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  1. MsChicklet

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    This is where I hope Kevin gets to. I wish he had seen that possibility.
  2. MsChicklet

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    (((((againstthewind))))) I wish, instead of checking out, Randall and Kate had tried to really talk Kevin out of his Save Uncle Nicky crusade. Maybe if he'd just hung out at the hotel with him for the morning, let Nicky get to know him a bit. Did no one think of the pain Nicky felt of being cut off by his childhood hero? Did no one realize they also had some ish to process? I hope they can work Nicky back in in future episodes, just for seeing Griffin Dunne knock it out of the park again.
  3. MsChicklet

    This Is Us In The Media

    Last night was the original date for the SOTU address, so TIU was scheduled for a pre-emption. Same thing happened last year ahead of the Super Bowl episode. With the uncertainty of when/if the government would reopen on time, I wonder if advertising commitments meant NBC couldn't move TIU into last night's usual time slot.
  4. MsChicklet

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Good point. It's an extension of the self-protection element of Jack's cutting himself off from Nicky. This was the family that Jack was willing to go groveling to his rotten, abusive father for in order to provide them a home. This was the family for whom he gave up his dreams of starting his own business. This was the family who gave him unconditional love, and a place he belonged. The last time (we know of) that he saw Nicky, Nicky was strung out and had just killed an innocent kid. It makes Kevin's drunken joyride with Tess look like wacky hijinks. Jack wouldn't want someone that messed up, that reckless, near the family he put his life into making. Jack felt, right or wrong, it was an either-or choice between Nicky and the life/family he had now.
  5. MsChicklet

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Maybe that's part of why Jack closed the door. Also, so he could better compartmentalize, as Miguel said. There may be more to the rift than what we've seen so far. There may have been repercussions for Jack from the Army. There may have been a revenge attack on his platoon. Jack may have gotten more abuse from his father -- he was very close to the breaking point the night he got his mom to leave. Maybe in psychiatric care Nicky blamed Jack for trying to help. And there may have been nothing else. This may have simply been the thing that broke Jack, He had tried and tried and, largely because of circumstances beyond his control, failed. And he got to see bits of what was once a child floating in the water because of it. Nicky's not the only one who was still hearing the mother's wails. ETA: It doesn't mean Nicky was in the wrong to try and reach out to Jack. Both of them had their own damage, trauma, hurt and grief. And that they were never able to bridge that gulf is another tragedy that Vietnam wrought.
  6. MsChicklet

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Jack had always been the caretaker of Nicky and the protector of his mom. His path as a Superman bearing his burdens stoically had been been set young by his family. Now, thanks to his joining the Army to go protect and save Nicky, he had a platoon of soldiers he was responsible for, and the obligation of protecting the village. He took those responsibilities seriously, as was shown in his guilt over the soldier who died playing football. Nicky's own problems, his drug abuse, his behavior, his dislike and distrust of the locals, were more burdens Jack felt he had to bear and fix. What Nicky did added more pain and guilt for Jack to bear, more responsibility as this could put his men in danger of retaliation, and the bitter reality that he had failed at his ultimate goal of getting Nicky home whole. Jack has to finish his tour -- and god only knows what happens during that time -- goes home with the wounds of his grief and guilt still raw and his father pours salt on them. So Jack did what so many veterans, so many stoics, do. They try to cut off the source of the pain for what they see as their own survival. Jack tried to do it through estrangement, alcohol and trying to be the perfect husband and dad. But the pain was still there, and that along with the responsibilities of providing for a wife and family meant that Jack couldn't and wouldn't take on having Nicky, with all his problems, in his life again.
  7. MsChicklet

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Agreed. It may come after the baby is born. Perhaps Toby cashes out of his tech company for an opportunity back east. He feels more at home with his in-laws than his own family, anyway. And we'd get more Beth/Toby/Miguel snarking over adult beverages. I'm still annoyed that we're not getting weekly text chain posts from TIU in addition to the aftershow.
  8. MsChicklet

    This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    Nicky's diabetic. And if he's been drinking heavily and smoking all those years, there may be other health complications. Maybe Kevin gets to do for Nicky what Randall did for William -- make peace as much as he can with what was and make the end less painful.
  9. MsChicklet

