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  1. becauseIsaidso

    S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Based on what I have seen on this show since it began, I do not for one second believe in any sort of Jax redemption arc/good guy now/ready to settle down/true love idiocy. I haven't seen enough of Brittany to decide if she is just stupid, stupidly in love, or as much a grifter as Jax, but this whole engagement arc strikes me as a rather clever way of not only guaranteeing him (and her by extension) of at least two more seasons of VPR, AND the glory of having at least one season revolve around them - thereby making them indispensable. The icing on the cake for me was Sandoval's apparent incredulity at Jax and Brittany getting hitched BEFORE he/Sandoval did - apparently in his view because he has been on the show longer with Ariana longer than Jax has been boinking Brit, he should have been the next to wed. I see this whole season as engagement and wedding, or maybe putting off the wedding until the following season and, most likely, having a quick post-nups reveal that brit is knocked up, making them the VERY FIRST of the group to procreate. Which could well give them a third season to rake in the glory and the cash. No part of me will ever trust Jax. Equally, as much as I would like to be happy for Stassi now that she is rid of that incredible douche Patrick and with someone who seems truly attached to her, I can not forget her behavior in the first few season, nor trust the she is truly into this guy. it is much easier for me to believe she is just in love with the attention he gives her than with the man himself. But, I don't actually know her - just the way she portrayed herself in those early years.
  2. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E10: START

    Haven't had the time to go through everyone else's posts, so hopefully I won't be too redundant. In the garage scene, each of the 3 mains showed their patriotism, Philip with his confession and reveal about Oleg's mission, Elizabeth by NOT resorting to violence, taking in the conversation around her and supporting Philip, Stan by actually listening and realizing that the only thing each of them were doing was working for their country, whichever one it was. Stan: He finally grew a brain. When he told Philip that Oleg had been arrested, I could see in his comprehension of Philip's reaction that he knew it was the truth. We already had the corroborating scene of Stan with Oleg in the cell when Oleg tells Stan how this is all about Gorbachev. I think that was the moment Stan knew he would let them go. Oleg: I think he stands a chance. In my fantasy continuation, P&E are taken to friendlys by Arkady, Gorbachev gets the story on how P&E& Oleg all worked to save G's skin, and some arrangement is made to release Oleg, probably banished for life from the US, which I don't think he would look upon as any great hardship, all things considered. Elizabeth: surprised me with her abstinence from violence, especially when Philip flipped into confession mode. There seemed to be a moment at the beginning where she may have been considering the 'get down on your knees' command as a prelude to an attack as we have seen her do before. But when Philip demurred, there was just a flicker of recognition in her eyes (fine bit of acting craft, that) and things went uphill for the Jennings clan. At first I thought that moment of hesitation before they crossed the border was the prelude to another disagreement, but it morphed into 'coming home', which was good to see. Philip: definitely the absolute star of the episode, if not the series. Particularly about Henry. He knew how much child-Henry had idolized Stan, considered him a hero, wanted to be like him - and that has to be hard for any loving dad to take. But they did good in leaving him behind and in the good-bye without spilling the beans phone call. I LOVED it when he asked Arkady to pull over - all just to take a look at what they had left so long ago - what was home. I had been thinking about that. I have not lived in the place where I was born for over 50 years, BUT it is still the first thing that comes to mind when I say or think 'home'....so I get something of how they feel, but for them it must have been SO much more intense as they were returning to a place they had only known as full of deprivation and hardship (which some say is the best place to find good soldiers). I had always had the sense that his occasional suggestion of turning themselves in and staying in the US wasn't really his idea of the best was to get out of the spy game - just the most expedient. I could see how much it cost him to, in essence, acknowledge that Stan was the best choice to look after Henry. I also think one of the things Arkady would do for Philip is to arrange for him to at least meet the son who went thru so much trouble to try and see him. Paige: what and Idiot! Even when momma and papa spy are telling her they have to leave fast and have to leave Henry behind, she doesn't have enough brain cells or training to figure it out but has to throw yet another tantrum and demand they all stop and take a minute!! Most telling was her final scene in the safe house...instead of going to her apartment, to the FBI, or to Henry, or pastor Tim...little miss wanna have the ultra cool & romantic life of a spy just couldn't take that final step and go to Russia cuz it all fell apart. I see her spending a LOT of time being questioned and attempting to rationalize her entrance into Spy School 101. Henry: He's gonna be fine. They will do a LOT of in-depth investigation (but will have to admit that Stan DID suggest P&E were spies long before TPTB in the FBI would even consider such a ridiculous premise), but with uber-patriot Stan standing up for him, and the totally clear background and US birth certificate, he will eventually be granted his parents net worth of assets left behind, probably become Stan's ward for a while and may even, sometime in the distant future, make a trip to the USSR to see his parents - but he'll have a lot to forgive before he can even consider that. Renee: Yup, never been a doubt in my mind that she is either deep cover KGB, or deep cover white-supremacist (but I think they would have gone for the quick revenge, so my money is on KGB) I can just picture Stan during that heart - to - heart at the hockey rink telling Henry that 'oh, by the way, don't say too much in front of Renee'. All in all, I loved this finale. It really did live up to it's title Yes, I did miss one more Martha moment...but who knows....maybe we'll be graced with a spinoff?!?!?!?
  3. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E07: Harvest

