the following decade or so.
  5. John Potts

    S01.E02: The First Day

    Even in the worst disaster, I would think somebody in the Capitol would survive (badly injured perhaps), but some live bodies (as well as lots of dead ones) would be found. There would be those people who were finishing up paperwork in their offices and managed to survive by hiding under their desks, people who'd nipped outside for a smoke and miraculously avoided being caught in the rubble and even those people who just miraculously happened to be in the right place to survive. And of course, it gives the possibility that they survived for sinister reasons. I doubt our (now single) survivor pulled from the rubble could have sinister reasons why they survived since they'd have to have actually been there when the bomb went off (presumably the site has been under continuous observation from essentially the moment of the explosion) - but we'll see. I get there would be a need to DO SOMETHING, but one day seems unusually short before bombing somebody. After 9/11, it was about a month before they sent the army into Afghanistan - here people are complaining that after one day the new President hasn't bombed anyone. Even in today's news cycle, he'd be given a few days where everyone rallies to the flag and offers their support. Liked the portrayal of the old cop - both the initial stop and the meeting at the rubble seemed believable. Sure, he had no real reason for stopping Seth (beyond "looking foreign") but you'd expect a paranoid reaction like that. And he seemed reasonably sympathetic when they met again at Ground Zero. What exactly is it they're keeping from the First Daughter? I find it almost impossible to believe she won't have the broad picture already. She knows they've moved house and she (presumably) has friends she talks to, she's going to know roughly what happened. (It doesn't help that I find it impossible to judge how old she's supposed to be - not just because I don't have kids but because child actors are invariably older than their characters. But unless she's twelve-playing-three, she should know what's up. You'd think having a Secret Service Agent stationed on his shoulder would be a deterrent for any dealer with half a brain coming within 100 yards Hey, remember when us Brits were the go to bad guys (the 90s, mainly)? It's revenge for 1776, I tell you!
  6. John Potts

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I can't help thinking that there must be some magic protecting Winterfell that means it won't fall to the Night King (it's possible the burning on the set is done as a defensive measure). However, NK has a massive army and can just leave part of his force to lay siege as he moves on South. Maybe the shots of Arya (et al) are of them trying to cut through the lines to chase after the NK's army (maybe with some vital information/superweapon vital to their victory).
  7. John Potts

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I couldn't help being reminded of 24 with the son's plotline - it was very reminiscent of the Kim Bauer storyline from Season 1 (teen child sneaks out to take drugs/score). Loved the Secret Service agent spinning the tale of how he mobilised hundreds of agents to track him down - "Really?" "No - We pinged your cell phone!" And when Kirkman was presented with the nuclear football, I half expected him to say, "I know, I've seen it before." There were also Battlestar Galactica vibes where the person assuming the Presidency is an unknown (also about to be fired). I do wonder if America is always on the verge of a military takeover or do TV writers just think it is. It does seem (I'm completely unspoiled) that it's some internal coup by the General, given the nature of the attack (bomb(s) in the Capitol, presumably and lack of internet chatter). He clearly thinks he should be running things - for all the General's talk of "He's just the Secretary of Transportation, he's not been elected to anything!" I wanted to yell at the screen "And neither have you!" I also found it unbelievable Tom wouldn't know what the Designated Survivor was (I mean, I knew and I'm not even American) - I get the need to inform the audience, but they could have just had his wife ask him why he couldn't watch their daughter. Though on that subject, at least as President he'll now be working from home, so he can be there to tuck his daughter in at night! This was the one I found completely unbelievable. There is going to be an Agent glued to his shoulder until some sort of order was restored and the Agent is going to check the cubicle for bombs (after all, "they" had just planted bombs in Congress, why not also in the White House?). Paranoia is going to be the order of the day for the foreseeable future. I assume he's a fellow FBI/CIA/SS/WTF Agent and is probably in the Capitol. That doesn't preclude him being either a) alive (though presumably, badly injured) or b) involved in the attack, however. I believe he's had a lot of personal experience!
  8. John Potts

    Time Travel

    Working on time locking!
  9. John Potts

    S02.E13: A Nuclear Reactor and a Boy Called Lovey

    I loved the little touch that Sheldon took precautions in dealing with radioactive materials... by wearing rubber gloves (and while they might possibly stop Alpha particles, Gamma radiation would pass straight them - though I guess it would at least stop him getting it on his skin). Americium really is thought of as a potential power source, though - in fact the same plot (with a less comic outcome) featured on CSI:NY. Liked Connie having her flashback to Sheldon telling her about Gravitrons* and using that to impress the Academics with her knowledge. Nice to know she really does listen, even if she doesn't understand what he's saying. * Not the supervillain
  10. John Potts

    Lonely testing

    ...and Go Cat Go? (Newly Unhidden!)
  11. Well, to be technically correct*, citizen means "Man of the city", who is imbued with certain rights, dating back to the Roman Republic and the Greek city states. The fact that people have gotten a little sloppy with usage over the past two millennia or so is no reason not to be pedantic. In theory, the rights of British people (unlike, say, America or France, where they are enshrined in their constitutions) are contingent on the will of the sovereign (indeed, to pass a law, an Act of Parliament must receive Royal Assent) and could in theory be revoked at any time. While in practice this would lead to the monarch being forced to abdicate and/or the monarchy being abolished entirely doesn't mean that technically all the rights you might think you possess are contingent on the Queen (or King) allowing you them. * "The best form of correct!" Futurama
  12. John Potts

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Since GRRM has stated that several people will occupy the Iron Throne before the books are done (assuming that ever happens), it's a fair bet that Euron will seize the throne at some point in the Books. The show will doubtless have less* (well, they cut FAegon entirely) but I can see him usurping Cersei as King (probably briefly). * "Fewer!" Stannis Baratheon.
  13. Which is ridiculous. We're not citizens, we're subjects. The one that makes me grind my teeth and spit out my tea (have to observe the national stereotype) is "Very unique". Unique means "Only one"! There can't be very only one! The only acceptable qualifier (that is used) is almost unique.
  14. John Potts

    S02.E12: A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor

    I did like how the family rallied round Sheldon, despite how annoying he can be. As Missy put it in a previous episode, "I can't take any pleasure in your pain if you're really hurt!" (paraphrased) and it made sense to me that his dad would be feeling guilty at dismissing his complaints (even if Young Sheldon should take to heart the story of the Boy who Cried Wolf - unless he takes the same lesson from it that Garak did). But even if I can understand that Sheldon was scared and that his family was concerned about him, I was so glad the Nurse tore into him for whining all the time when other people have it much worse. At least he did show some concern for his Ward-mate - in a suitably Sheldon-y way.
  15. John Potts

    S12.E12: The Propagation Proposition

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with playing an older edition if you prefer that ruleset (though I'm unaware of any editions past 2nd, so can't comment on which I'd prefer).