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  1. Beachdreamer

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I find it hard to like anything about Dorit and PK, and I don't find them to be at all credible about things like the break in. For that reason, it pains me to say this, but I do believe that they told Lisa they rehomed the dog, and she acted fine with it. I watched her act, maybe not "fine with it" but certainly ready to move on from it with my own eyes at the dinner they showed last night. If I had to guess, I would say Dorit and PK didn't bring the dog back to VP dogs because they didn't want to be talked into exchanging Lucy for a new dog. Because they are selfish prats or because they'd already tried two dogs that didn't work out- or because of both of those things, I think that's why they rehomed the dog, so that the issue of them having a dog is over and done with. I don't like them, but I'm willing to assume they didn't think the dog would end up in a shelter. I think Lisa probably did act like she was ok with their course of action, but likely wasn't at the time and really wasn't when it all blew up and the dog was found in a shelter. I think she was completely fine with her employee talking about it on camera, and I think she was shady as all get out when she relayed the scene to Dorit and implied that the real problem was that Teddi knew about the dog. I completely believe Lisa is a sniper from the side, and I'm sure she has never contacted Radaronline directly, but I have no trouble believing she orchestrates it. And while I said that I just don't like PK and Dorit, I actually do like LVP, and I view this sort of behavior as part and parcel of being a successful candid reality TV star. When I choose who to "like" on these shows, it's not always who I think would make the best true friend in real life. Often my criteria is simply "who gives me good TV" I am really surprised that anyone would go so strongly after a woman whose brother just committed suicide. Partly because of the inhumanity of it, and partly because it doesn't play well in public review. Lisa must have really screwed up royally for them to be this comfortable taking her on at this point in time. I'm curious to see this season take shape.
  2. Beachdreamer

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    I think the balance of power in a relationship factors in greatly when you examine sexual innuendos and the effect they have. More often than not, men have an edge up on this simply because they are men and there is often a slight physical strength advantage. In this case, Adrian is the chef, and has been part of the team longer, so he holds the balance of power in the relationship. So his comments are inappropriate. That said, Laura's comments are foolhardy at best and at worst, invite the behavior from Adrian to continue rather than stop.
  3. Beachdreamer


    Jenny couldn't reach her father at the time of her mother's death, and we can probably presume he came home smelling like alcohol. Then shortly after her death, Jenny's dad is clearly sleeping with the neighbor who happened to be Rachel's very good friend. And then she finds that he is spying on her, while he is the one misbehaving (at least in her mind) So I can actually buy the idea that she doesn't go to her father or want to be around him. That feels reasonable for a hurting teenager. The kids not out by the pool- I'll buy it- they needed to keep the noise level down so the party wouldn't get broken up. Jenny wants to confront the people in the video. I'll buy this. It wasn't really teased out in the show, but her mom was one of them, and she was obviously quite safe with her mom. And Sophie. So she thinks she's safe, and wants to talk to these people, probably so that they can tell her it didn't happen the way she thinks, because she loved her mother. Where I must really work to suspend the disbelief- that Sophie, Helen and Rachel all grow up and buy houses in row, which is pretty weird anyway, but then Jenny has to introduce herself to her next door neighbor Helen and explain who she is. The houses are about 15 steps apart- close enough to use her home wifi. Either gratuitously keep them all together in the SAFE community or separate them and have Jenny meet them all for the first time, but you can't put them next door and have them never see each other before. It makes no sense. Everything Sia's family did was completely wacky, and I'm willing to suspend belief on all of that. But, I can't accept that the detective didn't notice her pendant was gone and instantly worry that it was left at the scene of the violent crime she committed. The whole plotline where Zoe's husband plants evidence about her but then loves her after all is weird. But I'll suspend disbelief on that. Where I can't, is that this family and way worse, Jenny's dad, keep leaving their younger children alone or with others, even though we have missing and dead children in the neighborhood and more specifically in their own families. Who wouldn't be watching the remaining children much more closely? And finally, Sophie sitting with Jenny while Bobby holds the gun and approaches her was absurd. He had plenty of time to get to Zoe and hurt her or kill her, and it was only sheer luck and plot manipulation that Jenny's dad made it there in time to save her. Overall, it was a decent series- interesting and edgy. I liked it in spite of the above.
  4. Beachdreamer

