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  1. Clark Kent

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Oy, indeed! At least now we know. Maybe this most recent episode will encourage everyone to step back and take a deep breath when evaluating new information about next season, and to refrain from posting definitive statements based on hearsay. We really need a surprise trailer to give us something more definitive to discuss, but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Clark Kent

    S03.E05: The Return: Part 5

    Also, the New York Times has a great roundup of the reviews for the reboot/revival/continuation/whatever. They're almost uniformly positive, but not without substantial critiques, as I would expect. The merging of the doppelganger's face with Bob's features in the mirror totally spooked me (and felt like 'old-style' Twin Peaks). I liked that it was subtler than just superimposing Frank Silva's face onto Kyle MacLachlan's, the way they used to do it. In addition to being even more creepy, it felt ... respectful, maybe, to Silva? (I can't explain it well.) At any rate, the scene where the doppelganger makes his phone call gave me my requisite Lynchian nightmare last night. I think the last time was Mulholland Drive... On rewatch I caught the 'backward blink' from Dougie's son. No idea what that means (if it means anything at all). Peggy Lipton is *still* a knockout. Madchen Amick looked gorgeous as well, and as another poster mentioned, much less harsh than she does on Riverdale (which I suspect is a conscious choice by hair and makeup, given the very different character she plays there).
  3. Clark Kent

    NFL Thread

    "Torn apart" is a kind term, considering the devastating New York Times article yesterday, stating that scientists from MIT, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Boston College, and Bowdoin all agree that the Patriots didn't deflate the footballs. (The MIT researcher has a very compelling youtube video regarding what he believes actually happened.) I feel like anyone who still believes the "science" put forth in the Wells report after looking at what those (actual) scientists have to say is in climate-change-denier territory. In my view, it makes the whole ordeal looks even more absurd; the NFL is intent on asking the 2nd Circuit to enforce the collective bargaining agreement, which would allow the NFL to punish Brady for acts that several scientists at leading universities are now on record as saying didn't happen. It makes me think it will be an easy 'affirm' of the trial court decision by the appellate court. But who knows.