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  1. I just think it’s not that deep. Shit was already crumbling the lawsuit hit her hard and it was finally time to go back to rehab. Those are the course of events. That’s end of story to me.. The POA is where my new interest lies.
  2. I don’t get why lu’s not allowed to mention that the stuff with her kids and her being so fresh out of the first rehab go round took a toll on her. I mean she says that she still didn’t have all the tools to maneuver through something she would normally soothe with alcohol. Which she ended up doing. What’s wrong with explaining that she was still very weak and the stress over the mess she was in sent her over the edge and back to rehab. She’s explaining her mindset at the time and some of the reasons that led to her turning to alcohol again. Makes sense to me that the issue with her children combined with how fresh she was out of rehab resulted in failing terribly with staying sober. To me it just sounds like she’s listing the course of events. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. Born and raised in The Bronx NY. I remember when the POST was actually a legitimate newspaper. That and the Daily News. Have to admit the Daily New was number one and if that was sold out then it was The Post but back then they were both reliable news outlets. Miss the days when morning shows were morning shows, tabloids were easily noticable as tabloids, talk shows were talk shows, newspapers reported the news, News at 10, News at 11 was where there was an anchor reporting, reciting facts, timelines, research and reliable information in the same voice all news people have and you weren't bombarded with unnecessary noise. The bare bones of what was going on without all the fluff to crowd the mind with useless information.
  4. Agreed! I never thought she was funny from the very first season she was on. She was the underdog so she got away with a lot but she's always had a hit or miss vocab and want some what to classify as "wit". She went in on others plenty from day one so she's always been a bitch in my eyes. I saw right through her from the first scene I saw her in. (I started watching NY season two) Saw season one after so I guess that's why. Cause she was already getting terrible by season 2 and when I saw season one all of the crap was easy to spot even if it was somewhat a bit more subtle.
  5. Yours Truly

    S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    I love this show but one thing that always gets me sooooo raw is the freaking self righteousness. So this episode with Clarke throwing around her stank look all over the place really got me wanting to give her a good smack. Clark has always bugged me. I love the show so I take Clark and what seems to be a growing theme of her making decisions for the whole world ON THE REGULAR in stride. For the most part I have to force myself to root for her but in this situation I found her absolutely inappropriate judgmental attitude extremely distasteful!!! The minute she spit out Bloodreina in that bullshit stank tone I was like GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WANHEDA!!!!!! You've got to be fucking kidding me!!!!! I can handle Bellamy's distressed reaction a bit more cause it's mixed with true concern over his SISTER and what's happened to her and not just about judging her. It's more out of concern and angst than it is condemning. I also thought about the Mountain Men and Bellamy massacring the Grounders. Not for nothing but I still admire THE FUCK outta Octavia!!!! That bitch held shit down better than Bellamy or Clarke EVER did!! Now I'm praying that they yank her from the point of no return and the writers don't decide to make her an irredeemable character because that would be all kinds of bullshit considering what every other character has gotten away with. At least Octavia has always acted on love, honor, loyalty and bravery. Bellamy and Clarke have made straight up SELFFISH decisions in the past and also gave in to SELF SERVING antics at one time or another. Octavia was absolutely FORCED into her current role through circumstances that outweighed even the toughest of decisions that Clarke, Bellamy, Jaha, and rest have had to face. They BETTER not make my girl the Anti-Christ cause that would completely ruin this show for me.
  6. May-Feb is nine months. I don't see how this negates Carole's narrative about comforting a grieving friend. Whatever kind of marriage they had doesn't mean that his death wouldn't be something she would grieve over. Maybe all the rallying around her is what facilitated the new relationship. Bad times brings people together and the after math of grieving usually puts a lot of things in perspective. Maybe the wife decided to finally live her truth and all the support she received after his death gave her the strength to pursue her true lifestyle. And I don't even like Carole. LOL
  7. Funny how Carole just has to included that "none of what Lu said about Adam was true" but all Lu said was that Adam went from working for her and dating Noelle to jumping on Carole and expressing how she agrees with the "operator" description of Beth's. I really hate that Lu chimed in with all that cause it was just bad timing, in poor taste, inappropriate, out of nowhere and last but not least OLD NEWS! However, what she said was true Carole just doesn't agree with Lu's interpretation of it all but that's how Lu see's it all the while using true data soooooo sorry Carole it's corny that you felt the need to yet again challenge Lu about her opinion about the situation especially after knowing what you know now about your precious Adam and the way he moves on from a relationship. Ya know, keeps one foot in the door til he has his other foot firmly in the next door. And to do it with ugly threats of exposing Lu through her children? Really? See there's a reason I've never liked Carole. She's a very ugly person as well.