    I think not telling P&E about Renee being deep cover would be the best way to prevent anyone's cover from being accidentally blown by the other. IIRC, P &/or E were either shown asking Claudia about Renee or referring to having asked her - which Claudia would most certainly have denied in any event. No matter how stupid Stan seems to be now, he did enter the show as having just spent 3 years in deep cover with a white supremacist group, so he knows the drill AND what the consequences could be. I keep thinking there HAS to be a reason he was given that particular back story.
  4. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E07: Harvest

    I've always suspected Renee may be under deep cover with the sole mission of stopping Stan from discovering/revealing/arresting P&E - and that she's to do it any way she can. I first started thinking along these lines when she expressed an interest in becoming an agent - how better to know when to strike than to get the info OTJ? She did seem to cool off rather quickly after Stan followed up on his initial rejection of her idea on the basis of her being over the age limit by suggesting some short time later that there were other positions at the bureau she could do. I think her subsequent application and (IIRC) going in for an interview was simply tying up a loose end.
  5. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E05: The Great Patriotic War

    I am so emotionally overloaded by this season, all I can think of is Keri's Elizabeth doing such an incredible job of portraying someone so completely ground down to the bone by the obligations and demands of the job she really, really wants to do successfully that she can not see how it is killing her, inch by inch, moment by moment, assignment by never-ending assignment. And, that there is, also inch by inch, no way she will come out of this intact - whether that means death of the spirit (and her devotion to the cause that first brought her into the KGB) or physical death is, so far for me, up for grabs. I really wanted to see Elizabeth and Philip together (and happy, altho that could be much too much to ask) at the end, but, especially as regards events of this most recent episode, I have to think that my fairy tale ending of them all together in witness protection(?)or welcomed home to the USSR as heroes will most likely be them instead reaching separate endings. I can see Philip having the wherewithal and common sense to cut his losses and return to Russia (perhaps with at least Henry), although I have NO idea why I think Henry instead of Paige (other than my overriding aversion to Paige and that IMO Henry has given hints of resilience that could lead to success in any venue), but unless Elizabeth does a complete turn-around, I see her going down in flames, desperately trying to complete that last/most recent/utterly and overridingly stupidly, pseudo-important(?)fatal mission for the Centre or the others she can't realize are just using her, and probably taking Paige down with her - or even worse, Paige takes the suicide pill (cuz mom says so, dontchaknow) and Elizabeth faces her inquisitors alone. No great loss on the Paige part since I have REALLY come to hate her character - all bad acting aside. But....DAYAM! I really wanted as much of a happy ending as possible for P&E...Even if Liz were to escape initially, she'd probably not make it out - real pity, that.
  6. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E17: After The Decisions

    Sometimes I think the ONLY way this show will ever have any chance of improving is for TPTB to actually LISTEN to what prior 'contestants' (cuz this is WAY too much like a game show!) have actually listed as a criteria and eliminate any who can't pass a lie detector test....especially total asshats like Ryan and Molly....Back in the dark ages, when my great-great-grandparents in the 'old country' reached 'marriageable' age and their respective parents decided who would be married to whom...like it or not...there was at least some logic to the selection process (family status, procreative records, etc). I guess what I'm trying to say is....'.give me a reason to want to marry you, and I'll consider it, BUT I still get to have the final say-so' Which would, of course, mean that each possible bride/groom would have to be given some (albeit non-identifiable) information about their prospective spouse - which would most likely not happen as it would blow the whole nasty hit and run premise to shreds. Oh well.
  7. becauseIsaidso

