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  1. dmmetler

    S03.E17: Duet

    My favorite is still the Brigadoom episode of Lexx, which is less a music theater episode and mire a full on operatic one (with the main motives taken from Eastern European children’s songs). Having said that, I really enjoyed this-mostly because they have such an awesome cast when it comes to singing ability.
  2. dmmetler

    S03.E14: J-I-- JIMMY V-A-L-- VALENTINE

    As someone who’s love language is giving and receiving gifts (for me, mostly homemade or very specifically selected, not so much value), who has a thrifty spouse who sees holidays as a waste of money and hates shopping-but feels he’s failing if he gets something off my wish list, I felt for Jimmy so much. And I love JJ and his difficulties in figuring out dating. Disability complicates so much in ways most people don’t realize. I love that this show is showing that-and that it isn’t an insurmountable obstacle.
  3. dmmetler

    S03.E07: F-O-- FOLLOW T-H-R-- THROUGH

    Online can be good for some disabilities, but I can’t see it working with JJ’s disabilities. And in many respects, living on campus with assistance would be a better transition to independent living with assistance for JJ, for the same reason why it’s a good transition for neurotypical teens. A small, self-contained, accessible campus with Kenneth providing support would let him spread his wings a bit, and many colleges have good disability support services and work with vocational rehabilitation and local independent living programs.
  4. dmmetler

    S01.E06: Giving Thanks

    Having Maddie come out just showed just how much of a pro Mackenzie is as well. Not a good look. I wish they’d sent her home and kept Akash-who isn’t a great dancer, but at least belongs there.
  5. dmmetler

    S03.E04: N-E--NEW JJ

    I’m just going to assume that there was someone there from the local CC student services office and from vocational rehabilitation. Both could be involved in transition planning, and rolling it into the IEP makes more sense for a show than having it be separate meetings.
  6. dmmetler

    S01.E03: Disney Night

    I think music made a difference. Some of the choreography was more Broadway than Ballroom, but it often was forced by the music. The Coco one was probably the most “Ballroom” to me-and a big part of it was that it was a piece that called for Flamenco. And I agree-Mackenzie is pretty obviously a pro, and adding that she’s at the top end of the age group just makes her out of place. Ariana also definitely has some dance training-but she still belongs there.
  7. dmmetler

    S01.E01: Premiere

    Ariana has danced on her Disney show at times, including a DWTS based episode. She’s just plain a good actress (I’m surprised that she’s 10,though-her character on the show is about 6!). I think Mackenzie actually has a disadvantage because everyone expects her to dance well-and she looks like an adult compared to the 9-10 yr olds. And I don’t know that Acro Jazz really helps in doing a foxtrot. I’d like to see Alana stick around a few weeks to see how much she improves, and I think she’s enjoying herself. I’m glad the little Palin got to go home-he obviously wasn’t. Y
  8. dmmetler

    Nailed It!

    I’ve tried to make a snake cake. I’m kind of surprised no one used a bundt pan or a springform pan with an insert. A coiled cobra or a snake that isn’t periscoping is pretty easy, and if you did that for the base, and worked on the head while the cake was baking, you could at least get a decent looking snake on the plate, even if not exactly like the original. Oh, and rolled fondant or fruit roll ups make a decent cobra hood :)
  9. dmmetler

    When did Glee begin to decline?

    I think it should have ended with the originals graduating.
  10. dmmetler

    S05.E18: Just Say Yes / S05.E19: Many Roads

    I was glad that they had Jesus heading to the local community college. Too often tV shows either send everyone to some ultra elite college or to whatever local school lets them keep the cast together. Given Jesus’s academic struggles even before the TBI, it makes sense that he would likely need the additional support that a community college offers (and that he might be looking more at vocational programs rather than a traditional degree path). AJ should have been there.
  11. dmmetler

    S05.E16: Giving Up The Ghost

    I wish someone had pointed out to Marianna that her non-traditional background is going to give her “hooks” in the application process (provided she writes a decent essay and has the test scores and grades) and Emma is going to have a much harder time standing out. Poppy may have needed to be jammer, but Emma needs the internship or some other major accomplishment more than Marianna does.
  12. dmmetler

    Bring It!

    I’m sure it was producer driven just like Starbound competitions on dance moms, but they did a nice job. i really, really hope they spliced in the Moms calling out at their girls, standing up, etc. Unless competition dance is different from other fine arts competitions, that kind of behavior isn’t appropriate.
  13. dmmetler

    S02.E13: D-I--DIMEO A-C--ACADEMY

    But a homeschool team does not compete in the same athletic division with public schools. Usually they compete against small private schools or other homeschool teams.
  14. dmmetler

    Bring It!

    Starbound is the competition that most of the Dance Moms episodes take place at, especially the last few seasons. Bringing Bring it On into competition dance seems set up for a crossover.
  15. dmmetler

    Bring It!

    Sigh. Anyone smell a producer driven crossover?