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  1. Beden

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Thank you. Bering a 'woman of a certain age' myself I related to the wonderful woman last week (was it 2 weeks ago?) who complained that none of the fashions covered the model's arms. And how many of the various garments make wearing a bra impossible without the stupid bra straps hanging out look? Sure, I'm no longer 20-something but I'm a long way from dead, plus I have $ to spend. I'M your target, idiots--or certainly one of them. You want to just make fashions which can only be realistically worn by size 0 19 year olds? By all means target that audience but neither I nor my friends will be buying. We want to look good--not 'mumsy', 'old lady' or 'aging mother (or grandmother) of the bride'. To reference The Devil Wears Prada...This is a billion dollar business, you want to treat it as your very own tiny sandbox? Fine, but you'll be seriously limiting yourself and your product...and this is a business which you've likely entered this competition to gain recognition for you and your product. It's an audition on a national television stage--don't most of these designers get that?
  2. Beden

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I bought a few yards of that hologram sequined fabric a few months or so ago and made curtains for my laundry room...really cheered the place up. No...really.
  3. Beden

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    Speaking from experience, 'elderly' mothers (I was 36) are medically referred to as 'geriatric'. Personally, I found that a tad harsh.
  4. Beden

    Noah and Rhain...

    Or possibly, the new wives, GF's don't want to be on a faux reality show and that's the problem.
  5. I also add that I once had a reaction when eating a bowl of soup which did not contain anything included in my shellfish allergy. It turned out that soup I ate had been made in a pot previously used to boil shrimp and hadn't been properly cleaned. While I have no use for Ms Beth, these things can happen.
  6. Beden

    Good Witch

    The ruby looked like a paperweight.
  7. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    Oh, jeez louise. I simply can't watch this crap anymore. 'Haven't seen a single new episode, have no need to and increasingly simply don't care. I know-that's sounding negative but, seriously. How much BS can one absorb? I follow you good folks and the updates and all that but actually waste my time on this swill? Yeah...no.
  8. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    Interesting, I believe that the Feds get reports on large cash transactions like this and tend to look into them for money laundering or other illegal activity. My information may be out of date but it['s my understanding that any transaction over around $10K is reportable to the Feds, so, yes, the gubment would likely have received some kind of confirmation, Plus, obviously, it's in the public record. They wouldn't be able to hide this.
  9. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    But I can absolutely believe that he bought it to flip it down the road and pocket the profit; Colorado is bot beautiful and a hot area to live in right now.
  10. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    While I've no idea where exactly their land is, nor what sort of spread they now have I do know that (parts of) Colorado are exploding population and building-wise. The first time I was in Denver was about 45 years ago. At that time there were around 1 million people in the area. Now there are 5 million and counting. Housing is at a premium, the roads and infer-structure are stressed, building is everywhere. I know this because my son was hired by a company fresh out of college about 7-8 years ago and has been living and working there since; I've been out to visit a few times and we talk weekly. Sadly, they also have a large homeless problem. Be all that as it may, the Brown's purchase could have potential for a decent profit should they end up selling or developing it down the road--and not in their destructive, BS usual manner. It might--and I stress might--actually be a smart move. Just saying.
  11. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    Which again brings up the reasonable question of how much the collective and individual Browns are/have been paid for this crap. I've wondered about this for a while. Clearly TPTB find it a reasonable expense for making $ off them.
  12. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    I'm not only slightly surprised that this BS is back but--frankly--ambivalent about the whole thing. No, not a fan of fake cancer (if that's what it was), nor of grifting, lying, scamming or generally taking people for a ride. I find the Browns (and by extension) the production company which promotes them to be heinous, cynical and overall just not very nice. Will I watch? I dunno. Maybe. If I don't forget--which I very well might. They've worn out their welcome for me, I'm afraid; the shits and giggles simply aren't anymore.
  13. She looks like every other 50-something woman too obviously fighting reality too damn hard and thinks she actually still looks like a hothothot 30-something. No expression, no character in her face, just another generic bottle blonde denying her age--a shame since living and embracing a full life is significantly more interesting. Just MHO, of course....
  14. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    Okay, so from what I gather, Ami's cancer has miraculously gone away and she's hale and hardy now. The fam are in either Colorado or Washington State doing god knows what. 2 of the boys are married (grandbabies, anyone???), living the good life, all happily ever after and supposedly the next season is filming. Just...sigh. I'm not in Facebook (despised their nonexistent privacy policy maybe 10 years ago and refused to join, despite the pleadings and mocking of various friends) so have no access there and, frankly, can't be bothered with searching the other cult fan groups. But, having said that--do we have an airdate? Having downgraded my cable account to save $, I may not be able to get them anymore so have to rely on my snark friends for updates.
  15. Beden

    Alaskan Bush People

    My grandfather was a cop, John--NYPD, mounted cop back in the 30's. He decided to retired after the mounted boys were called in to help with crowd control during a city riot. One of the rioters went after his horse with a broken bottle. My sweet, gentle grandfather slammed the rioter with his billy club, dropping him to protect Nick. Thinking about it later he realized that it simply wasn't for him. And, mind you, he'd been a professional boxer pre his police stint--he wasn't a wuss. Be careful and full recovery to you. I'm a Jersey girl myself and genuinely appreciate and thank you. BTW, Papa ended up adopting Nick when the horse was retired out, giving him a good home in the old barn.