    S06.E08: Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

    What is up with the previews for next week? It looks like Rhylee joins Caroline in bed and then it later sounds like someone is getting some in the van???? I'm sure that's not what actually happens, but the clips are interesting and make you wonder. Also in the previews is Rhylee going nuts on Chef Namaste. That's too bad. Her temper was out of control while she reported to Chandler, but if he's demoted next week and she's still volatile, then she can't blame it on Chandler.
  5. Beachdreamer

    S03.E14: Growers and Show-ers

    I am team Brandi in the Leanne drama, even if Brandi's strategy of getting drunk and then picking a fight is the worst strategy on earth and basically handing the win to Leanne. Leanne may very well have her anger issues somewhat under control, but the core of her being is unchanged. She is willing to say or do hurtful things to these women. I don't even think it has anything to do with keeping her Bravo gig, I think it's just who she is. And this means that no matter how sunny and zen and BFF-y things are today, she could turn on someone tomorrow, and do something incredibly hurtful to them. Brandi is confused and upset because- well, one, because she's drunk, and two because the women around her refuse to publicly acknowledge what a frightening individual Leanne is. I think Cary and Stephanie are well aware, but they are under very careful control. They know exactly how they want to portray themselves and their families on this show, and they are making smart decisions and calculated moves constantly. I am baffled by Deandra and Kam. I haven't the faintest idea why they allow Leanne into their circle, but they do. But being this close to her, they must know how dangerous she is when crossed. As far as the video, Brandi and Leanne are not friends. Of course Leanne should not film her doing ANYTHING, much less doing it naked.
  6. Beachdreamer

    S03.E14: Growers and Show-ers

    I wish Stephanie would sit Brandi down and tell her that regardless of whether or not she she has an actual alcohol problem (and I actually think she does), all of them, and Brandi most of all, should be very aware of how drunk looks on camera. It's not a good look for many of them. Visually, it makes their overplumped and overly made up features slack and a little distorted. Behaviorally, it makes them slur their words and be a step behind in any arguements, and on a Real Housewives show, it creates a target on their back. Brandi and Stephanie have such a fun friendship. It's unique, and actually fun to watch. Sober and sharp, like when she was trying to fart on Cary, is actually Brandi's best "look", as well as her best chance at keeping her contract, IMO.
  7. Beachdreamer

    S06.E07: New Kids on the Dock

    I've taken my kids on vacations starting when they were under a year old. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, and whether or not they would remember it or appreciate it didn't factor into the decision as much as whether or not I would appreciate it and remember it. We haven't ever chartered a mega yacht, but a girl can dream! Or just watch Below Deck and live vicariously. And a family with small kids might change things up a bit from the normal charter guests, so why not? I wish we got to see more of the things they did for the little guests- towel animals, setting up the dolls in the stateroom. Kate is pure gold. She just the right mix of beautiful, bitchy, and funny, which makes her great TV, and she is amazing at her job.
  8. Beachdreamer

    S13.E17: Friends and Enemas

    Vicky says to Steve, "Shannon is coming over and she hasn't pooped since the surgery so we might have to help her." And Steve repeats, incredulously, "Since the surgery?" Really Steve? The only way that is the most shocking part of that sentence is if the surgery was 4 years ago. He didn't even question HOW or WHY "WE" would help her?
  9. Beachdreamer

