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  1. sadie

    Leaving Neverland

    As with Abducted In Plain Sight the mother’s in this made me furious. The way they smiled and recounted how fab things were with Michael made no sense. If someone did to me want Jackson did to their sons you would expect tears, shaking hands, troubled looks - nope not these two, just how little very the guest house was and the first class flights. And the grandmother sayings tone point how “Michael” ruined their family with no acknowledgement that these mothers slept in the freaking bedroom next to this pedophile who was openly sleeping in the same bed with their kid made me furious. i just keep wondering how no one in his circle did anything. Can anyone imagine Bradley Cooper or Ben Affleck hanging out with 7 years old, sleeping in bed with them, asking their parents to leave them? people would show up on their doorstep with pitchforks. Jackson was a MASTER manipulator in crafting his whole boo hoo is me I never had a childhood story as cover. As I did with the R Kelly and Abducted documentaries, I feel I need a shower after watching. Sickos all of them.
  2. I speak from direct experience in my husband committed suicide at 40 years old. A lot of people I barely knew sent cards, some people we knew well sent nothing. I was hurt by some people’s reactions (some people to this day have never acknowledged his death) and it does hurt but you just take it for what it is and don’t give it more energy than it deserves. Never once would it have occurred to me to comment on what anyone did as not enough. Grief, IMO, like many things amplifies our personalities. I was in deep grief and yet I managed to go to work, be pleasant to others and didn’t use my grief as some way to constantly beat people over the head with it. I realize grief is different for us all but I thought it was very rude of LVP to criticize Erika for what she did (or didn’t do). I think this is exposing LVP’s self centered ness (please don’t throw things at me) and I don’t want to minimize her grief, it is awful to go through this, but you handle it like a grown up and you deal. Not everyone is going to react to it like you want them to.
  3. sadie

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    I think Deluca staring creepily at Meredith all the time is supposed to show his deep desire for her and be sexy. It isn’t. It also makes the age difference seem greater because he acts like a high school boy with a crush rather than a grown man courting a woman with 3 kids. Please show runners make this stop, I beg you. Owen is an unbalanced man child. Make it stop. Maggie how about just calmly telling that bitch to stop calling you Magpie, you know using your grown up words and a calm demeanor of someone she wants to cut her chest open. No, much better to sulk and whine like a child. Bailey stop acting like a child and pouting that Karev is better liked than you. What she’s saying is she gave her job to someone she thought wasn’t up to the task and isn’t that terrifying for all the poor people coming to this hospital for care. The photograph swapping was just assinine. How did I come to like Amelia the most? Why am I still watching this?
  4. sadie

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    Why do all tv shows have to make the act of throwing stuff at each other (water, food, glitter) to be simply HILARIOUS mad cap fun. After about five seconds there’s nothing fun about it and then you have to clean up the mess. Ugh. The rest of the ep. My hate of Kate is unchanged. Randall really is a hypocrite. Kevin remains the only likeable real character and Rebecca obviously is constantly smelling a fart with her facial expressions.
  5. sadie

    S01.E13: The Blues

    Another episode from an alternate universe. So all these people do nothing every day for years and instead of downsizing them Max is going to magically open a clinic, which one can assume would takes millions of dollars and years to get running (aprovals from the hospital, finding a location, leases, zoning, infrastructure, equipment, systems, etc) but not in Max’s world. Nope its just a great idea he has in one minute and by the end of the day it’s a done deal. Why am I still watching this show and based on lack of posts here I might be one of the last few left.
  6. sadie

    S02.E14: Faces

    One question: why 11 hours away? From a storytelling aspect I get that they wanted t make the drive a challenge, but wouldn’t 3 hours away have worked and made it a tad more realistic. By the time they headed out on their 11 hour one way drive they had already been at it for at least a few hours. So this poor Uber driver drove them around for like 30 hours with no sleep. Sorry but I’ve driven 10 hours in one day and about passed out at the end. It didn’t make the gesture more grand it just took me out of the story because of how dumb it was. i love this show but that was the best most unrealistic face transplant ever. No one looks that good after one of those! The walk of honor did choke me up and a few tears escaped my cold hard heart.
  7. I’ve met guys like Billy in business and am always shocked at how easily impressed some people are with sheer bullshit. He came across as a total tool to me. But then again I’m known as Debbie Downer in my company because I’m the one realist in the room going “this will never work”, and sadly I’m usually right. I laughed at loud at the one guy that was mocking the attendees that would pay this kind of money to see Blink182, lol, they are of a quality I think one could find at a local county fair, they certainly are t headline eras anymore. I guess don’t underestimate the power of “super models”, blech. I find this whole thing fascinating and I believe firmly Billy knew he was scamming both investors and customers but thought his bullshit charm could pull it off and he’d run away with the cash. So happy he’s sitting in jail, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
  8. sadie

    S09.E09: Boooooooooooone!