    Shahs in the Media

    It' not the body size, it's the taste level....and a dose of reality. On a personal level, I discovered (the hard way, unfortunately) that stuffing myself into the size I wanted to be made me look cheap and fat....once I got smart and began dressing for comfort first, 'style' second, I was much happier and looked much better - being asked how much weight I had lost cinched it. Now, if it isn't comfortable, I won't wear it.
  8. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Typical Paige arrogance - she knows better than ANYONE...I would NOT mind at all if she dies, but I have the sinking feeling that she will survive at the cost of one of her parents', and fear that it would be Philip (NO!) I am so done with Paige that I almost tune out whenever she comes on screen, but I worry that I could miss something worthwhile from another character if I do. I think Philip has a greater personal/family-type sentimentality for Russia, whereas Elizabeth's memories and feelings are all rooted in sacrifice (her mother going without food so Elizabeth could have more) and duty (Elizabeth not missing a beat in her training in spite of being raped) and has a more cold and political vibe . Sorry to say Stan and Aderholt are being made to seem like a modern Keystone Kops - but the sceptic in me thinks we are being lead down the primrose path to when Stan's job of getting the idiots into their new/safe/American homes clashes with the Center's dictum that they be eliminated - which was phrased so forcefully by granny Claudia that I think this will actually be the major do-or-die moment of the finale. I had rather hoped that when Philip had to give Henry the bad news about not being able to afford the academy for Henry's last year, he would also have told the kid to enjoy it as much as he could, make as many memories as he could, in case it came to that....he really didn't seem to give the kid any silver lining....couldn't he have waited until Henry was home on a break or vacation to dump on the kid? Geez - Henry's only had one misstep in the entire series! Doesn't he get a little more than a phone call? Geez - I REALLY wish he HAD figured out what his parents were, made his decision to follow them, and they ever knew it until he revealed it....he just strikes me as too smart of a kid to have not come up with 1+1= spy.
  9. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    During that conversation I got an ominous feeling that Arkady and Oleg's father are on different sides - which makes Oleg's plight that much more difficult since I don't think he knows that. Oleg's father learned the hard way - when his wife spent five years in the 'camps' and was never the same again - how high the cost of (even mistaken) disloyalty could be. And now that Stan's face has become a part of what Elizabeth is to be on the outlook for, I can't yet see how the writer's can come up with even a glimmer of a happy ending for any of the Jennings clan...to bad, cuz I was kinda looking forward to a sorta back in Russia, Philip (at least) meets up with his brother and (especially) Mischa and they all get together for that same dish Elizabeth brought home but had to scrap. For all of Philip's apparent love of the American way of life, I have always seen him as the one who views his American 'perks' as a vacation of sorts, and actually opts to return to the Motherland - I think his loyalty/devotion is on a more mundane, day to day make it better sort than how I read Elizabeth as looking for the BIG MOMENT, the BIG VICTORY in her spycraft that will make her return to Russia that of a publicly honored hero. Too bad cuz I really like both of them, unrepentant killers though they are,
  10. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E14: Second Honeymoons, Part 2

    Last night I started wondering if Jon has been suffering from stress sweat. That stuff is nasty. I've only had it a couple of times, but it was profuse and quite stinky and did NOT go away until the stressor was removed.
  11. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E14: Second Honeymoons, Part 2

    ITA totally. Not that Jepthe doesn't need a bit of an attitude adjustment - as in understanding he is one half of a couple, he CHOSE this and he needs to make room in his heart and mind for his wife. But clingy is so very unattractive - and I think Shawnice is better than that, and is simply stuck in overreact mode since the early days of the marriage when Jepthe really did seem to be rejecting her/the idea that he had chosen to work in double harness. I am still worried about the 'push back' comments, but allowing that I may be misinterpreting him, I do like them together and see a lot more genuine interaction than either of the other couples - with the exception of Jon calling Molly on her actual behavior.
  12. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E14: Second Honeymoons, Part 2

    As I watched the show, I was at first dismayed with Jaclyn's comments and expressions of hope for her marriage with Ryan. Then I noticed the expression on her face during the meeting with the 'expert' - it was one of sadness and resignation. It occurred to me then that she is saying what she needs to say in order to placate Ryan - who, I would not doubt for a second, goes nuclear whenever he hears Jaclyn saying anything that suggests his way is not the only/best way and that he is a prince among men (I'd insert a vomit emoji here if I knew one) - until she can say 'no' on decision day and walk away from the oversized two-year old she has been saddled with. Ryan seems to have figured out that when he hears certain key words (rigid, unyielding, one-sided, etc.) he needs to utter a few pat phrases to dig himself out of the hole he has dug. If/when Jaclyn bails, he'll probably blame her form not giving him a chance, or for not 'communicating' her feelings correctly. If she stays with him, I am certain it will be because he has brow-beaten her into believing that with one dead fiancée and one divorce, she'd be nothing but an old-maid failure for the rest of her life. I really want to see her tell Ryan he's just not good enough for her, hand back the ring, and walk out with her head held high.
  13. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E02: Tchaikovsky

    What show!!!!?!?!??!? Inquiring minds have GOT to know! Unless it BTVS, in which case I TOTALLY agree! Spuffy forever!
  14. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E02: Tchaikovsky

    EVER so MUCH more tear-jerky-rich-bad-girl-turned-doc's-wife-who-finally-GETS IT! Fabulous flick!
  15. becauseIsaidso

    S06.E02: Tchaikovsky

    Wow!!! There are some SERIOUS P&E, and EVERYTHING AMERICANS scholars here! I am totally impressed....and more than a little embarrassed that I don't recognize quite a few of the references to earlier seasons. I thought I had done a good job of in-depth review and had some pretty good P&E chops.....but, apparently, not so much! Here I go, off to NYC for a carefree weekend of Broadway and restaurant yummies, but I PROMISE that once back here in the boonies of Maine, I SWEAR I will watch all the seasons again and, hopefully, have a more informed opinion to expound upon. And, need I mention, that I have spend the last 1.5+ hours watching my ABSOLUTE fave Bette Davis chick-flick cum tear-jerker, Dark Victory? They just don't make them like that any more....same for this show.