  8. That's her way deflection and insulting. One had nothing to do with the other but it was a low point to throw at Dorinda to throw her off her game and to throw her off point so that Dorinda could stop what she was saying and address that AGAIN and it also put Dorinda on the DEFENSIVE and gave Beth the upper hand in the conversation. Beth became the aggressor, pointed out, "you see, I can talk shit about you too and be mad about this that and the other and discuss it with the other ladies too. So now that you understand don't dare do it again Doris! Got it good!" and to be honest that's exactly how Beth handles a lot of her confrontations. Stopped Dorinda in her tracts, made her feel bad about herself and then shut the whole conversation down and just moved on without actually touching on reasons, criticisms or hashing out any underlying feelings over the matter. Can't demand emotional maturity from Beth. Dorinda may be a hot head but she's more willing to have a meaningful conversation about something and come to peaceful end. Beth just wants to bark some insults and shut the conversation down for good without ever connecting the dots on where she may have contributed to the mayhem.
  9. WOW! Was Beth extra uncomfortable at that lunch. Look, Carole annoys the fuck outta me and I really don't like her because since season one she's been a condescending, dismissive, superior bitch and I hate that this is going down with the 2 chicks I can't stand the most but yeah this is the closest that anyone has ever come to getting a semi complete conversation out of Beth. The way she was shredding that wrapper and her hands where practically shaking with nervous energy. Beth was cornered and when her distracting barks of random cliche phrases i.e. "What do you want from me?!?" didn't pull Carole away from her point she was so at a loss. She tried that tactic at the Berzerkshires and again at the lunch with Carole a few times during that sit down. "You win Carole", "You're checking off boxes"... Like what in the what? Beth can't argue intelligently AT ALL. I always knew that but that conversation truly outlined just how badly Beth flounders around making absolutely no sense during a confrontation. She insults, she misdirects, she parses words and she's SHOCKING (i.e. YOU FUCK EVERYONE) which is bound to fluster anyone just due to sheer confusion. And that my friends is how she's been able to "OWN" most of her confrontations. Carole didn't succeed 100% either but she did make Beth squirm. I'm not excited about it being Carole that did it but I'm happy someone was able to hold Beth's feet to the fire somewhat. It would be my dream to just corner Beth in a conversation, stay on point and ask pointed questions directed at her tendencies, her meanspiritedness and need to belittle people for no absolute reason. Ramona is not my favorite. I think she's done some pretty low down dirty things to the other women with regards to humiliation for fun but when Beth randomly insulted Ramona's gift which was given genuinely enough then go on to add even more insults. "Oh, so you just turned this into an mini infomercial" (paraphrase). "oh and here I thought you were doing a good deed". Like what in the actual fuck! Not only was she taking a dig about the infomercial which is rich coming from the bitch who showed up WEARING her new "product" and GIFTED a pair which going on and on about how comfortable they were yada yada yada! But then she went a bit lower by attacking the nice gesture of the gift giving itself. OK chuckle about the product placement sure (even tho again REALLY BETH?? You of all people aren't one to talk) but it is just a quick laugh about product placement but then to continue on and suggest that Ramona wasn't even giving the gift out of kindness at all? That was random, unnecessary and uncalled and JUST like our nasty, rude and hateful Beth. Uggghhh, she's such an ugly person.