    I’m just bored. Recycled stories does not make must see tv. I feel like somewhere along the way the writers confused “shameless” with “clueless”. Fiona’s over the top drunk all day throwing plates of food inside the diner at her ex is just stupid. Debbie locking 10 year old Liam outside is stupid. I don’t even know what Lips story is and Franks 65 year old girlfriend with 6 embryos is just unbelievable. Keg and Vee, ugh, cheap jokes about illegals isn’t funny.
  9. sadie

    S04.E12: The Things We Do

    Kudos to the writers for taking something that should be filled with tension and excitement, a freaking helicopter crash, and making it as dull as a fender bender that occurred in front of the hospital at very slow speed. April must practice those looks in front of a mirror. All I can think about is that old Carol Burnett character that was the old movie actress that had the super fake eyelashes and made all those over emoting faces. Lol Isnt Wills brother a cop, why would he have to drive to the police station to turn his gun in? And speaking of this gun he carries for “protection”. I’m not sure having it locked in a case in the trunk, closet, under the bed really makes sense if you thought you might need it to protect yourself. It seems he is treating more like his wooby than a firearm. This show provides me with more snarky entertainment than anything else on tv right now (I’m looking at you New Amsterdam - close tie though).
  10. sadie

    S09.E08: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi

    I just looked it up, Katy Sagal is 65! Nothing wrong with being 65 (she looks great) but the baby story is even dumber. WHM is almost 70.
  11. sadie

    S09.E08: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi

    I know I’ll watch till the end but this just isn’t enjoyable anymore. Fiona’s story arc is just dumb. She’s a capable multi tasker running Patsys and doing real state and now she’s a day drunk that can’t even function except for picking gum off tables and insulting customers? They do live like pigs so I’ll give Lips new girlfriend a point for that, every time I watch the opening sequence all I want to do is clean that bathroom. Dish soap in the shower, ummm okay. Keven and Vee have turned into ridiculous caricatures and Franks dumb antics just get dumber. Katy Seagal is about 55 but we’re supposed to buy this baby story. Cmon writers, you don’t have to turn all these stories into some fairy tale endings but this revolving door of dumb is wearing thin. i saw an article where William H Macy said the show allowed him to buy a house in Colorado so I think we get his motivations for staying on with this dreck but gosh it’s gotten so bad.
  12. sadie

    S15.E09: Shelter From the Storm

    As hot as Deluca is and as much as I like Mer, she is simply too old for this to be believable (I’ll duck while people throw things at me). There were a few times in the elevator where they were side by side and the age difference was just glaring. I want Meredith with a grown up, even ortho doc would be more believable. What they’ve done to Baileys character is a crime. It’s just silly this whole nonsense with Ben. Thousands of people are married to people in dangerous jobs and her silly reactions to things like him not immediately answering a text during, you know, a freaking emergency just makes her look stupid. Please writers fix this and bring back tough as nails got it all together Bailey, she was much more enjoyable to watch then.
  13. sadie

    S06.E12: The Dead

    I enjoyed this ep more than the entire rest of the season. Finally we’re at least back to Ray taking fucking names and getting it done. Yes he was all kinds of messed up but he knew his mission and he settled his scores Ray Donavan style. Seeing Sam hanging was some satisfying tv and letting Lena take out the rat bastard that killed her girlfriend was aces! I was a bit perplexed that Bridget all of a sudden became Dexter but whatevs, at least it’s better than sniveling in a corner (yes I’m looking at you useless boyfriend whatever his name is). I like watching the Donavan’s band together with a common purpose and Aunt Sandy is my new spirit animal. I hope we can get back to Ray the fixer vs Ray the mental patient.
  14. sadie

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    As someone that has had to clean out three peoples belongings after death (one was my pack rat husband who died at age 40) I have decided that keeping a lot of stuff one has no use for and is just going to be left for some one else to clean out is the worst gift you can give someone. The funny part is I now live very minimal, like super minimal, but people who know me think I have a vast wardrobe and my house is beautiful. I think it’s just that most people have soooo much stuff, especially clothes and they aren’t organized so they never wear most of them so you wouldn’t know they own an entire retail store of clothing. Less is more. This show is not my favorite clean up show but it has its moments. I found myself oddly moved by her prayer at the start (or whatever she calls it) thanking the house for its protection, etc. We spoiled Americans often take our homes for granted and it isn’t until they burn down or are blown away that we acknowledge them.
  15. sadie

    Surviving R. Kelly

    It blew my mind that these parents brought their girls to him AFTER the porn trial! WTF? I mean really, what the freakin f$#k! The one dad saying well we kinds knew he was on trial but he was found not guilty so we figured he was okay was the most infuriating ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I think we were supposed to put them in the “victim” camp, nope! They served their daughter up to this devil, for her I have all the sympathy in the world, these moranic parents never! I am stunned at people’s blind pursuit of money and fame. It’s not like he was on trial for a traffic ticket and it’s not like the information wasn’t out there, they have zero excuse for their current situation. This series has just been fascinating to me as a study in human nature and the horrors we as a society allow. Whoever said if he did these things to little white girls he would have been hung out to dry was spot on. A very sick indictment of society today. I hope this scum bag has to finally face the music (no pun intended) now that this is back in the spotlight.