    S13.E16: Twin Tweaks

    The season starts and Gina and Emily are floundering and trying to figure out how to secure that orange. They know they are supposed to bring the drama- they just don't know where or who to bring it to. In real life, it would be pretty unusual to see an accomplished lawyer and mother scream that she was going to kill someone, then become their BFF a week later. Kelly is tough for me to figure out- she's volatile and she's able to hold it in at times. I feel like that whole night was a little bit of "we need to find our teams and storylines and drama" Within a week or two, this was accomplished. I think Tamra decided Shannon is the pile on target for this season. She'd clearly been told it couldn't be Vicky by the Powers that Orange. For whatever reason, she decided it would be Shannon and I do think she engineered the season that way, using all of the players masterfully, including Eddie. She is a talented manipulator. Whether Gina decided on her own to try to increase her screen time and worth, or the producers nudged her to do it, I'm not sure, but Gina just set up the ending, if Shannon is willing to get on script. Gina can be the new villain, the 3 amigos can make up and have another season ahead of them. Tamra will bring up Bali and tell Shannon that it happens to all of them and get over it. Kelly has always been a weird fit for the group, and that hasn't changed. I'm not sure what will happen with her. Emily is not Orange material, but I do think Lifetime could get in touch with her to do a show. There's a lot to work with there, it's just not in counting diamonds, Emily, not even one at a time.
  10. Beachdreamer

    S13.E16: Twin Tweaks

    Eddie and David are still friends. And David and Shannon are involved in a divorce. I have to consider this when hearing Eddie badmouth Shannon, and weigh his comments accordingly. Eddie allowed himself to accept Vicky's apology with scripture quotations and everything, in order to keep the Bravo money flowing. Eddie married Tamra. Although he has often, appeared to conduct himself in a mature, thoughtful manner, I can't put much weight into his thoughts on Shannon. Eddie is not the steady rock of good judgement that I want to think of him as.
  11. Beachdreamer

    S13.E14: Blow Up

    No one is a good friend to anyone on this show, and anyone willing to accept the Bravo paycheck needs to understand going in- This isn't the Golden Girls, It's the Hunger Games. Shannon may very well need help with depression and alcohol consumption, but anyone who is a real friend, or even a slightly caring human, would have that discussion with her in a calm sober setting off camera. It also bears pointing out that she could risk custody of her children by being shown too often on camera as being volatile or having a drinking issue, and I think Tamra knows this, which makes Tamra's handling of the situation so much more vile.
  12. Beachdreamer

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    I have to go back and rewatch it because in retrospect, I'm stunned that B got pulled into the whole my career vs. your career thing. She initially made the comment with the context that Carole and Tinsley had more in common that Carole and Bethenny. I think she said it as a jab to Carole, but with plausible deniability that it was intended as a jab. That is the brilliance of Bethenny, that she knows how to do that. It didn't occur to me until today that she lost that pretend moral high ground by getting into a resume war.
  13. Beachdreamer

    S03.E15: One Million Percent

    The Jaoa, Brooke, Kasey thing is planned and scripted, right? It has to be. The 3 of them have to be playing with us. It is inconceivable to me that he could be that big of an ass, Brooke could be that stupid and pathetic, and that Kasey could be that sly and selfish all at once. They are all so one dimensional it's absurd. And yet they get along with each other fine?? It's just bizarre.
  14. Beachdreamer

    S03.E14: Stew Coup

    Collin is completely adorable and would probably treat a woman well. He belongs on the Hallmark Channel. Brooke is beautiful, but sad and pathetic, absurdly trusting of others, and being led around by a psychopath. She could be a character on Lifetime Channel. Kasey is still competing for a man who is already on a date with someone else. And she's doing it openly in front of the girl. She could be on The Bachelor. Conrad has a little boy cuteness to him, and could maybe go be in a boy band or something. Adam has been mostly non-confrontational (mostly) and has thrown in tidbits about food prep and food from the region from time to time. He could transition pretty seamlessly to the Travel Channel. Hannah is everything you've all listed- materialistic, snobby, bitchy, lazy and manipulative. Mean, sneering, and condescending. Hannah is Bravo material. She's the one who will be back.
  15. Beachdreamer

    S03.E11: Mo' Euros, Mo' Problems

    There is such a disconnect for me in watching Adam bitch about Hannah's lack of communication, then watching him interact with her. He genuinely likes her quite a bit- maybe even as more than a friend. If not, at least as a very, very good friend. It makes me think Hannah's anxiety attack was very real (not that I doubted it) but I think she really had one, brought on by the confusion of trying to balance human interactions on a Bravo show. I think some of the friendships are real with fake drama and some of the drama is real with fake friendships and likely even fake hookups at times. It must get very confusing and unsettling.