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  1. joanne3482

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    Oddly I thought I could see a Kardashian in something like that. Maybe not Kim, but one of the lesser Kardashians. Probably Khloe. There was also a challenge they had to use the clothes they were wearing. I remember one of the males being kind of upset because he LOVED the pants or jacket he was wearing. (I googled... it was Season 2 episode 2 and Nick was wearing a leather jacket he loved and Andrea had a denim jacket and pants he loved that he had to give up). And there was another challenge they accosted people in the park for clothing (All Star Season 1).
  2. joanne3482

    S02.E14: calaMity

    That confused me too. They had the team in the tunnel, all who had guns. They kept all these Morlocks back because they had fighting powers yet none of them were using them? I was screaming at the TV he should grab her and pull her through, but I like Blink so I'm a little unhappy she's dead probably. Exactly! That confused me too. It isn't like Lorna has been going around NOT being shifty and guilty.
  3. joanne3482

    S02.E13: teMpted

    Why couldn't Lauren just sleep during the day? It isn't like brother whose name I suddenly can't remember is on pins and needles just waiting for her to fall asleep.
  4. joanne3482

    Single Parents

    Another great episode to me. They resolved the Will and ex-wife situation in a way that felt very true and honest. He knows who she is and he doesn't want the same things she does. I liked that he knew she was an odd combination of selfish/selfless. Loved Angie trying to help him send in those divorce papers. I can't decide if they are setting up Will and Angie or not. There were lingering glances and the ex-wife did accuse Angie of acting like a wife (which was sooo bitchy). I think if the ex-wife hadn't said that, Angie wouldn't be thinking things... Clearly Doug wants Poppy. I'm okay with that. I'd even be okay with him not necessarily "getting her." I think it would be good for him not to be able to get whatever he wants when he gets it. I do like them together and I like that she challenges him to be a better man.
  5. joanne3482


    I think I talked about this in the Goldberg's thread, but the William Penn Academy is based on the William Penn Charter School, a private school. It's called a Charter School because it refers to the Charter that established the school in the 1700s, but it is independent of school districts and governmental funding. The computer thing bugged me because I graduated high school and was in college in the 90s and those pretty colored iMacs were definitely not at the beginning of the 90s. Per wikipedia they came out in 1998. I know they are always soft with the timelines... I don't know, the fancy iMacs were just so late 90s and I kind of feel like this show is linear so we would be in the beginning of the 90s.
  6. joanne3482

    Single Parents

    If the twins were real live people in the world I'd probably not like them. On a TV show, I'm fine with them. Yes! I don't need half a season of Will pining over 'what could have been' with her. Speaking of... what happened to the pediatrician? (Oh also I don't need 2 or more episodes about him kissing his ex wife and now his relationship with the pediatrician is ruined or something)
  7. joanne3482

    S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    It looks like this one really did happen. How had I already forgotten Irena won?
  8. joanne3482

    Single Parents

    I thought it was a good episode with the ex-wife. I like how everyone was blinded by her 'goodness' and yet, to me, the whole thing was that she really isn't that good a person. Abandoning your family so you can do your 'good works' isn't being a good person. (And I would think this way if he had abandoned them to do his good works too). She humblebrags about her good deeds so everyone can comment on how awesome she is. I feel like Will was really valid in his issues with her.
  9. joanne3482

    Flea Market Flip

    They have Season 3 on one of the streaming channels (maybe HULU?). I FINALLY saw the antler jewelry box that was once the title of a thread. Wow. That's the only word for it... wow.
  10. joanne3482


    I never thought the William Penn Academy was a public school and I looked it up. It isn't a true public school so I can believe the best basketball player at a privateish school would be white. This also explains how Lainey can just be hired without real teaching experience, credentials, schooling, etc.
  11. joanne3482

    S10.E11: A Moving Day

    If I remember, Dylan had roommates. Agree with most of y'all. Pam is the worst. When Cal said that Mitch or Cam read to him every night and she commented that was going to stop now... Just so sad.
  12. joanne3482

    S01.E09 The Love List

    YES! I forgot about that part but that is so true to me too. A few years ago my mom was visiting and she got an infection and was angry with me for not having random unused antibiotics around. That's such a 70s parent mindset. That's what makes me love this show so much. So far, every episode, has been very true to form for me. My parents never said "I love you" to us. They would have been equally weirded out by the lovey dovey family.
  13. joanne3482

    S01.E09 The Love List

    The parents' views on doctors could have been written by my parents. We got our shots and that was about it. So Timmy going to the hospital cracked me up so much. I also really liked how the dad was so adamant about the boys being friends. He regrets the coldness between him and his brothers and yet at the same time can't bridge it. Feels very true to me as well since my mother hadn't spoken to her TWIN brother in many years over some issue between them.
  14. joanne3482

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    It is interesting because the US and I assume Canada is similar. Christina could have gone with her parents' country of origin or like the Canadian guy and did something that represented the country itself. (Koala bears? Giant spiders? I kid). The Brazilian lady did something Brazilian but Hayashi is a Japanese last name a parent (or husband perhaps) is presumably Japanese. I liked that each designer almost interpreted the challenge based on what it meant to them - country of origin, family line I relate most to, location in the US I live presently... I DIDN'T like Anthony Ryan's attempt at interpreting "Native American" and further Alyssa's suggestion he use leather. Really? I did like Irena's coat. I don't like her personality, but I do believe she has amazing skill.
  15. joanne3482

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    It seems like that's changed from year to year. I do remember in past years when the chefs did EVERYTHING (including picking out the linens and the chairs and whatnot), they also set everything up. Since they keep bringing in these design consultants, it seems like the consultants who are doing all the picking and designing should be the ones to do the set up too since it is their design vision and not the chefs'. I wonder if they just didn't have enough labor to do all the set up at once, although I feel like I've heard that in the past they make it seem like RW is going on the same night it is actually filmed across multiple nights.