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  1. mledawn

    Karen Page: Friend, Mediator, Non-Caped Crusader

    I legit read this and was so confused, I had to go look for a photo of DAW, and then I had to go through many photos... Yeah, no, I don't have that issue. I think I was annoyed with Karen as a character when I first watched Daredevil. I agree with what you say @slf - it's almost condescending the way Matt coddles her, and it's irritating the way she almost lets him do it. Frank has a totally different dynamic with her, one that's much more equal and respectful. I'm going to miss these characters, but Frank and Karen in particular.
  2. mledawn


    I'm just finished the first half of this show (all of Series 1, two eps into Series 2) and am really enjoying it. All the characters are fantastic, the writers have done well to lure me in on their backstories. What's the story between Sian and Mared - they're so crusty. What's up with Lloyd? And of course now, two eps into Series 2, we know what the story is with Mathias. Prosser is sketchy af obviously, but what's up with him? I had a friend whose family was Welsh and I loved her Nana's accent. I'd never heard anyone else with a Welsh accent so an entire show in that lovely lilt is amazing, and of course the scenery is gorgeous. Still hoping Mathias cuts his hair, but obviously that's low priority... I found an interview Richard Harrington did with Graham Norton and he mentions they planned the whole show arc, which is awesome. He also mentions there are apparently 4 versions of the show - full Welsh, mostly Welsh with some English, mostly English with some Welsh, and the International version on Netflix outside the UK which is completely in English. Whaaaaat!? That's wild.
  3. mledawn

    S02.E08: My Brother’s Keeper

    The good thing is I'm finally warming to Amy...
  4. mledawn

    S02.E07: One Bad Day

    The hookup between the therapist and Billy was completely cringeworthy, but they'd been anvilling the shit out of that since day one. I was yelling at Frank "JUST SHOOT HIM!" when he was standing in the middle of the street, staring at Billy. I guess they have to draw it out somehow...
  5. mledawn

    S02.E06: Nakazat

    Didn't she know what the pictures were of earlier anyway? I thought she said "some guys kissing" in an earlier ep but now I'm not sure... Unrelated, I love how you associated the sewing with Frank and not Amy, because of his military time. I mean, it's just as unlikely that she knows how to sew as it is that she knows how to develop film!
  6. mledawn

    S02.E03: Trouble the Water

    Bernthal IS killing this role. He's fantastic. He does so much with so little dialogue, agreed. Pilgrim is doing nothing for me, but it is so typical of these religious cult-y leaders who just twist scripture to meet their shitty directives. I don't understand Corben Bernsen's character - he's the big bad but the show is really drawing out the why (or I've missed it). His generosity towards John's wife is based on those white power tattoos, I'm sure. I wonder if the people on respirators in the church were some kind of hint.
  7. mledawn

    S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    First episode had my heart racing, just what I want out of my Punisher. The teen is annoying af, she hasn't realised she left the knapsack or she doesn't CARE that she left it? A nice set up for the season, though - Frank's "I hope so" at the end was perfect.
  8. mledawn

    Derry Girls

    I started to binge this and didn't want to be finished too quickly, so I broke it up into two sessions. What a fantastic show - the ending made me cry a little bit. I remember some of the heated incidents from when I was younger. We went on family holiday to the UK around this time, and there was an IRA bombing in the next town from where we were staying. We were shitting ourselves, and the people in the pub said if they stopped their lives every time there was an IRA bomb or threat, they'd never leave the house. It was a rude awakening for a small kid from small town Ontario, Canada. That, and all the British soldiers at the airports with their automatic rifles and dogs. It was a side of life we could hardly fathom. I've recommended this show to so many people, it does such a good job of portraying how ridiculous adolescents are and how everything is so BIG when you're a teen. These kids aren't the popular kids, or the biggest "loser" kids, they're just middle of the road teens going thru high school. I can't wait for Season 2!
  9. mledawn


    Just started this series and really enjoyed the first episode. Richard Madden looks so young in this somehow compared to Game of Thrones. I loved that Ada Shelby is playing Vicky. I also thought the train was going to be a fake out situation, and the fact that there were kids involved did ramp things up a bit. I am not familiar with the hierarchy of the police - those who work for the Met are the same that work for New Scotland Yard? I thought I had a handle from Sherlock but I don't. Budd already worked within the RaSP when he de-escalated the train incident, but was reassigned/promoted to Montague following it? I really noticed the number of women in key roles and LOVED IT.
  10. mledawn

    Tin Star

    Apparently Season Two of this odd little show begins in the UK in January 2019. My mind is truly boggled.
  11. mledawn

    Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    Someone asked Meloni on Twitter (for probably the billionth time) about SVU. His reply was gold.
  12. mledawn

    S04.E04: Common Ground

    I was going to say, wool is magic. She'd smell like a sheep for sure, but she'd be warm. Canada would probably be about the same, tbh. Sure no direct involvement in the revolution but there would be most of the same issues just on a smaller scale. And it'd be colder. Sweet moses, it would be colder.
  13. mledawn

    S04.E04: Common Ground

    I have a number of Mohawk friends and we were all discussing the casting call when it came out, but I didn't know anyone who actually went to it. Very cool! Tantoo Cardinal is Metis but she plays from all First Nations. She's obviously a member of SAG so I'm not clear on how the restriction didn't affect her. Did her Canadian-ness usurp her SAG membership? As Jamie, Claire, and Ian were planting the stakes, I was waiting for the First Nations people to show up. Claire is from the 1960s so she was not part of a generation who understood that the British colonised stolen land. I'm interested in how this storyline develops in light of recent understandings.
  14. mledawn


    Just started this show and it's fantastic. I was worried Patton Oswald would drive me to distraction, but it's been a perfect blend. I'm not familiar with the comics at all, but I do like the surreal vibe. Merry is hard to like, but I can't blame her for breaking up the marriage. Sax seems like a walking disaster and I'd definitely place the majority of the blame on him. It was good of Merry to help Amanda, though - she definitely could have steered clear. I think I missed what happened that Merry was in the Scarmucci's pocket. I know her mother was threatened, but there has to be more to it, right? Also, Meloni is 57 years old and looks like he could walk on a football field and mow some bodies down,
  15. mledawn

    S04.E03: The False Bride

    Everything Electric Boogaloo said AND I wanted to punch Roger in the face.