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  1. lucygoose

    S03.E12 Disconnected

    I'm not sure how much longer I can watch this show, rather than enjoying episodes, I'm finding that I am forcing myself to watch this more out of habit and so I can delete off my DVR. I rarely find Katie very likable, and between her and Taylor, they're always yelling. I couldn't believe no one seemed to be looking at them as they were fighting in the restaurant.
  2. lucygoose

    House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Could also be why they didn't seem to concerned about taking away a lot of the closet storage, especially for that useless "nook" in the bedroom. I wish they would have at least put a movable wall separating the bedroom from the living room, unless everyone goes to bed and gets up at the same time, that would be a huge inconvenience. They seemed nice enough but not very practical.
  3. lucygoose

    Good Bones

    I noticed that when they were tearing the house down, her brother was sitting on the roof of that house watching, and the shingles were old, and it looked like the gutter got bent when tearing down the house, then when the house was put back up as 2 stories, that house had new shingles and no gutter. I wonder what happened because it seemed like an abandoned building as there didn't look like there were actual windows in that house (from what you could see on the side of the house anyways)
  4. lucygoose

    Derek Morgan: He's Got Good Abs

    I'm doing a binge watch on Netflix right now, I've seen every episode (with the exception of a handful of episodes I'm not a fan of) and I thought I always liked Derek, but watching episode after episode I have really grown to hate his character. He's an arrogant judgmental know it all, especially when it comes to his team. I'm in season 6, episode 18 Lauren, and when Prentiss goes on the run, all he feels is anger and betrayal because she didn't confess about Ian Doyle before she went on the run, everyone else on the team was just as blindsided, but he was the only one who was more concerned about his feelings and anger than concern for her safety or understanding that she was trying to protect all of them. I also agree with you that he does have anger issues....but it's ok when he looses his temper, but when anyone else gets the slightest hint they are loosing their temper, he takes them aside and lectures them on their behavior. And it's driving me crazy right now, because I just watched this episode a few days ago, but there was an episode in season 4 or 5, where JJ and Prentiss were really pushing for a case they were sure was a serial killer, and they had to work on convincing the team and they all came around after a little research, be he was an a-hole until almost the end of the case arguing that JJ and Prentiss were wrong. Maybe it was the one where the addicts were being kidnapped, impregnated and held in a house by a married couple, then murdered after they had the baby? To be honest I enjoy binge watching, but episodes do blend together after a while! I do like Shemar though and have been enjoying him on SWAT, I just wish TPTB didn't give Derek all these negative alpha traits.
  5. lucygoose

    House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Ugh, the Denver couple was terrible. I can't believe they spent over $100,000 without a completely new kitchen. Wasn't a fan of the end results of the bathroom, the tub surround seemed to take up a lot of space in that bathroom. Wasn't a fan of the end layout.
  6. lucygoose

    Snark Talk: Home, Home on the (De) Ranged

    Caught a season 1 episode today , that dark auburn red tone she had initially was so much more flattering than the orange color she has now. It just floors me when I think of all the money she has and doesn't take some of that to get professional fashion advice......
  7. lucygoose

    All Episodes Talk

    What I noticed when she was putting the citrus salad together (heck, I notice this all the time actually), is that she is obsessed with colors and how "pretty" different foods look together, completely disregarding the combinations taste-case in point radishes with citrus, she thought the radishes would offer a pretty color. Often times when she is putting something together I notice her comments tend to strictly focus on color, she rarely if ever mentions how the different flavors will compliment each other (because she has no clue). I also had to snort when she was making the bloody mary mix and after adding spice she said "I know all the girls coming can handle the heat" or something to that effect......as someone who cannot handle spicy foods, I highly doubt EVERYONE would love that much spice in their bloody mary, but it's just an excuse so she can add her beloved heat to everything she makes. I still remember, back when the merc was being worked on, when she made chili and brought it to the workers, after she dished it up, it showed a few of the workers taking a bite, and I still remember one guys face right after he took a bite....his eyes bugged out and he kind of looked at the guy next to him and shook his head. It was just a few seconds but it shows how her lack of tasting/sampling her food and her heavy hand with spicy add in's can really ruin a dish. Her pasty face and bright orange hair was looking particularly garish today.
  8. lucygoose

    Snark Talk: Home, Home on the (De) Ranged

    She looks very harsh. It's surprising to me that she doesn't take advantage of all her money and go to a professional and get their opinion on what looks best for her, she seems to have just found a style that she likes and has stuck to it, and it gets less and less flattering as she ages. She's so pasty white with harsh black eye make up, and garish orange hair that clashes. I think just softening her eye and hair color would do wonders. She also needs a new hairstyle too though, that forehead needs a bit of covering.
  9. lucygoose

    Good Bones

    I'm not liking this season how Mina is double stacking the kitchen upper cabinets. Those uppers go so high that those top cabinets are useless, they are too high to reach easily with a step stool, they will most likely sit mostly empty.
  10. lucygoose

    All Episodes Talk: French Country in Texas?

    Same here, I think I have Fixer Upper fatigue.
  11. lucygoose

    All Episodes Talk

    I'm no fan of Ree that's for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn the kids aren't actually there as much as she claims they are, we know how much of Ree's life is fake, why would this be any different?
  12. lucygoose

    All Episodes Talk

    Just curious if anyone has made potato salad by mashing their potato's like Ree did in her old episode today? I've only had/made it using small diced potatoes, and I'm not sure eating cold mushed potatoes sounds appealing to be honest, but I was wondering if that type of salad was popular in certain parts of the country, just not in the northern states?
  13. lucygoose

    House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    I'd put it down to the vocal fry, I live on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota and I don't know anyone who calls rooms "rums" like that. It was getting on my nerves every time she said it. She didn't pick that up around here :)
  14. lucygoose

    S07.E15: Something They Need

    I agree. If I'm remembering the Tara/Oceanside episode correctly, didn't they kill anyone on site that found their camp and take their weapons? They're no innocents.