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    This episode brought home the tragedy of Vietnam in the form of Jack and Nicky. Jack had his own trauma -- the burdens of leadership, the loss and wounding of friends, the day-to-day misery of death and destruction. On top of that, he'd taken on the monumental task to save the sweet kid brother he remembered. The tragedy is that Jack was too late. The sweet kid Jack fought to protect and save never had a chance once sent into the meat grinder of Vietnam. And the one moment that sweetness came back -- his playful, well-intentioned, irresponsible, goddamned stupid fishing trip -- destroyed everything. It broke not only Nicky, but Jack. He had seen and heard his brother express malice towards the locals. He'd seen Nicky strung out. And now he was faced with his brother committing an atrocity. He couldn't be Superman to Nicky's Clark Kent anymore. He had to pick up his pieces and take care of his men through more fighting, more death, more destruction, more trauma. Then he went home to his mother's heartbreak, and his father's cruel, bitter taunts about how he'd failed to save Nicky. His innate goodness couldn't save him from his struggles, guilt and trauma. At his lowest, when he's considering throwing everything away for a robbery, along comes Rebecca. He felt like he'd been given a lifeline out of the pain and shame that was his life, and he grabbed it. He thought he could leave everything behind, but spent the rest of his life trying and failing to do so. It was why he was so dogged and determined to be the best dad and husband, to do his best to be better than his own father. It was why he was such a devoted friend to Miguel, because he could give the comfort and support to Miguel he could no longer give to Nicky. Now this truth about Jack is out. And Rebecca has to face the glaring imperfections in their relationship in spite of their devoted, passionate love for each other. She lied and kept William secret. He lied and kept Nicky secret. They could not share their deepest pain -- Rebecca's fear of losing Randall, Jack's anguish over Nicky and Vietnam -- with each other. Even with the darkness, there is still levity. Randall's pep talk to Beth. Randall and Kevin reverting to kids together on the couch, with Kevin bouncy excited over a road trip and Randall doing his "mind blown" thing and Rebecca's over on the side realizing once again they'll never fully grow up. Tess may want to look into an after-school gig at Psychic Friends Network, just saying:
  10. Jack rescued as many of the family photo albums as he could fit in the pillowcase along with Rebecca's necklace and Kate's videotape. There also may have been photo albums or framed photos at the cabin. As far as the box with the postcard from Nicky, it may have been stashed in the detached garage, which likely spared it from burning along with Jack's tools. Or Jack may have kept the correspondence from Nicky at the office, which meant Miguel likely gave it to Rebecca after Jack died.
  11. MsChicklet

    This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    So ... Randall won. Which means while he and Beth are good now, the challenges of him putting family first while working for constituents an hour and a half away from home could create new issues. He'll be missing a lot of family dinners if he keeps that promise of helping with snow removal. I can see Randall proposing a move to Philadelphia. Maybe that's how Beth gets into her dance career.
  12. MsChicklet

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Also, tell Kate "This box is the stuff I want to keep for the baby." And then put the box away somewhere far away from the stuff being sold, like your bedroom closet.
  13. MsChicklet

    S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    Kate has always seemed at the very least cordial to Miguel. I remember them dancing at her wedding and she seemed to be fine with him. It's interesting because she was Jack's favorite and it would make sense if she resented the man Rebecca married. I wonder if she was always accepting, and how it came about.
  14. MsChicklet

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    My high school (Connecticut, early '80s) had an outdoor smoking area just off the cafeteria. They ended that by 1990.
  15. MsChicklet

    This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    Speculations after the mid-season finale. Rebecca was revealed as the her, but she's already dead. The Pearsons are all going to see her before the visitation/funeral. Tess is "not ready" to see her grandma dead. Beth got the Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey game to be buried with Rebecca. Toby is fighting grief as well as depression. It's interesting how, so far, we have not seen Miguel, Kevin, Kate, Annie, Deja or Zoe in this flash-forward. Nicky did something terrible. He has stated his mistrust and loathing of the villagers. He is on drugs and close to a mental breakdown. He may have taken the next step and committed an atrocity against the locals.