  10. Yeah I didn't remember this huge inappropriate attempted abduction of Brynn. Pushes grandparents and then grumpy grandparents after the fact does not a monster make. Besides I remember it was more Jason being the advocate. It wasn't like his parents were all up in Beth's face making rude demands and being nasty about it. Were all THREE of them a bit excitedly unrealistic about visits and time spent with Brynn I would say so but that's a far cry from being assholes and bullies toward Beth which was how Beth was reacting. It was all so very bizarre the way Beth was so extra and exaggerated with it all. To me it seemed like Beth was just mad that other people had the nerve to even suggest doing something outside of her "comfort zone" or schedule even if Jason and his parents were to have accommodated all the details 100% with no burden to Beth. It was the point that they were trying to work around her concerns that bothered her and instead of thinking of it as contributing to the solution were everyone would be happy she saw it as them undermining her wants. I just realized I'm veering OT. Sorry, I'm done.. Carry on.. LOL
  11. I followed the spin offs as well and I don't recall anyone being "pissy". I did see a family discuss their feelings over it and possible workable options with Beth completely making it into a manic issue that then turned into something overly complicated that didn't need to be. I get being annoyed and I get that there were some boundary issues but seriously. It never went beyond annoyingly overbearingly hopefulness (some grandparents push the envelope GEEZ!) that if handled rationally should have been easily worked out. Beth was the one that started acting like ultimatums and absolutes needed to be a part of the equation. Plus she analyzed everything and felt like just the act of them being a close, loving family was somehow a constant dig or critique towards her she was always on the defense and we know how Beth plays defense.... through offense. Just sayin' Beth was an absolute mess and I saw how Jason started slipping into the toxicity that ultimately took him down a few unfortunate paths when dealing with their separation/divorce/custody. Completely unnecessary.
  12. Well I’ve been the friend with AND without funds. Some of my friends make more and in those situations they really want me to participate cause we are very close but still want to go on a pretty well to do vacations and in those situations in order to have me go they say it’s on them in order to coax me. I’m not a fan of having to spend my money on luxuries beyond my means so yeah if you wanna go the extra mile and you want me to join you then I won’t really feel guilty taking u up on your offer. I’ve been the friend who desperately wanted a friend to join me but also didn’t want to sacrifice the quality of the experience either so guess what that’s on me and I understand that too. My point is that there are circumstances where saying yes to all expenses paid trip is ok. You wanna insist I join you even tho I’m telling you I’d rather not spend my money that way?? Then you continue, go on to convince me that my company is more important ANNNNNNNDDDDD at the end of the day I know it ain’t making any dent whatsoever in ur pockets??? Yeah, fuck it I’m down.. and I’m down unapologetically for sure. ??‍♀️
  13. She’s never fooled me either I’ve never liked Beth from season one!
  14. Was that ACTUALLY the case or yet another exaggeration of Beth’s..?? (Lost at sea, Raised by wolves....)
  15. I think the Carole and Beth thing isn't that elaborate. Carole knows they've been distant. Then she hears Dorinda's version of Beth's story which adds elements not due to the actual issue but due to the bad case of "telephone" that happens year after year. Now, during Beth's convo with Dorinda Beth does throw in a bit of condescension definitely for Adam which I thought was extra wrong and she also aims some of that Carole's way. I can't remember word for word but Beth gives off this "I don't know but.....and far be it for me to say so" vibe about Carole you know, being okay with someone who would GASP say no to charity. Basically questioning Carole's character. So Beth was throwing hella shade and for that alone I would expect that the friendship would need a conversation if Beth's in a place where she feels comfortable talking crap like that to a mutual acquaintance. Problem is, we see Carole reacting to Dorinda's account and I guess something about page six?? That threw me a bit but Imma leave that part alone. Not enough info. Anyway, what it boils down to is that Beth is being the asshole she has always been and now that something occurred involving Adam, something meaty Beth can sink her teeth into she's gonna run with it and if that means lumping Carole in with the spoils of Beth's true passion which is tearing someone down, then so be it cause you see Beth hasn't been feeling Carole anymore anyway so of course getting her digs in on Carole is par for the course for Beth. I think Beth's just corny when it comes to her friends and what's happening is Carole calling her on her shit. All Carole needs to know to justify this confrontation is that Beth took Adam's inability to participate in her charity and turned it into a smearing campaign. If I were Carole, I too would be mad at my "friend" for A) Not keeping it to herself, why did it need to be broadcast anyway?? (Well because Beth is a mean person who likes to fuck with people, but I digress) B) Presenting the information as rude and mean as she did, which included her nasty interpretation of the situation. and C) Taking the situation and somehow feeling a certain kinda way about me for whatever reason. Carole's working with limited intel so the exchanges we see are gonna be screwy cause we already have a lot of information on both sides however at the time this stuff has been filmed Carole's isn't on the same timeline we are on. It get frustrating to watch it unfold and remember we can't base reactions of the HW on what WE'VE already seen and heard. It's easy to forget that they are going about their days and not privy to sooooooo much of the story like we are. This is probably gonna be painful for me this season. LOL!!