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  1. I love how Jessa posted that selfie of herself and the toilet paper roll.
  2. Jessa is still tone deaf to have not realized that those pregnant photos she posts of herself ARE NOT MODEST in the least....but she's wearing a skirt, so that makes it ok....logic that gives me a headache.
  3. floridamom

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Lauren had better never go to that quack, Fedoski, for a diagnosis of her situation.
  4. floridamom

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    Frankly, I'm disappointed in this series. I thought I was going to watch a historically accurate show about Queen V's life; not a fictionalized version. I'm chugging along anyway this season hoping that things get better.
  5. floridamom

    S03.E12 Disconnected

    I find it annoying when characters who are in the same place at the same time are dressed for completely different weather. One is wearing a sleeveless light top and the other is wearing a long sleeve turtle neck sweater. Why do they do that? I thought costuming for TV was done by professional wardrobe people. I agree with the outside yards and trees matching the season the episode is set in.
  6. floridamom

    Season 8 Discussion

    I just watched Josie's wedding episode. I thought that the best man gave a great speech. I didn't mind one bit that he brought up the fact that Gil broke Josie & Kelton up a bit ago. Good for him for sticking it to Pa Bates that he profoundly hurt Kelton in that way. This guy is such a good, kind, sweet young man. I hope Gil felt terrible about it and always will. He also should have profoundly apologized to Kelton for this. I understand that Josie was young, but 15 year olds have 'boyfriends' at that age and get to experience a long term boyfriend-girlfriend relationship without having sex. Kelton has such a baby face; this guy will never age. I, too, felt for him about his mother not being there. I could see that she was a very good looking woman. So sorry that she died having a baby. Does anyone know if it was one of those unqualified mid-wife home deliveries? No reason Kelton's grandmother couldn't have accompanied Kelton's father up the aisle. Thoughtless of the wedding planner, IMO. It didn't look like anywhere near 400 people seated at the outdoor ceremony to me. I also noticed that floor length gowns when walking on grass is not a good idea. Josie's wedding gown was in the way of HER walking too. She constantly had to hold it up. This takes away from the look of the dress. Perhaps ankle length dresses would have been a better idea for the bridesmaids. Josie's gown should have been hemmed with the terrain that she would be walking on in mind. About Miss Renee'....does she ALWAYS personally deliver her wedding gowns to the brides' homes? Kelly needs to go on a good diet …...and get some decent shoes. I'm tired of seeing her wear those dirty canvas things with no socks. Her feet must smell after days in those things. Gil needs to quit the 'yuck, yuck, awe shucks" schtick. It's gotten old long ago. I don't intend to be mean here at all, really, but these are some things that crossed my mind when watching this morning.
  7. floridamom

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    Thanks for your posts about the clarity of what the heck some of them were saying. I thought I was losing my hearing too. Can't understand them sometimes. Why do they have such bad audio on some shows?
  8. floridamom

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    "Counseling our kids through the teenage years?" I thought their beliefs included young people 'not having' teenage years' and issues associated with those years. They believe that you go from childhood right in to adulthood. I know I read that somewhere. Teenage activities are just not included in their rules.
  9. floridamom

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    Could Jessa have read that sheet of paper with any less emotion? Why does Ben looked pissed sitting behind her?
  10. floridamom

    Season 8 Discussion

    I think I said it on Monday that Josie would be pregnant sooner rather than later. No need for her to have an apt near her work. It came true. Like we're so shocked. I, too, wish it were Michaela.
  11. I don't think anyone much cares about the 'gender' of Seewald Baby #3. It gets old after a bit. Jessa is old news, really.
  12. floridamom

    Season 8 Discussion

    We all know that Josie will be pregnant sooner rather than later. What's the farce here about it being close to her work and wanting only 1 bedroom? They will need the 2nd bedroom early in their marriage AND she will quit her job as soon as she can. Neither one has stated that their plan is any different. Sorry to say, that with the awful white lining in her wedding gown, it looked no different than all the other wedding dresses out there. Too bad Kelly wouldn't let her daughter have the true dress she wanted. It looked stylish and a bit unique.
  13. floridamom

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Personally, I get the impression that Derick and Jill don't really like each other. You can love someone, but not like them and you can like someone and not love them. These two interacted in this video with each other like they had an argument before going to this event. Jill can be a bitch and Derick can be quite sarcastic. Yeah, a great 'so much in love' couple.
  14. floridamom

    History Talk: The Victorian Era

    Oh no, I can't believe I missed this documentary on Queen V's children. I would have loved to have watched it. Will it be rerun?
  15. floridamom

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    I have wondered why this boyfriend that high school Michelle had has never come forward and identified himself as the OTHER GUY WHO KISSED MICHELLE. Does anyone know who he is?There has to be other kids in their graduating class in Arkansas who know the guy at least from their yearbook.