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  1. SomeTameGazelle

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    The hockey jersey said CCCP (Cyrillic for USSR) on the front and then on the back it had TRUMP (spelled with a Я instead of an R to indicate Russianness) and the player number was 45.
  2. SomeTameGazelle

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    Pretty sure that was Mikey as the old man. Alex was Chuck Schumer. (I don't think I have ever seen the same person play two parts during the same Update.) I enjoyed all the details in this, especially uncomfortable Don Cheadle's multiple jobs. I don't know what kind of accent he was putting on but I heard "I think we built Atlanta" and was extremely puzzled. "A ladder" makes infinitely more sense. I loved Cecily's Olivia Colman but the rest I could take or leave alone. And isn't the other joke of Family Feud supposed to be that they get a match for ludicrously specific and peculiar answers with generic and banal items on the board? I didn't get enough of that.
  3. SomeTameGazelle

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I didn't even notice that Bradley's yesterday and Stephen's Sunday were the same day because they switched between talking about the BAFTAs ("yesterday") and the Grammy Awards ("Sunday") and I just imagined that Bradley Cooper might have had to be in England for several days. Whenever Stephen gratuitously mentions the day of the week it's supposed to be I just assume he is ironically alluding to the fact that they were taping on a different day. It doesn't often come up in interviews but every once in a while Stephen will say something to adjust whatever the guest said to match the broadcast date. And I feel like the implication is that it's okay if we know that they must have taped on a different night as long as within the show they say all the Thursday words even if they wink while doing it.
  4. SomeTameGazelle

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    FWIW, the New York Times review makes it sound brilliant. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/27/theater/my-fair-lady-review.html
  5. SomeTameGazelle

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    Oh! He was the kid I liked in Grease Live singing Those Magic Changes.
  6. SomeTameGazelle

    Homepage Missing Shows

    Russian Doll was on my homepage but has now disappeared.
  7. SomeTameGazelle

    Quote Problems

    I don't see multiquote on any posts, not even my own. I found that (same as the old forums) I can quote one post and then just go back and find another post to quote in the same response. What I was looking for is whether there is a way to select just a portion of the post to quote -- that used to work in the old verion (highlight text, "quote text" pops up) but I haven't seen it. Selecting text to delete from the quote box doesn't work as well.
  8. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    It was the callback to the pretzel from the day one West Covina number that made me willing to believe that running an independent pretzelmaker could be Rebecca's dream -- not necessarily literally the pretzels, but being an independent entrepreneur. Now that she has clearly stated that it's not her dream, I was trying to figure out whether Rebetzel's was just vamping or if it serves a long term purpose. Does it become a huge success so that she becomes independently wealthy in order to pursue her dream of buying out Carnegie Hall? Does she continue to run it because it satisfies her need for a career & income while she does community theatre for pleasure? Or does she just ditch it for another career (opening a law office with Paula)?
  9. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    She's planning to audition to perform. Even great performers experience rejection in that situation, and we know real Rebecca is not a good singer. That rejection may diminish her joy. If she can find joy in being involved but not performing that would be ideal. Or maybe she'll go full Florence Foster Jenkins and book her own starring venue. I was a little surprised that the quest for Rebecca's dream didn't directly acknowledge the difference between a career or vocation that also earns you a living (like being a lawyer) and one you pursue for satisfaction alone and you still need to support yourself financially somehow. What role does Rebetzel's play if it's not financially sustainable and not Rebecca's passion? I struggle with the theme song a lot, especially since it was promoted as "a new one every episode!" It clearly seems to be designed as a conventional sitcom theme struggling with fitting Rebecca into a conventional sitcom star, but I think the execution of Other Rebecca, which could possibly have been effective if she stayed in her lane as more conventionally desirable, is completely derailed by her one-liners at the end. I got the feeling from Nathaniel's rom-com dream with the character of Maya's ex's new girlfriend that they think this is some kind of rom-com trope that should resonate but I can't take it any more, I'm boycotting the theme now.
  10. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    I'm not an expert, but it seemed to me that Dr Akopian and especially Dr Shin were very explicit about the need to monitor and adjust the meds, and that that was part of regular maintenance and upkeep. No silver bullet, no promise that it would be easy.
  11. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    He did all the capitulating -- she begged him to come to the waterpark because it was her dream date, and although they both acknowledged it wasn't his thing he agreed to go. And when she found out that he had no intention of going on the rides and told him how disappointing that was, and that she wouldn't be satisfied by his being fine with her going on the rides and telling him about it and his appearing to be happy to hear about it, he agreed to go on one with her. And when they waited in line for the ride, he didn't try to make her feel bad about his lack of pleasure in it -- they showed us his glum face to make the point to us that he really didn't like it, but it was clear that Rebecca was facing away from him and blissfully unaware. It was only when she got the photo and saw the expression that she hadn't seen while they were on the ride that she grasped how much he really didn't enjoy it. It seems to me that he was doing his best to indulge her and was not trying to spoil her pleasure. Thinking that he can have his own facial expression during the ride when she isn't facing him seems reasonable. Once she saw the photo and was disappointed in it, what should he have done? Offered to go again and smile at the point where the photo is taken so that she can have her keepsake even though she would really know that he wasn't enjoying himself?
  12. SomeTameGazelle

    Russian Doll

    But even though they were in different loops (and strictly speaking the first one hadn't looped yet because the other life was saved before it ended and the first loop began), their reaching an understanding and joining the parade in both regardless of what it had taken to get there seemed to show that both relationships had met up and synched so that they were in a stable timeline either way. There seemed to be a suggestion that even in timelines where the characters think they are experiencing something for the first time, they have some knowledge of another timeline -- at least, even before Nadia's first death, she found Horse familiar. Are the other characters meant to be always the same and it is just perspective that catches them at different moments that makes them seem different? Most of the characters seemed to be consistent -- but in the loop where Alan doesn't go to Bea's until the following morning and he admits to her that he should have realized how unhappy she was sooner and that he was getting help, when Mike shows up with his kid he doesn't seem like the complete asshole he does in nearly every other timeline. Likewise in the loops where Nadia seeks out Horse it seemed like Horse was not dangerous, but when Alan runs into him and he takes him to his group and says he's found "another one" or something like that, that felt very ominous and I was worried about what they might do to him. I averted my eyes when Nadia started spitting up blood on Lucy (John's daughter). Was it her finally meeting Lucy and giving her her copy of Emily of New Moon that somehow healed some of Nadia's issues with her mother? What about the trauma she caused Lucy by dying violently in front of her? I enjoyed the series a lot and although I don't think that the ending left real scope for another season, I feel as if I would would be interested in seeing more of Nadia's life. I loved Ruth (although 1991 Ruth looked much much younger than I expected) and Maxine and Lizzy and I would like to see more resolution for John.
  13. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    That's true for the dream segments, which is where Rebecca and Greg were portrayed as villains, but the bit before the dream where they talked about taking things slowly and whether they should kiss in public was real. Dream Nathaniel was also straddling the line of reality -- I suppose emotionally he felt like the loser nerd character but that isn't normal reality either. Skylar's Greg is so mild and smooth that I have a hard time feeling any Gregness. Dream Greg was nothing like Santino's Greg either but his assholishness made for a refreshing change and I enjoyed that.
  14. SomeTameGazelle

    S44.E11: James McAvoy / Meek Mill

    He started laughing well before the jumbo line -- I thought he was reacting to Kenan's reaction to Heidi saying that the topless woman had one boob pointing straight up. And I didn't think he flubbed the gumbo/jambalaya line, I think the spoonerism was the joke.
  15. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    When I said ambiguous it was about my bias -- I agree his breakthrough was not itself ambiguous. But I wanted it to be a breakthrough that finally ended the question of whether or not Nathaniel is "endgame". I thought the rom-com was a clever way to give Nathaniel some focus without insisting that he is also Rebecca's focus. By having him rush to tell Rebecca about it that keeps him on the table. I don't know what I want for the endgame. There are still 7 episodes left and I am skeptical that they can bring me around to appreciate any conventional monogamous happily ever after, especially with any of Nathaniel, Greg, or Josh. I'd rather end with Rebecca where she is now -- being happy to see where the renewed relationship with Greg might go without being close to 100% certain that it is right for forever. Maybe they will prove me wrong and wrap up with something satisfying, but at the moment Nathaniel as Rebecca's One True Love would not be that for me.